Dishwasher automatic household desktop 6 sets for sterilization and drying


Panasonic Dishwasher Fully Automatic Home Desktop Installation free 5 sets of Sterilization Drying Electric Dishwasher

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Panasonic dishwasher is a fully automatic household desktop dishwasher that does not require installation and is convenient and fast. It has 5 sets of large capacity, suitable for daily household use. This dishwasher has sterilization and drying functions, and the electric dishwasher can automatically clean dishes, greatly saving users time and energy. It has a fully automatic operation mode, which can complete the entire process of washing, rinsing, drying, etc. with just one click to start, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Panasonic dishwashers are not only suitable for household use, but also very suitable for public places such as school dormitories and hospitals. It is an efficient, convenient, and practical household appliance.

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Hangzhou City



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Chinese mainland

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12 months


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6 sets

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6th floor

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Level three

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front opening

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Not supporting intelligence

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20 reviews for Dishwasher automatic household desktop 6 sets for sterilization and drying

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Overall good, washed quite clean, and the body size is larger than expected

  3. Anonymous

    I came here after trying it out, freeing my hands and washing the bowl shiny.

  4. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, excellent installation service provided by the master, looking forward to using it

  5. Anonymous

    The installation technician is technically proficient and the explanations are also very professional.

  6. Anonymous

    It freed my husband's hands and he was very satisfied. The cooking pot was also put in, and the unburnt areas were cleaned.

  7. Anonymous

    Sound size: not very loud, quiet, cleaning capacity: more than expected to fit other features: high appearance, not taking up space, very good

  8. Anonymous

    It's very good for a family of three and four. It can't be accommodated when there are many people. It's also very clean and looks good.

  9. Anonymous

    Other features: The things are very beautiful, simple and atmospheric. The new house decoration is not yet useful, and I look forward to the effect of moving

  10. Anonymous

    Sound size: Small cleaning capacity: Suitable for three to four people Other features: Wash relatively clean, choose a good brand of dishwashing beads for better cleaning effect.

  11. Anonymous

    Taobao is very friendly to Hong Kong users and can add wooden frame shipping fees to the port. It is also recommended by Hong Kong masters for installation, and the fees are reasonable!

  12. Anonymous

    It's almost time to install it by yourself. The master came to further improve it and guide us on the basic usage of dishwashing. The quick washing effect is good without any water beads, which is much better than hand washing.

  13. Anonymous

    Dishwashers are also a must-have, having them is truly happiness! The delivery and installation of the second one that I still want to buy are very fast. Yesterday, after installation, I cleaned all the things in the kitchen, which is really great. Feedback on subsequent effects after a period of time~

  14. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a while now, and the heating is fast and even. The flat plate has much more space than the old-fashioned turntable. Cleaning is also relatively convenient. This price is very cost-effective and has a high cost performance ratio. Many functions are also quite practical and easy to operate!

  15. Anonymous

    After using it for three days, a family of five is just right. They can wash a soup pot and dishes, and it takes 35 minutes to wash quickly. They put a cloth in it and wash it very clean. The filter and scissors in the vegetable basin are all washed very well, with a depth of 34. If there is 40, it would be very good.

  16. Anonymous

    It is easy to install, not big in size, and the capacity is not small. Except that the wok cannot be washed, it can be used for everything else, freeing up your hands.Although it took a long time to wash, it didn’t use much water and it came out quite clean.PS: It’s best to clean up the food residue before putting it in.

  17. Anonymous

    Sound level: Not very loud, acceptable for cleaning. Capacity: No problem for three or four people. Other features: Free your hands. I really like it. The reason for the design of dishwasher drainage is that there is no isolation facility, and the drainage pipe cannot be placed into the sewer, only the sink can drain, which is a disadvantage.

  18. Anonymous

    Sound level: The sound is acceptable, and there is almost no sound when the kitchen door is closed.Washing capacity: We are a family of three, and it is enough to use dishes and chopsticks for a day.Other features: It frees your hands. I really regret buying it late. It is much cleaner than washing it by hand. It looks great, has a regular shape and does not take up much space. It can be considered if the kitchen is small.I am planning to buy another one for my mother and mother-in-law.

  19. Anonymous

    Choose a desktop stove without modifying it, the size is just right, neat and beautiful! The old brand is trustworthy, not very loud, and washed very clean under standard high temperature. I tried super fast. Before drying, I opened it and saw that there was foam on the bowl. I quickly took it out and flushed it. If I waited for drying, I could not see it. So I should pay attention to choosing super fast! Liberate the labor force and have fun using it. Those who want to buy a dishwasher can flush it!

  20. Anonymous

    Because the kitchen is very small, I wanted to install a dishwasher but was afraid of taking up space. I looked at a lot of brands online and offline, but this one was the only one that was just the right size to fit it in. After thinking about it for a long time, I finally made the move.The dishwasher really smells good. I really regret not buying it earlier. This machine doesn’t look big, but it can still be loaded and the washing is very clean.I usually wash the bowl quickly in set mode. Because there is condensation on the upper layer, I chose 30 minutes for drying at the beginning. I found that the bowl on the upper layer could not be completely dried. Later, I changed it to 60 minutes and dried it completely. It was very good. .Buying here also comes with a pack of dishwashing beads and salt, which is much more cost-effective than other stores.The installer also had a good attitude. I read Xiaohongshu and even went to Tmall to buy a five-year extended warranty. I bought a guarantee. After all, I use it twice a day. I hope it can last longer?? In short, I am very satisfied with this purchase!??

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