Boss Electric Chef DB613 Home Desktop Vita Lok Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine Roasting and Rotating Oven


Boss Electric Chef DB613 Home Desktop Vita Lok Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine Roasting and Rotating Oven


Boss Electric Chef DB613 Home Desktop Vita Lok Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine Baking Rotating Oven is a multifunctional kitchen tool that integrates steaming, baking, frying, and baking. It adopts advanced technology and provides multiple cooking modes to meet your various needs for food. This oven has a unique rotary baking function, which evenly heats the food and enhances its taste. In addition, it also has a steaming and baking function, which can perfectly present the original flavor of food. This oven is compact and suitable for various kitchen environments, making it an essential tool for improving cooking efficiency and enjoying delicious food.

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control method


Intelligent type


warranty period

5 years


Chinese mainland


Zhejiang Province

Inner liner material


Product Category

Desktop steam oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)


Hangzhou Boss Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control for upper and lower tubes

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fifteen million four hundred and sixteen thousand eight hundred and eight

sort by color

Cream White

20 reviews for Boss Electric Chef DB613 Home Desktop Vita Lok Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine Roasting and Rotating Oven

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Rotating Roast Sincerely Recommended

  3. Anonymous

    Good quality. The temperature is very accurate.

  4. Anonymous

    A big brand is good. I feel like I should buy another one for the next event. Using both together will save more time

  5. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, very low noise, and very attractive appearance. The size is just right. Roasted lamb legs are enough!

  6. Anonymous

    Finally received the steamer, it was a good deal to buy it during 618, it has a large capacity and looks good, I am quite satisfied~

  7. Anonymous

    The appearance of the steaming oven is very unique, with a stunning appearance and a wide range of functions. The white body is particularly matched with the kitchen.

  8. Anonymous

    The electrical appliances produced by the boss are trustworthy, with ultra-high appearance and many functions. This large capacity is really suitable for my family of six. I love it.

  9. Anonymous

    The capacity is very large, and it is very good for steaming buns. The buns will not be all watery. The function is very strong and meets my needs in many aspects. The customer service is very responsible.

  10. Anonymous

    I have used DB610 and then the upgraded model. Both the appearance and the function have been improved to a certain extent. It is good and I like it very much. It is really a must-have kitchen tool for office workers.

  11. Anonymous

    The appearance of the steaming and baking all-in-one machine is very high, and the steaming and baking functions have been tested. I am preparing to move into a new home and use it. Good customer service and after-sales service. Thank you!

  12. Anonymous

    I tried it for a few days and it’s pretty good. Although it doesn’t have a microwave function, the steam function is still very convenient for heating. I don’t really like microwave food. The customer service Nana is also very nice, thumbs up

  13. Anonymous

    My appearance is amazing. After using it for two days, I fully achieved the function of using the app to book breakfast for the next day. In addition, the app comes with recipes and a large number of tutorials, which is also a stable win. I really like the new members of my kitchen!

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: The warm white color is very beautiful and textured. It doesn’t look out of place on the table. Multi-function introduction: I just tried the microwave and it’s pretty good. I’ll experience other functions later. Capacity: It’s pretty big in a desktop model, and it should be enough for daily use.

  15. Anonymous

    Family members! Who could have thought this was a household desktop steaming and baking oven! This looks!! This rotary grill is absolutely amazing! Making barbecue is top-notch! And there are also steamed ones. Since I bought this chef 613, my culinary skills have improved a lot,?????? Family members all praise the delicious food!

  16. Anonymous

    I just like you, I like your appearance. The appearance of the platinum color scheme, paired with a flowing blue enamel inner liner, is the best looking steam oven I have ever seen. You have what others have, you have what others dare not have, but enjoy a 5-year long-term warranty. I am just a novice in the kitchen who turns into a chef.

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The material is very solid, with an enamel inner liner inside. Multi functional Introduction: It has a lot of functions. Capacity and Size: It is sufficient for household use. I am the one who bought and repurchased Xiaobaima. Xiaobaima has a stainless steel inner liner, and 613 has an enamel inner liner, which has a large capacity. I really like it

  18. Anonymous

    This is a super beautiful steam-bake machine with many functions. All functions are excellent. Don’t worry about it being useless. It is easy to use beyond imagination. It has a professional baking mode, and can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower tubes separately. There is also a fan mode and a grill. The key point is that it can be rotated for baking. It is absolutely easy to use beyond imagination.

  19. Anonymous

    The appearance design of the purchased oven is simple and generous, does not take up space, and is suitable for modern home style. The quality of the oven is also very good. The metal shell is sturdy and durable, and the glass door is transparent, allowing for a clear view of the food cooking inside the oven. The overall craftsmanship is exquisite, the manufacturing process is qualified, and no obvious defects were found.

  20. Anonymous

    The white moonlight of the salt system, the enamel inner liner being blinded, and the upgraded version DB613 of my lemon green DB610 have arrived. I have been using 610 for over two years now, with various steaming, baking, and frying options. The kitchen staff are no longer afraid to cook, it’s super user-friendly. This time, the chef has released an upgraded version and quickly bought a 613 in a creamy white color. It looks so comfortable and has upgraded many functions. Can you practice my cooking skills again??

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