DHRON semi-automatic coffee machine rotary pump Italian


DHRON Dylan 7001 Optimus Prime Variable Pressure Puller Italian Semi Automatic Coffee Machine Rotary Pump E61 Head Small Commercial


The DHRON Dylan 7001 Optimus Prime Variable Pressure Dipper Italian Semi Automatic Coffee Machine is a uniquely designed commercial coffee machine that uses E61 head small pump technology and is equipped with a rotary pump, making the coffee making process more convenient. This device provides a more efficient coffee making experience for professional baristas with its exquisite appearance, excellent craftsmanship, and high performance. This coffee machine is particularly suitable for Italian semi-automatic coffee making, as it can provide stable pressure and flow, ensuring the quality and taste of coffee. In addition, the variable pressure lever function allows the coffee machine to adjust pressure according to different needs, meeting various tastes and needs. The DHRON Dylan 7001 Optimus Prime Variable Pressure Dipper Italian semi-automatic coffee machine is an ideal commercial device suitable for various occasions, whether it is used in coffee shops, offices, or homes. It will bring you a first-class coffee experience.

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Foshan City

pump pressure




warranty period

1 year


Chinese mainland

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Guangdong Province

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Applicable places

Household use


Italian semi-automatic

Coffee machine capacity

Over 16 cups

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Foshan Derong Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and seventeen million forty-four thousand three hundred and forty-one

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18 reviews for DHRON semi-automatic coffee machine rotary pump Italian

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Handsome! In terms of cost-effectiveness, yyds!

  3. Anonymous

    I bought it from+Qi, less than 10000 yuan. It’s really delicious

  4. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: A good coffee machine with good appearance and easy operation.

  5. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The first day of using the stable steam extraction coffee liquid to make a small coffee shop was very good

  6. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Gaga Good coffee Type: Good, meeting the needs of store customers Temperature control effect: Good cup effect

  7. Anonymous

    Received it at the machine home, I will try it out in two days and then leave a comment. Just thinking about it makes me feel good

  8. Anonymous

    The machine has solid materials and is easy for beginners to get started with. It has only been in use for a few days and is already very good

  9. Anonymous

    Received, amazing explosion, so cool, Transformers mechanical sense, strong steam, comfortable milk foaming, stable extraction, great value for money

  10. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It looks great, the controls are very simple, and the extraction is great. I especially like the steam lever, it’s so cool! Overall, I’m very satisfied!!!

  11. Anonymous

    The details are exquisitely crafted, worth the price, and the foam extraction is better than I imagined. Overall evaluation: Great temperature control effect: Stable coffee type: Most coffee on the market can be made

  12. Anonymous

    The appearance is very high, the machine is also very heavy, and the specifications are full. At the beginning of use, I am not proficient in operation yet. The customer service is very patient and provides video guidance. Looking forward to future use

  13. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: After comparing for a long time, I finally won this one and really like its appearance. Coffee novice, still in the process of running in. The overall operation is quite simple, and the milk frothing is done very quickly. There are quite a few gifts given.

  14. Anonymous

    This machine is simply amazing, really amazing. I used to want to buy a v3, but the price was unstable. After reading the online introduction, I bought this Optimus Prime and it was really unbeatable. I drank the coffee I made and forgot to take photos. Haha, the oil is very, very good! Everyone, hurry up and get started!

  15. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The Optimus Prime coffee machine has excellent overall workmanship, stable extraction flow rate, and the manual variable pressure control brewing head is very playable. However, the after-sales service of the merchant is somewhat insufficient. The quality of after-sales service needs to be improved to improve the user's shortcomings in usage.

  16. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: 100% smoothness in texture and experience. E61? The rotating pump of the large boiler can hold my favorite cups in the heating cup area, and the pressure gauge is enough for me to play for a whole while. Temperature control effect: The extraction of each cup is extremely stable, the pressure control is very good, and the steam is completely eliminated. A cup that feels better will take 10 seconds, right??

  17. Anonymous

    Domestic commercial machines are really on the rise. I really can’t believe that you can buy a boiler machine + rotary pump at this price. It comes with both constant and variable pressures. The products are of high quality and the continuous cup output is stable. The playability is very good. ?Very high, easy to care for and clean, automatic water supply and drainage, ?2200W power, a useful tool for setting up stalls in stores.

  18. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The machine has a high level of appearance and texture, and my favorite is variable pressure extraction. There is also a steam pull rod, which has high operability and playability, making it worth buying. Temperature control effect: The temperature control effect is very good, and the pressure swing extraction meets many needs. Coffee types: milk coffee, American style, stable production of various types of coffee

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