Modern minimalist and luxurious smart small unit with lights


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This new dressing table design is simple, luxurious and modern, very suitable for small bedroom units. It not only has a fashionable appearance, but also incorporates practical functions, suitable for various styles of makeup needs. This dressing table is made of high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, with a smooth and easy to clean desktop. The dressing table is equipped with a storage design with lights, making it easy for you to find cosmetics even in dim environments. The intelligent design makes it not only a dressing table, but also a desk to meet your various needs in the bedroom. The storage function is powerful, with sufficient storage space to accommodate various cosmetics and skincare products. The desktop design features multiple small drawers for easy sorting and organizing of items, keeping your dressing table organized. This dressing table is suitable for various styles of home decoration environments, and can be perfectly matched with modern minimalism, light luxury styles, and more. Whether for personal use or as a gift, it is a very ideal choice. Overall, this new dressing table is well-designed and practical, making it an ideal choice for small bedroom units. Whether in terms of appearance or practicality, it will become a beautiful scenery in your bedroom.

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Modern and simple

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Artificial board

Number of doors

double door

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it can move

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Types of artificial boards

Density board/fiberboard

decorative material

White BL-01 square mirror, Gray BL-01 square mirror

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80cm table+square mirror+cabinet+pier stool, 100cm table+square mirror+cabinet+pier stool, 120cm table+square mirror+cabinet+pier stool, 80cm table+square mirror+cabinet+petal chair, 100cm table+square mirror+cabinet+petal chair, 120cm table+square mirror+cabinet+petal chair, 80cm table+square mirror+cabinet+swan chair, 100cm table+square mirror+cabinet+swan chair, 120cm table+square mirror+cabinet+swan chair, 80cm table+square mirror+cabinet (without stool), 100cm table+square mirror+cabinet (without stool), 120cm table+square mirror+cabinet (without stool), 80cm table+cabinet (without mirror or stool), 100cm table+cabinet (without mirror or stool), 120cm table+cabinet (without mirror or stool)

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