AUG Aoyouge micro steaming, baking, frying, stewing and stewing all-in-one machine


AUG embedded micro steaming and baking integrated machine, ceramic air frying microwave oven, black and white German steaming and baking oven


AUG embedded microwave oven is a powerful kitchen device that integrates microwave oven, steaming, baking and other cooking functions. This device adopts black and white tones, simple and elegant, and easy to integrate into various kitchen environments.

Its main feature is that it uses ceramic air frying technology, which not only provides baking functions similar to traditional air fryers, but also evenly heats food through high-speed circulating hot air to achieve an effect similar to air frying, while greatly saving cooking time and energy.

In addition, this microwave oven is also equipped with an embedded design, which is suitable for various kitchen spaces and provides convenience for your cooking process. Its integrated design also reduces the occupation of kitchen space, making your kitchen more tidy and orderly.

Another highlight of AUG embedded microwave oven is its multi-functional steaming and baking function. It not only has the steaming and baking functions of traditional steaming and baking equipment, but also adds microwave functions, allowing you to easily cope with the cooking needs of various foods.

Finally, the use of ceramic materials makes cleaning more convenient, and the appearance is more high-end. This product is an ideal choice for your kitchen, whether it is an ideal tool for cooking gourmet food or baking enthusiasts.Choose AUG embedded microwave oven to make your cooking process easier and more enjoyable!





Additional information












Foshan City



net weight


rated power




Gross Weight


control method





Chinese mainland

warranty period

60 months

Package Size



Guangdong Province


Steam barbecue thawing

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fifteen million five hundred and forty-seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-five

sort by color

Ivory, Obsidian Black, Galaxy Gray

install service

Including installation

11 reviews for AUG Aoyouge micro steaming, baking, frying, stewing and stewing all-in-one machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Good looking, satisfied, looking forward to using it

  3. Anonymous

    The oven looks great. It’s not installed yet. It looks very reliable.

  4. Anonymous

    It looks great, it fits perfectly inside and matches perfectly with my home cabinet

  5. Anonymous

    Very useful, it took me a few days to evaluate it. I baked bread, steamed pork ribs, made soup with seaweed and shrimp, and also microwaved the food. I really like it.

  6. Anonymous

    After studying for a long time, I chose AUG, which is beautiful and elegant. Easy to get started with. At present, the satisfaction is very high, and I believe it can save a lot of cooking time. Looking forward to it!

  7. Anonymous

    Before buying this steaming and baking oven, I did a lot of strategies online, and the overall cost-effectiveness was very high. There are also promotions on Double 11, and they are very discounted. I am really happy and looking forward to the joy of cooking delicious food.

  8. Anonymous

    Very good, very beautiful, with exquisite workmanship and a beautiful and atmospheric appearance. It has a large capacity and many functions. This water tank is also quite large, so there is no need to constantly add water. The customer service replied very quickly and carefully.

  9. Anonymous

    I have always been interested in this steaming and baking oven, which has a powerful composite function of one to four, and the cabinets are also kept according to this size. After decoration, I took this machine away, with strict packaging, no bumps or damage, and all the necessary accessories. Now I am waiting for the master to come and install it! Looking forward to using it soon.

  10. Anonymous

    I left a large space at the beginning, but I was so satisfied when I saw this steaming oven later. I immediately fell in love with this pure white one. The machine packaging is sturdy, the accessories are complete, and the installation is fast. I took advantage of all the work before the new year and joined the company after the new year. Without that piece, it would be perfect for the carpenter to install a board!

  11. Anonymous

    The touch screen operation is very convenient. Before making the cabinet, I was ready to buy this micro steaming oven. After seeing this machine, I asked customer service for the size and gave it to the carpenter. After it arrived, it was directly embedded in the cabinet, which has a very high appearance and is particularly suitable. The machine also has multiple menus to choose from, and you can do anything you want to eat in the future.

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