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[In stock quick delivery] Midea drum washing machine, 10kg fully automatic washing and drying integrated machine, household first-class


[Spot Quick Delivery] Midea drum washing machine, 10kg fully automatic washing and drying all-in-one machine, is an excellent household washing machine with fully automatic washing and drying functions, easily meeting various laundry needs. This washing machine has a washing and drying capacity of 10 kilograms, making it suitable for household use. This washing machine adopts advanced frequency conversion technology, which is energy-saving, efficient, stable in operation, and low in noise. The fully automatic washing and drying function can easily handle various clothing materials, including cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, wool, etc. In addition, this washing machine also has a one click intelligent washing program, which can intelligently adjust the washing and drying process based on the degree of stains and material of the clothes, making them cleaner. The washing machine has a simple and atmospheric appearance, easy to understand operation, and is suitable for various household uses. In addition, it also has a self-cleaning function, which can avoid secondary pollution and facilitate user use and maintenance. Overall, the Midea drum washing machine with a 10kg fully automatic washing and drying integrated machine is a fully functional, stable performance, and stylish washing machine for household use, making it an ideal choice for home users.

Additional information



net weight


Display type




gross weight


Washing power





Fully automatic

water consumption


Dehydration power


Washing kilograms


time to market



washing machine

Maximum speed

1400 rpm


Chinese mainland

Way of working

Belt drive

control method


Dehydrated kilograms


warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Drying kilogram quantity


Drainage method

Upper drainage

Cabinet material

PCM steel plate

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Washing machine brand


product type

drum washing machine

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Inner bucket material

Stainless steel

Motor type

BLDC variable frequency motor

Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Hefei Midea Washing Machine Co., Ltd

Energy efficiency filing number


Laundry program

Mixed washing, energy-saving, down washing, single dehydration

Additional features

Automatic power-off, adding clothes midway, power-off memory function, child lock appointment for high-temperature sterilization

3C certificate number

two thousand and sixteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and five million eight hundred and forty-three thousand two hundred and seventy-one

sort by color

Bach Silver Triple Belt Drying, Bach Silver II Upgrade Knob, Metal titanium color screen touch control, Recommended by Bach Silver Store Manager, Polar white classic with drying, Polar White Wash and Remove Integrated

19 reviews for Midea official flagship store kilogram fully automatic washing machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    This washing machine is really good. Delivery on time: Appearance and material: Capacity and size:

  3. Anonymous

    Capacity and size: very suitable. Appearance and material: metal, easy to manage. Delivery is on time

  4. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The delivery was very fast and the installation was very careful. It was really good.

  5. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The delivery is very timely and the appearance is very beautiful. Looking forward to using it

  6. Anonymous

    Not bad, not bad. Both washing machines are beautiful. Currently, there is another machine for washing baby clothes

  7. Anonymous

    The master installed it quickly, the customer service answered questions professionally, and the service was very good??

  8. Anonymous

    Delivery on time:/It was a great and enjoyable shopping experience, washed clean and bought another one for the elderly family.

  9. Anonymous

    furnish.The decorator arrived very quickly, arriving in 10 minutes.It was installed very well for me, I am very satisfied.not bad

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Good appearance, recommended for purchase and timely delivery: Fast delivery speed, good logistics service attitude

  11. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Fast delivery Capacity size: Enough for the whole family Appearance material: Beautiful appearance, much more affordable than physical stores

  12. Anonymous

    Especially water-saving~ The washing is also very clean. There is a high-temperature bucket for self-cleaning, so you can wash your children’s clothes with peace of mind.

  13. Anonymous

    The washing machine is very good, washed very clean, and the drying effect is particularly good. The installer worked overtime to help me install it. Give him a thumbs up??

  14. Anonymous

    Capacity and size: can wash a lot of clothes, very good appearance and material: it looks good and is easy to deliver on time: everything is on time, and the logistics are fast

  15. Anonymous

    Received the washing machine, the installer has a very good attitude and is also very ideal to use! Very worth buying, I recommend friends who want to buy washing machines to buy Midea!

  16. Anonymous

    I bought two washing machines for my new house. They have not been unpacked yet. One is a washing machine and the other is a washing and drying machine. Many colleagues have bought this brand. It should be OK. I will follow up on the specific results.

  17. Anonymous

    The appearance and color of the washing machine are really fashionable and energy-saving in my aesthetic, and the installation technicians praise the high cost-effectiveness and long-lasting effect. Appearance and material: good-looking. Delivery on time: on time

  18. Anonymous

    Capacity size: 10l. The capacity is very large, and the clothes of the family are put down for washing. The appearance and material are sturdy and easy to operate. Delivery is on time. As soon as the goods are delivered to your door, the installation master will come and install them

  19. Anonymous

    My washing machine broke down a few years ago and I washed clothes by hand for over twenty days. It was delivered at around 1 pm this afternoon. I had already had someone install it before I finished work. I tried it out as soon as I got back. The capacity was larger than before, and the sound was very low. I chose the color I liked, and overall, it was pretty good!

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