Ke Rong Commercial Oven: A new small multifunctional electric oven that easily meets household baking needs


Kerong Oven 60L Large Capacity Commercial Household 2023 New Electric Oven Small, Fully Automatic, and Multi functional Baking


Kerong Oven 60L Large Capacity Commercial Home 2023 New Electric Oven Small Fully Automatic Multifunctional Baking is an oven with complete functions and excellent performance. It has a large capacity of 60L, suitable for home and commercial use, and can meet your different baking needs. This oven uses advanced heating technology to ensure uniform heat distribution, making baked goods more delicious. It also has a fully automatic function, simple and convenient operation, suitable for beginners and experienced baking enthusiasts. In addition, Kerong oven is also small and light, which is very suitable for home use. It has a stylish appearance and reliable quality, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen. Whether it is baking bread, cakes or grilling meat products, Kerong oven is your best choice.

Additional information








Ke Rong


Foshan City




KR50-60 (B)

Intelligent type



Chinese mainland

Part Number

KR50-60 (B)

control method


warranty period

12 months


Guangdong Province

Product Category

Conventional oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Inner liner material

Galvanized sheet

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Capacity range

51L (inclusive) -80L (inclusive)

Additional features

Low temperature fermentation, built-in lighting, thawing

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

sort by color

[Mocha Black] 60L high-end version, [Aoruibai] 60L high-end version

7 reviews for Ke Rong Commercial Oven: A new small multifunctional electric oven that easily meets household baking needs

  1. Anonymous

    like very much

  2. Anonymous

    Buyer did not provide a review within 15 days

  3. Anonymous

    Is there no pressure to bake a big cake with a large capacity????

  4. Anonymous

    The oven doesn’t look big in the picture, but it’s big enough for me after I bought it. It’s good value for money, and the food I bake is also very good. The quality of the baking tray is excellent!

  5. Anonymous

    The white color looks great and beautiful. The cake and bread baked in eight tubes are very comfortable, without collapsing or layering. The temperature is also very accurate. I used a baking thermometer to measure the baking temperature, which is worth changing the oven for flushing

  6. Anonymous

    This oven is too ideal. The packaging is exquisite, the appearance is grand, and the volume is large enough. It has 8 heating tubes, upper and lower tubes for temperature control, and is equipped with dual plates. The price is affordable. Compared to ovens of the same grade on the market, the quality is comparable or even better, but the price is nearly half cheaper.

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The material is particularly thick, the workmanship is fine, not restless, and there is no imagination. Several gifts are of extremely thick quality, and the quality is very good. Function Introduction: The heat is fast and accurate, with 8 pipes evenly heated, making it effortless to bake anything. Roasted lamb chops are too refreshing, and roasted chicken spins well. Pizza grilled once is enough for a whole family to eat. The whole family likes to eat special baked goods. Capacity: It is very large, easy to wash, easy to apply with a greasy cloth, and has a high cost performance ratio. The next step is to try making a cake. I love it so much

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