[Voice controlled] Oven micro steaming, frying, and baking multifunctional machine


Household electric oven, one person baking dedicated small mini microwave oven, wind oven, steam oven all-in-one machine, 2024 new model


The household electric oven for one person to bake is a small kitchen appliance with multiple functions on the current market. This appliance not only has the baking function of a traditional electric oven, but is also equipped with a microwave oven, a convection oven and a steaming function, integrating multiple cooking methods in one, suitable for one person or a small family.

This electric oven is characterized by being small and light, suitable for use in limited kitchen space. It has an intelligent temperature control system that can accurately control the baking temperature to ensure that the food is evenly heated and the baking effect is better. In addition, the versatility of the microwave oven, convection oven and steaming oven allows you to easily make a variety of delicacies, whether it is baking cakes, bread or steaming food.

It is easy to learn and has a variety of preset menus, so even if you are a novice in cooking, you can easily master it. And it has a stylish design and high-quality materials, adding a touch of bright color to your kitchen. Whether it is a busy weekday or a leisurely weekend, this electric oven can provide you with a convenient cooking experience.

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance suitable for individuals or small families, then this microwave oven, convection oven and steaming oven is undoubtedly an ideal choice.It will bring more convenience and fun to your cooking and make your food journey more colorful.




Additional information











Capacity range


Intelligent type


warranty period

1 year


Chinese mainland

Product Category

Air oven


Mijia Company


Zhejiang Province

control method

Computer style

Inner liner material

Stainless steel

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


Micro steaming, frying and baking all-in-one machine

Temperature control method

Electric heating tube – hot air convection

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-four trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and twelve million fifty-two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven

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[Sales Crown] Voice controlled HC-25 top of the line configuration [Three layer], [Hot selling] Voice controlled 15L top of the line model [Three layer], HC-25 Color Screen Touch/Luxury Edition [Two Layer], [Barley] 15L Color Screen Touch/Luxury Edition [Two Layers], HF-25 flagship model [two layers], [Preferred] 15L flagship model [Two layer], HD-25 Mirror Upgraded Edition [Two Layer], [Special Offer] 15L Mirror Upgraded Edition [Two Layer], [Loss momentum] HK-12 basic payment [two layers], [Slightly small] 8L basic model [two layers], Source Factory [Photo Printing Award 10]

20 reviews for [Voice controlled] Oven micro steaming, frying, and baking multifunctional machine

  1. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the quality is good, and the price is also affordable

  2. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: very good, multifunctional introduction: convenient, powerful, capacity size: very good,

  3. Anonymous

    Is it convenient to clean: The cleaning capacity is suitable for 1-2 people, and the operation is convenient and simple.

  4. Anonymous

    Appearance material: looks very delicate, very tall Is it easy to clean: easy to clean Function effect: very good, fragrant

  5. Anonymous

    The size and size are just right, one is quite suitable for use, and the items are delivered quickly. Overall, I am still satisfied

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, the price is affordable, and the cost-effectiveness is high. The shipment is fast, so come back if needed.?

  7. Anonymous

    I really like small ovens, which are energy-saving and efficient. They are used to roast chicken wings and sweet potatoes. Give positive feedback.

  8. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and the oven has been received very well. The packaging is intact and not in use yet. We will use it again to make up for it!

  9. Anonymous

    Very practical, easy to clean, affordable, usually grilled 10 skewers of chicken, chicken skewers, etc. just right, eating clean and not wasting a bit!

  10. Anonymous

    The oven has been received, and the customer service attitude is very good! The logistics are fast, and we hope to have a pleasant cooperation next time

  11. Anonymous

    It’s smaller than expected. I kept it because it’s cheap. It’s bigger than my current air fryer. You can see the size comparison of A4 paper in the picture.

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Very good, with a good appearance that looks great when placed at home. Capacity and Size: Convenient to use, especially good for making bread

  13. Anonymous

    It is small and suitable for use in rental houses. I bought it when I saw it. It is really good after it arrived. I haven’t used it yet. I will give a follow-up review when I use it.

  14. Anonymous

    ?? The baby is very beautiful. I opened it as soon as I received it, and it looks great??, The price is quite suitable. I baked it three times and it feels okay. I hope it can be durable.

  15. Anonymous

    The oven has been working well these days, with simple and clear operation, and is also convenient for elderly people to use at home! Good quality, strict packaging, and stable performance!

  16. Anonymous

    I was so surprised when I received the goods. The quality of the goods is absolutely good for this price. I made some small cakes for my baby. It is very suitable and does not take up space. It is good.

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance material: very high-grade matte black will not take up too much kitchen space Multi-function introduction: there are two plates corresponding to different functions Customer service is also very patient

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: The appearance is very advanced and multifunctional. Introduction: It is most suitable for baking bread in the morning. Capacity Size: The capacity is also very good. Recommended recommendation

  19. Anonymous

    First of all, I was attracted by the appearance, which is really high-end, and the capacity is large enough. First, I tried the product, the wind power is good, and the time is a little faster than the one I bought before, and it is easy to clean~

  20. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast. I received it several days ago. I bought a sweet potato today and tried it. It is very easy to use and fast. I love it! The appearance is also very beautiful. The merchant’s service is in place!!!!! The capacity is still OK

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