Liu Tao’s same model Haier i7 air furnace electric oven


[Spoken by Liu Tao] Haishi i7 Wind Oven, Household Small Baking, Commercial Multi functional Fermentation Electric Oven


[Endorsed by Liu Tao] Haier i7 convection oven, small household baking and commercial multifunctional fermentation electric oven, a good helper for professional baking! Small and exquisite, it can easily meet your baking needs. It has multiple functions in one, and can be used for baking, fermentation, roasting chicken, roasting potatoes, etc., and can easily cope with various cooking scenarios. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and easy to clean. Haier i7 convection oven makes your baking journey easier and more enjoyable!

Additional information








Foshan City



Intelligent type



Chinese mainland

warranty period

24 months


100-240V universal


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material


control method

Computer style

Product Category

Wind oven and oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)

Additional features

Air blast built-in lighting hot air circulation


Foshan Haishi Intelligent Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Backward hot air heating temperature control

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20 reviews for Liu Tao’s same model Haier i7 air furnace electric oven

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the oven I have been waiting for. It is very suitable for self-study or novice players. It is easy to start the oven with one button.

  3. Anonymous

    A cream style oven, I bought it for private use. It has good quality, easy to wipe the inner lining, beautiful appearance, and produces good baked goods

  4. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Beautiful and generous Multi functional Introduction: Easy to operate and convenient to use. Capacity size: 40L, perfect for household use.

  5. Anonymous

    The appearance function is all online, especially the fermentation mode is precise to the scale, which is simply too easy to use. The color is also great. I really recommend making bread that is delicious and beautiful

  6. Anonymous

    Appearance material: fashionable, high-end and classy! Multi-function introduction: baking level. Compared with the ordinary oven I bought before, it is so professional! Capacity size: quite large! You can make a lot of delicious food!

  7. Anonymous

    The shipment is fast, the packaging is tight and undamaged, and the actual product is consistent with the online description. The usage effect was very good, and I was very satisfied with this shopping experience, receiving a five-star rating!

  8. Anonymous

    Not disappointed, as expected, there is a reason why it is expensive. Roasting everything perfectly, the first pizza, the second egg tart, and the third cake roll are all very satisfactory results. I look forward to using i7 to make more and more delicious food in the future

  9. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to use it right after receiving the product. It looks very beautiful, the functions are described in great detail, and the capacity is just right. I was very satisfied with the first time I made toast bread. It’s better than I expected. Hai’s is really worth having.

  10. Anonymous

    The oven is very good, I like the appearance, and it is very convenient to use. The customer service Maple Leaf is also very good and I give it a thumbs up! This oven has recipes and corresponding courses, including beginner courses and upgrade courses. It is very reassuring to learn along with them.

  11. Anonymous

    The appearance of this oven is very beautiful, and the material is also easy to handle. Due to being too busy, I only baked sweet potatoes and dissolved beans, and forgot to take photos of the sweet potatoes. The 40 liter capacity is sufficient, and the customer service is also very enthusiastic and patient. It is worth buying

  12. Anonymous

    The oven is very good-looking and has a very good texture. It looks good wherever you put it. It has complete functions. I am busy at work now and have no time to bake. It should be good. I compared many ovens when buying ovens and finally decided on this one. There are discounts and gifts when buying in the live broadcast room. I like it.

  13. Anonymous

    Appearance material: The master bedroom likes the aqua green color. It has a good appearance and is very versatile. Introduction: I recently got into baking. I can’t wait to open the oven recommended by my friend. It has complete functions and a fermentation function. I really like it. Capacity size: Suitable for the family version. Small and exquisite

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: After comparing many ovens, I finally decided to buy the Haishi i7. I fell in love with the i7 at first sight, received the product, and really liked its appearance. Multi functional Introduction: Wind and flat integrated, up and down independent temperature control, and fermentation function, making food twice as efficient. Capacity Size: 40 liters, enough for home use

  15. Anonymous

    The long-awaited i7 has finally arrived, with a large box. If you are a lesbian, it is recommended to have the courier deliver it to your home or ask your family to help lift it down. The package is very complete (an outer package with a special carton for the i7 oven inside). The oven and the oven are both separately packaged. The oven has special protection, and no scratches are found after opening. The logistics is very awesome.

  16. Anonymous

    I have been paying attention to i7 all the time. I started with one while taking advantage of the 618 event. I also sent a square baking pan and rectangular baking pans. The oven is very heavy. The master of Deppon Express delivered it directly to my home. The appearance is very high. After watching the Tiktok live broadcast, they all commented that i7 baking bread and cake is very good. The novice Xiaobai is also easy to operate and can easily complete it following the teaching.

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: I love it so much. Its appearance is so beautiful that it grows on the tip of my heart. Oh, I really like it! The small details are really annoying. The packaging is super careful, the small hard paper pieces are scratch resistant, fixed with tape, and the Heinz logo is spread all over the oven wall. I really love the attention to details like me?????? Starting to make delicious food soon, looking forward to it?????? Capacity size: Super large, 40 liters is amazing~~

  18. Anonymous

    After looking at many ovens, I finally chose the Haishi i7 between the Haishi i7 and the Gaobike 5a. The shipment was fast, and the logistics were fast. The courier guy delivered the goods to my doorstep. Thank you to Debang Logistics and the courier guy. The oven has a high appearance, small temperature difference, integrated air and flat stove, and well-designed buttons, making it convenient for people at all stages to use. Even if it is baked by a novice, it is very beautiful and successful. I really like it!

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: The appearance and material of Hai’s cream-colored in7 oven are very good, worthy of being a big brand. Multi-function introduction: The functional effectiveness is very good, the color is even, I like the oven very much. I baked a lot of baking one after another and they were all very good. Capacity: The capacity is quite large, which is definitely enough for family use. In the future, I will bake various baking during the holidays, and it is also a kind of happiness for my family to eat the baking I made.

  20. Anonymous

    I chose an oven for home use, compared several options, and ultimately bought the Haishi i7, this flagship product. I have used it several times and feel it is good. The appearance, design, operation, and functionality are all good. Worth having, looking forward to having time to learn some recipes. I have already tried garlic, eggplant, and thick cut potato slices, and they are not bad. They are well received at home, haha. In the future, I will also bake cakes, pancakes, chicken wings, and ribs… With an oven, I always need to give it a try. Appearance and material: looks online, but it looks beautiful when placed in the kitchen. Capacity and size: the size of the capacity meet expectations, and there are many functions. Introduction: The temperature is set separately for the upper and lower pipes, and the recipe is also available

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