Rearte foam shield intelligent toilet without water pressure limit


Ruierte intelligent toilet foam shield non water pressure limit household instant heating integrated electric toilet F1p


Rearte Smart Toilet foam Shield non water pressure limit household instant heating integrated electric toilet F1p is a modern smart home product with unique functions. This toilet is equipped with a foam shield function, which can effectively prevent splashing and reduce sanitary problems. At the same time, there is no need to worry about water pressure. The integrated design is more convenient for installation. This product adopts advanced instant heating technology, which can heat up instantly and provide a comfortable user experience. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated electric toilet, making it more convenient to use. This product is suitable for various home environments and has high flexibility and adaptability. N n Rearte Smart Toilet foam Shield non water pressure limit household instant heating integrated electric toilet F1p is highly praised for its high-quality, intelligent and environmentally friendly design. It not only provides an excellent user experience, but also has excellent advantages such as splash proof, water-saving, energy-saving, and easy to clean, making it a very worthwhile smart home product.

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Xiamen City




Chinese mainland


Fujian Province

Toilet flushing volume


load bearing

70kg and above

Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Toilet flushing method

Electric assisted

Additional features

Antibacterial seat ring, i.e. hot night light, seat ring, heating, flushing, water pressure regulation, booster pump nozzle, self-cleaning, no water pressure limitation, foam shield, hip cleaning, drying, female cleaning, regulation, heating, remote control, automatic deodorization nozzle, mobile cleaning, foot feel, flushing, water temperature regulation, power off, flushing, heating, water temperature regulation

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F series upgraded F1P (built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+foot feel flush), F series flagship F3 (foot flap+built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+four season temperature sense), New product F30 (dynamic water sterilization+women washing wide water+foot feeling flap+built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+four season temperature feeling), Free installation

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

19 reviews for Rearte foam shield intelligent toilet without water pressure limit

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The master is very kind and the installation is very fast!

  3. Anonymous

    Materials and workmanship: It looks very high-end and has strong functions. I like it! After-sales "Lamei" customer service attitude is very good

  4. Anonymous

    The appearance of the toilet is very simple and beautiful, and the installer is also very responsible. Miss Tingting, the customer service representative, has a good attitude~

  5. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: Good experience, value for money, beautiful style, and good quality. Recommend purchasing the restroom, no longer numb legs. Recommend everyone to have a decent color

  6. Anonymous

    I sold two units, and the delivery was fast. They look good. The installer briefly explained the specific applications, but I haven’t tried using them yet.It looks very good and fits the reserved space in my house.satisfy!

  7. Anonymous

    I have replaced two new toilets at home, and the installation package has been replaced with the old one. The whole process is comfortable, and the customer service for Lamei is very good. The function of the smart toilet is just right!

  8. Anonymous

    There are many functions, with a cost performance ratio of over 2000 yuan. You can also conduct on-site surveys and installation conditions. The customer service representative Hua Hua is also very patient in answering questions, and overall I am very satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    Smart function: Very easy to use, cost-effective. Water impulse: The impulse is very strong, no problem at all. Materials and workmanship: The texture is very good. Design style: Simple and elegant. It looks great. Xiao Min’s customer service attitude is super good!

  10. Anonymous

    The smart toilet was replaced during the Double 11 Festival. In winter, the sense of happiness is very strong. The heating pad, automatic flushing and foam shield are very practical. The installation master is also very responsible. The customer service is also very considerate

  11. Anonymous

    The installation efficiency of the master is high, and the appearance of the toilet is also very good. The flushing and cleaning are still divided into two pipes, which are relatively clean and hygienic. The customer service provided by Tingting is very good and patient. I like it a lot

  12. Anonymous

    Customer service is very attentive. We will confirm the details again before shipping. The installation guy is also very nice, and the toilet looks good. The customer service rice is also very good????, A very pleasant shopping experience, looking forward to a better experience using the toilet in the future

  13. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: The product is very intelligent, with excellent water flushing effect. The materials and workmanship are good, and the seat cushion is very comfortable. Design style: simple and elegant, suitable in size, and easy to install by the master. The customer service is excellent and the service is excellent. Please be patient and reply

  14. Anonymous

    I did a lot of work on the smart toilet during the decoration, and finally planted **Realte in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room. The smart toilet has complete functions. This model is very cost-effective. The after-sales technician installed it very well and was very attentive. The customer service Yanzhu was also very patient and answered Questions come particularly quickly.

  15. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: simple and easy to use, with a comfortable foot feel for flushing and heating function for comfortable water output. Impulse force: acceptable, with high suction power. Material workmanship: solid and high-quality. Design style: very fashionable, with simple design. Advanced customer service representative Hua Hua patiently answers questions, feeling dizzy??

  16. Anonymous

    Effluent impulse: The 29th floor has good impulse. Intelligent functions: simple operation. Design style: responsible for appearance, simple and elegant appearance. Material and workmanship: the material is good. In short, the product is of good quality and affordable. I am very satisfied with the choice made, and the customer service and attitude towards Lamei are also very good.

  17. Anonymous

    I did a lot of work on smart toilets during the renovation, and finally I chose **Realte. The smart toilet has complete functions and is very cost-effective. The main reason is that my bathroom is limited in size and it does not take up a lot of space.The after-sales technician installed it very well. After pressing and testing, there were no problems. The master was very attentive and asked me if there was any displacement, and also added a sealing ring to ensure use.very satisfied

  18. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: I have all the functions I need, and if I forget to flush, it will automatically flush and water out. Impulse force: no water pressure limit, relatively large impact. Material and workmanship: the material is very good, the glaze is smooth, and there are no wall hanging problems. Design style: it meets the preferences of young people, simple and generous. Customer service Xiaomin has a good service attitude, and the installation master is professional and fast.

  19. Anonymous

    Smart toilets are truly the light of humanity! I finally placed an order after being prompted by a classmate. Originally I just wanted to replace the toilet seat, but then I found out that the whole set was not much more expensive. It was quickly dismantled and installed, and there was no problem after installation. Where I know something, the customer service is very patient and answers. I was a little confused when I used it for the first time. Someone quickly responded and taught me and I will be fine soon.

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