Changdi Great White Whale Wind Oven, Household Three Layer Simultaneous Roasting


Changdi Great White Whale Wind Oven, Household Small Baking Business, Multi functional Fermentation Thawing Enamel Electric Oven


N n1 Compact and lightweight, convenient for movement and storage. The enamel inner liner is easy to clean and has high durability. N3. Multi functional integration, suitable for various purposes such as baking, thawing, fermentation, etc. N4. Efficient hot air circulation system ensures even heating of food. N5. Intelligent control panel, easy to operate and understand. For those who enjoy baking, this Changdi Great White Whale Wind Oven is the perfect choice. It not only meets your daily baking needs, but also brings you more baking fun. Whether you are a beginner or a baking expert, it is an indispensable helper in your kitchen.

Additional information














Foshan City

warranty period

1 year


Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material


control method

Computer style

Product Category

Wind oven and oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)


Guangdong Weishida Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

Additional features

Thawing low-temperature fermentation with built-in lighting and hot air circulation

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Early Snow White White Whale Three Layer Same Roast Wind Flat Dual Use

19 reviews for Changdi Great White Whale Wind Oven, Household Three Layer Simultaneous Roasting

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Large capacity, I can bake three plates of finger cookies at once, excellent~

  3. Anonymous

    Buy early and enjoy early! A great oven, professional! A big one, enough for the family!

  4. Anonymous

    Very good, very good, very good looking, the function is also very good, very good, square and very durable

  5. Anonymous

    SF Express delivery and fast delivery. The merchant also sent the mold, which is currently in normal use and hopes to be used for a long time

  6. Anonymous

    The appearance is quite grand, and the space is also quite spacious. I just received the goods and baked the cake and pizza bottom, which feels pretty good to use.

  7. Anonymous

    Capacity size: large enough, very good appearance Material: atmospheric appearance Multi functional Introduction: True blast stove, things are not easy to burn, very good

  8. Anonymous

    The oven is powerful and of good quality. After comparing several, I finally chose this one and bought three to bake desserts for my children. The appearance is white and clean.

  9. Anonymous

    The high aesthetic value oven, regardless of size or function, is the most cost-effective family oven in the same price range. After many comparisons, I ultimately chose the Great White Whale, which is really super user-friendly

  10. Anonymous

    There is a reason why it is expensive. Compared to a small oven that costs a few hundred yuan, it is much better. It is clear that it is not an exaggeration. The cake cake is delicate and the volume is also large. If you love it, love it

  11. Anonymous

    Very attractive, with a large capacity, there are really many gifts, and the quality of the gifts is also very good, not inferior products! As soon as I received the goods, I made bread, which was evenly colored and the meat was tender and tender!

  12. Anonymous

    The process was a bit convoluted, and the color I changed to looks quite nice (but still stuck to Chuxuewhite). I tried baking sweet potatoes, double layered baking small cakes in a wind oven, and pizza. The coloring was even, and I was quite satisfied.

  13. Anonymous

    I did a lot of homework on Xiaomou’s book, and finally decided to buy the Beluga. Sure enough, the homework was not in vain. It has full functions. I made soluble beans for my baby and peach cakes for my mother. The wind furnace function is great! By the way, I would like to praise the customer service Susu for her good service.

  14. Anonymous

    The first oven, also from Changdi, was not damaged and very useful, but after all, it was ten years ago. I replaced it with the Great White Whale, and its appearance is beyond doubt. I found it easy to use. In the past, the oven could only be timed on my phone and estimated roughly. Now, the temperature of the oven is clear at a glance, which really impressed me.

  15. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Designed, good-looking, and tall. Multi functional Introduction: It can be set according to the mode or freely, convenient for different groups of people at home. Capacity: The capacity of a household oven is quite large, and I am very satisfied. I have already baked German sausage bread and sweet potatoes. Uniform heating, stable temperature, very good, very good!

  16. Anonymous

    I bought Penguin Dingding and Beluga. They arrived yesterday and I started baking today. I used the fan oven mode, which is better than the flat oven. The flat oven bakes a little dry. I am slowly unlocking other functions. I like it very much. Thank you for the customer service recommendation. The top of this oven is hot, so be sure not to let the children at home touch it. Also, the same 40 liters, this 40 is bigger than my other 40 liters oven

  17. Anonymous

    I really want to make baking. I searched for the oven and found this Changdi Great White Whale oven. With a large capacity of 40L, it can bake three layers at a time. It also has functions such as wind furnace and open hearth. The appearance is also quite simple and atmospheric. I also sent a few practical molds. The quality is also excellent. The customer service sponge was also very meticulous in answering my questions. It was really a great shopping experience.

  18. Anonymous

    As a loyal customer of Changdi, from the first oven in 2016 to the third one today, we have upgraded from single-layer baking to multi-layer baking. Although having two at home is still good, we decided to purchase the new model with less effort and effort. Moreover, the appearance is truly high-end, the temperature display screen is larger and more comprehensive, the operation is simple, and what is more considerate is that there are more and more practical accessories inside

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance material: simple and elegant multi-function introduction: quite complete I did a lot of homework and finally decided to buy the Beluga. I couldn’t wait to try it after receiving the goods. At present, I have tried Swiss rolls, small cakes, and chiffon egg embryos. There are no problems. The chiffon cake is baked directly according to the mode on the menu. I am very grateful to the customer service for the timely response and answer of Pizza and Portuguese tarts. In short, it is a good experience. There are still some functions that are still being explored. I feel that the instructions are not too detailed. If there are some unclear ones, I will search on Xiaohongshu to know how to operate them.

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