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Kidpop baby walker is specially designed for children aged 1-3 years.This stroller toy car is ideal for your baby to learn to walk, and can also be used as a baby’s first birthday gift.This walker adopts cute cartoon design and bright colors to attract the baby’s attention and help the baby practice walking.The wheels are flexible in design and suitable for various surfaces, allowing babies to explore freely.In addition, the car has a solid structure, is safe and reliable, and gives parents peace of mind.It is a multifunctional children’s toy that integrates entertainment and learning.



Additional information





Toy type

plastic toys


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Frame material

High-carbon steel

Applicable age

2 years, 18 months, 12 months

Applicable age (new version)

July to 3 years old

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and twelve billion two hundred and two million five hundred and seventy-four thousand six hundred and eighty-two

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Vitality Red [environmentally friendly PP car body], Childlike green [environmentally friendly PP car body], Fairy tale fans [environmentally friendly PP car body], Stable black [environmentally friendly PP car body], Vintage Red [Solid Wood Car Bucket], Mustard yellow [solid wood truck bucket], Ivory white [solid wood bucket], Matcha green [solid wood truck bucket], Klein Blue

20 reviews for Kidpop1-3-year-old toddler stroller handcart

  1. Anonymous

    My baby likes it very much, it’s so cute

  2. Anonymous

    The texture is particularly good. satisfaction

  3. Anonymous

    Cute and lovely little stroller, baby loves it very much

  4. Anonymous

    I really like the actual product I received. Very attractive, very cute

  5. Anonymous

    It looks good, has no odor, and the 9-month-old baby is not yet able to push it around

  6. Anonymous

    A cute one year gift for babies, with a black coffee color scheme that complements the home style. Baby really likes it~

  7. Anonymous

    Baby received it! The texture is quite good, the car walks very steadily, and my son really likes it. He pushed the car a long way! Like it!!!

  8. Anonymous

    The face value is extremely high, especially in the sunlight, it looks really beautiful, and the material is also very good, without any flaws.

  9. Anonymous

    I picked it up and took a photo of it. It looks good. I tried it right away. My baby can walk by himself. It’s a good walker and can also be used as a stroller.

  10. Anonymous

    A birthday gift for my baby. It’s really beautiful and of good quality. My baby likes it very much. I didn’t smell anything when I opened it. It’s very cost-effective.

  11. Anonymous

    The appearance is very good ~ the quality is also good ~ the baby likes to be pushed around in the park, and the mother does not have to hold it all the time, and the hands are free haha

  12. Anonymous

    The appearance is simple and fashionable hahahaha, it’s not particularly complicated, which is what I like the most! I really made the right choice. My baby really loves this walker. I have twins and I plan to buy another one haha

  13. Anonymous

    I have received the learning bike. I really like the color and appearance, and after the end of the year, red is also used frequently and has a good feel. This material is collision resistant and has many uses, so it is still worth buying.

  14. Anonymous

    Love it, love it. It’s about a walker. I bought it to push my baby around. It’s a good-looking and practical car. It mainly frees up my hands so I can play for a while. It’s really good. It can play with water. How attractive is this for a child?

  15. Anonymous

    It’s really pretty. I’ve been looking for a red color for a long time and finally chose this one. I wanted to take a set of Christmas and New Year’s photos for my baby. I like this color, it matches well, it feels good, and it’s very cost-effective. recommend

  16. Anonymous

    I started using it immediately after I opened it. The quality and workmanship are very good. It is genuine. I bought it for pushing at home to learn to walk. It has a sense of weight and is very stable for the baby to push without going too fast. It can also be used for storage in the future. Useful, very good

  17. Anonymous

    I really like it. I read that it is a toddler stroller. My baby is just about to learn to walk. I bought it to learn to walk. It also has other functions so that it will not be idle later. For example, my Xiu Gou really likes to stay in it. Inside, just add some weight inside so that the baby can be pushed slower.

  18. Anonymous

    My baby can’t walk yet, so I bought it for him to practice walking.The pleasant surprise was that after pushing on the cart all morning, his intestines and stomach became smoother, and he had enough bowel movements to last two days.It seems that walking has a significant effect on promoting gastrointestinal motility.Mine is less than 11 months old.

  19. Anonymous

    I received it very quickly. I didn’t smell anything when I opened it. I didn’t need to install it yet. The stroller looks great and is very useful. I personally don’t think it will be left idle. After the baby reaches a certain age, it can also be used as a storage unit and for playing outside. You can also bring it with you, it’s really photogenic and perfect for taking photos.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s so cute. It’s so cute. It was planted by Xiaohongshu. It took me a long time to add it to the shopping cart. It’s very cost-effective and I picked it up decisively. At the beginning, I didn’t dare to leave because I couldn’t use it. After playing for a while, I walked away. I pushed it everywhere. Come on, the pure black before has gone and turned into a slightly tinted black, but this pink is also very nice.

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