Commercial high-capacity electric oven Broilwin


Broilwin electric oven commercial large capacity 120L household multifunctional fully automatic private room baking cake and bread

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Broilwin commercial large-capacity electric oven is a powerful and versatile device suitable for home and commercial use. This electric oven has a large capacity of 120L, which is enough to meet your needs for baking, baking bread and pastries.

This electric oven adopts a fully automatic design and is easy to operate. It can be easily mastered by both beginners and experienced baking enthusiasts. It has a variety of functions, including baking, grilling, rotating roasting chicken, etc., which can meet your diverse baking needs.

Its commercial-level quality and performance ensure the high temperature uniformity, temperature control accuracy and durability of the electric oven, making the baking process more stable and efficient. At the same time, the Broilwin electric oven has good sealing, which can lock the deliciousness of food and make your baking works more delicious.

In addition, the Broilwin electric oven is also equipped with a variety of safety protection devices to ensure safety and worry-free during use. Whether it is commercial or home, this electric oven is your ideal choice and adds more color to your baking business.




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Foshan City





warranty period

1 year


Chinese mainland

Capacity range

Above 100L

control method



Guangdong Province

After-sales service


Product Category

Conventional oven

Inner liner material

Galvanized sheet

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Foshan Platinum Ruiying Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

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Silver Black

20 reviews for Commercial high-capacity electric oven Broilwin

  1. Anonymous

    The oven has a large capacity and is quite user-friendly

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, used it once, the baked chiffon dough is also very good, very flat

  3. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast and the service is good. What a big guy! Feel free to bake this time!

  4. Anonymous

    The oven is good, try it out as soon as you get it. The bread baked is soft and the color is fantastic

  5. Anonymous

    Bigger than I thought, fine workmanship, well packaged, I haven’t tried it yet, I will comment after trying it

  6. Anonymous

    The appearance is atmospheric, the size I want, and the quality is also very good. You can start the crazy baking mode.

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: High Aesthetic Value Multi functional Introduction: Complete Functionality Size: Large Capacity

  8. Anonymous

    I baked it several times before evaluating it. It’s good. Although the craftsmanship is not very good, there are many stationery for poor students?? Very useful!

  9. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Not bad. Multi functional Introduction: Not bad. If there is a detailed temperature scale, it would be better. Capacity and Size: Not bad

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance material: good-looking Capacity size: the size I want, I tried it and it can hold 4 8-inch and 1 6-inch. Multi-function introduction: quite satisfactory

  11. Anonymous

    The texture of the oven is very good, and it is very large. It can bake a lot of things, with complete functions. Even smaller bakeries are sufficient for commercial use!

  12. Anonymous

    It is bigger than expected. You can bake many egg tarts at a time. The heating is even and smoke-free. It is very good. Multi-function introduction: baking, proofing and heating

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance is very good, and the interior is very large, which is exactly what I want. The customer service is very good. They have provided me with detailed answers to all my questions

  14. Anonymous

    Capacity: Really big, I can’t hold it by myself. Multi-function: Very powerful, can bake anything. Appearance: High-grade. I thought it was not so good after looking at the pictures, but the materials are very good and heavy.

  15. Anonymous

    The oven is very good, with large capacity and complete functions. The oven was donated to the children in the children’s welfare home. The children can take baking classes and the children are super happy. Capacity: Large capacity

  16. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Simple, atmospheric, and multifunctional. Introduction: Can bake 6 450 toast boxes at once. Size: Super large. This is my second time purchasing. Made with alkaline water and bagels?? They are all super stable

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Good quality, simple and elegant appearance. The finished product baked is very satisfactory. It has a large volume and can be used to make a lot of food. Multi functional introduction: simple and easy to operate. Capacity size: Suitable.

  18. Anonymous

    It has arrived, the logistics is fast. The courier delivered it to my door, and I haven’t opened it yet, which is beyond my expectation. I thought the oven was not very big, but it turned out to be so big. It is really worth buying such a big oven at this price.

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The appearance is very beautiful, with a black and silver color scheme that is beautiful and generous. The material is very thick and likes to be multifunctional. Introduction: It can be used to roast chicken, pizza, and even cake. Capacity: It can be used to bake a whole chicken!

  20. Anonymous

    I have been collecting it for a long time, and the customer service provided detailed answers. The oven is as good as ever, and I have tried it out. The temperature of the oven is stable, and the capacity is large. It is suitable for private rooms or a 10A plug. There is no need to change the socket. I am very satisfied

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