Roman lithium polymer 22.5W, one line three charge


Roma Power Bank 20000mAh with built-in cable 10000 compact mobile power flash charging suitable for Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, mobile phone, dedicated fast charging, large capacity, outdoor use, iPhone 15


The Romance 20000mAh built-in mobile power supply is compact and portable, designed specifically for Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other mobile phones. Large capacity, suitable for outdoor travel, can quickly charge various mobile phones. The built-in cable design is convenient and fast, compatible with multiple devices, making it a great helper for you when going out. Especially suitable for iPhone 15, providing long-lasting flash charging for your device. Choose Rome, choose quality and convenience!

Additional information






5V 9V 12V



shell material


Rated Capacity


Cell type

Lithium polymer

Maximum output power


Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Charging protocol

Pd2.0 PD3.0 QC2.0 QC3.0 FCP SCP


Multi U output bidirectional fast charging with built-in data cable and screen display


Shenzhen Huazhong Science and Technology Co., Ltd./Jiangmen Romance Technology Co., Ltd

battery capacity

20000mAh, 10000mAh

sort by color

Gentleman Black, 22.5W/20W bidirectional fast charging, built-in cable, Taro purple, 22.5W/20W bidirectional fast charging, built-in cable, Pure white, 22.5W/20W bidirectional fast charging, built-in cable

20 reviews for Roman lithium polymer 22.5W, one line three charge

  1. Anonymous

    Size: relatively small Capacity: large, very useful, fast charging speed, faster than before

  2. Anonymous

    Charging an apple is really fast. This 20000 milliampere power bank is very light, compact, and portable

  3. Anonymous

    This power bank is compact and lightweight, with good charging speed and online appearance. Overall, it is worth purchasing

  4. Anonymous

    The service attitude is very good, the size of the power bank is very suitable, and it is relatively small and suitable for carrying

  5. Anonymous

    Size: just right in the bag. Capacity: 20000 milliamperes, can be charged 14p three or four times. Product weight: can be charged. Charging speed: quite fast, still very satisfied

  6. Anonymous

    Size: not too big, not too small, just right. Capacity: large capacity, very enough, very easy to use. Recommended to buy! It is a reliable brand and I will repurchase it if necessary!

  7. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, and the overall size is much smaller than the 20000 milliampere large brick I bought before. It is larger than a mouse and easier to carry. Both ends can be charged, which is very convenient for Apple users

  8. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a while before reviewing it. It is a fast charger. The power display of the power bank is touch-sensitive and very reasonable. The jack can be used to charge both mobile phones and power banks. It is really good!

  9. Anonymous

    The power of the power bank is large in milliamperes, and it charges quickly. The power bank itself is small in size, lightweight, and convenient to carry. If there are logistics problems, it responds quickly and has good service quality!

  10. Anonymous

    Size: very small and compact. Capacity: it has enough electricity and is resistant to use. Product weight: average weight, and can also be charged. Charging speed: quite fast. It is recommended to purchase and charge. I also have a power bank

  11. Anonymous

    Size: 20000mAh Size fits perfectly in the shoulder bag Capacity: 20000mAh 5000 capacity mobile phone battery can be charged three to four times without any problems Product weight: not heavy Charging speed: Flash charging is very fast! Praise Rome!

  12. Anonymous

    Size: The size is just right, it fits perfectly in the bag. Capacity: 2000mAh, which is enough for me to use it three times! Product weight: Not too heavy, over 300g. Charging speed: Fast, no longer afraid of battery anxiety when going out to play.

  13. Anonymous

    To be honest, the quality of his power bank is indeed good. I have replaced several products I purchased from other sources before, but the quality of his products is really good. I hope the online store can open better and better. Business is thriving and happy new year??

  14. Anonymous

    It’s not very heavy. It feels good. Let’s use it to evaluate it. The express delivery is very fast. The express delivery sent yesterday arrived today. The speed is very fast. I can only say that it is so big. Maybe you don’t believe the capacity. Wait for me to try it and come back to comment.

  15. Anonymous

    Capacity size: The charging frequency is quite long, which can not only charge the phone but also the earphones. Size: It is very small, huge, and looks similar to the size of the phone. Charging speed: It is also quite fast, completely saving the dilemma of running out of battery when playing outside

  16. Anonymous

    I am so happy that I finally bought a power bank that can be input-output on both Apple and Android, and the built-in charging cable is also very good. I wish the merchant a prosperous business and a wide source of wealth. The power bank that I would recommend to my friends around me must be Roman Shi.!!

  17. Anonymous

    Size and size: acceptable. Product weight: not particularly heavy. Capacity and size: large. Charging speed: fast. There is a fast charging cable on the iPhone 15, which can be used for airplane charging. It is quite fast and affordable. It can be used multiple times. Logistics can take one or two days to arrive at a very useful power bank????

  18. Anonymous

    Size: The product is very good, the size can be held in one hand, the appearance is quite good, and the built-in cable, one line and three recharges are quite powerful.The touch switch on the side is very convenient, the capacity of 20,000 mAh is sufficient, and it can support Huawei’s 22.5W super fast charge. There is a fast charge icon display, making it the best choice for traveling O

  19. Anonymous

    I used it several times specifically to evaluate. The first time I bought a 20000 yuan one, it was a bit heavy. Being able to charge multiple phones is indeed much more convenient. I have been asking various questions from the shop owner during this period, and several customer service representatives have a good attitude, concise and easy to understand. I will recommend it to other friends.

  20. Anonymous

    Size: The size is just right. Capacity: 20000 milliampere, rated capacity 12500 milliampere. After buying it, I bought 79% of the electricity to charge the Apple 14pro four times and still have electricity. Product weight: Weight is acceptable, it must be 20000 milliampere. Charging speed: fast, supporting Apple and Huawei fast charging is really good. This is the second repurchase. I bought it myself at the beginning of the month, and now I bought another one for my wife. The one I bought earlier had no reviews, so we are now together

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