Rome Shi large capacity fast charging with built-in cable power bank


ROMOS 20000mAh power bank with dual built-in cables, 22.5W super fast charging, large capacity, small and cute, portable universal flash charging mobile phone, tablet, outdoor mobile power supply


The ROMOS power bank uses high capacity batteries and has a large capacity of 20000 milliampere hours. It supports dual built-in cables, making it convenient for users to use, and supports 22.5W ultra fast charging technology, which can quickly charge devices such as phones and tablets. Small and cute portable design, suitable for outdoor use, suitable for various mobile and tablet devices. In addition, it also has a universal flash charging function, which can meet the needs of different devices. This power bank is suitable for outdoor mobile power supply and provides a convenient power solution for outdoor activities. The above content is for reference only. It is recommended to write a more convincing copy based on the actual usage experience of the power bank.

Additional information








12V 9V 5V



Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Rated Capacity


Number of USB interfaces


Maximum output power



two hundred and thirty

Time required for full charge


Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Charging protocol

PD3.0 DCP QC3.0 sfcp


Shenzhen Huazhongke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd


Equipped with bidirectional fast charging data cable and built-in screen display

battery capacity


sort by color

[10000mAh] 15W Fast Charge – Classic White, [10000mAh] 22.5W Fast Charge – Classic White, [10000mAh] 22.5W fast charging – Far Peak Blue, [10000mAh] 22.5W Fast Charge – Sakura Powder, [20000mAh] 15W fast charging – white, [20000mAh] 22.5W fast charging – white, [20000mAh] 22.5W fast charging – blue

20 reviews for Rome Shi large capacity fast charging with built-in cable power bank

  1. Anonymous

    Very beautiful and practical

  2. Anonymous

    Charging is fast! Appropriate size

  3. Anonymous

    The packaging is exquisite and very good.

  4. Anonymous

    Very useful. This is the best one I have bought

  5. Anonymous

    Size: Convenient to carry Capacity: 20000 milliamperes is enough

  6. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, convenient to carry, large capacity, fast charging speed

  7. Anonymous

    Yan Value Ultra High Size: Compact Capacity: Large Product Weight: Heavy Charging Speed: Fast

  8. Anonymous

    The power bank looks great, the battery level is not a false mark, it’s fast charging, good good

  9. Anonymous

    At present, it feels good to use and can be fully charged, allowing the phone to be charged four or five times

  10. Anonymous

    The pink and blue gradient looks great, and it can also display the battery level. The design is very thoughtful

  11. Anonymous

    Received it, the logistics is very fast. I haven’t started using it yet. I will review it after a few days of use.

  12. Anonymous

    Size: It can also be conveniently placed. Product weight: The overall quality is good. Charging speed: It is also acceptable

  13. Anonymous

    Very good packaging, delicate and durable. I plan to buy one for my boyfriend to use together. It has a high appearance and is fast to charge

  14. Anonymous

    The customization effect is pretty good, but unfortunately the pink part of the power bank does not have the pink color shown in the promotional image

  15. Anonymous

    I haven’t started using it yet. I won’t be able to use it for the time being.spare.But the size is just right, and it’s convenient to bring your own cable

  16. Anonymous

    Size: The size is appropriate, it would be better to be thinner! Capacity size: 10000, sufficient Product weight: Large brand workmanship, fine charging speed: Sure

  17. Anonymous

    Size: ok Capacity: good Product weight: a bit heavy Charging speed: ok, my phone has an Android charging interface and can be charged 3 times, which I think is pretty good

  18. Anonymous

    Product weight: For a 20000 milliampere power bank, the weight is indeed quite light. Charging speed: enough to charge an Apple 22.5w. Size: compact, can be placed in a bag

  19. Anonymous

    Size: quite small, with a bit of thickness, after all, a capacity of 20000. Size: sufficient, with a large capacity. Product weight: a bit small and heavy, okay. Charging speed: also quite fast, faster than regular ones

  20. Anonymous

    This power bank is small, lightweight, and easy to carry! And she has her own cable, which is very convenient for going out and playing! The charging speed is also average, not fast, but also not slow. 10000 milliamperes is enough for students to use! Hurry up

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