Hualing First Class Water Efficiency Three Star Disinfection Dishwasher


Midea Hualing Vie7 dishwasher fully automatic household small embedded desktop disinfection cabinet integrated intelligent 10 sets


The Midea Hualing Vie7 dishwasher is a fully automatic household small embedded desktop disinfection cabinet integrated intelligent dishwasher, with 10 sets of large capacity washing space, suitable for daily household tableware cleaning. It integrates disinfection functions, effectively killing bacteria and ensuring the hygiene and safety of tableware. This dishwasher adopts intelligent control and can automatically adjust the washing program according to the material of the tableware and the degree of stains, making it easy to operate. In addition, it also features a small and lightweight design that can flexibly adapt to various kitchen environments. The Midea Hualing Vie7 dishwasher is a practical, efficient, and intelligent household dishwasher that brings convenience and hygiene to your kitchen.

Additional information





gross weight


net weight




control method


time to market

May 2022

Spray arm


laundry guide

Spray type

warranty period

72 months

Package Size


Maximum water consumption


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Maximum washing time

178 minutes

Number of tableware sets

10 sets

Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Installation method

Platform embedded dual-purpose

sort by color

VIE7 10 sets black, VIE7 10 sets white

19 reviews for Hualing First Class Water Efficiency Three Star Disinfection Dishwasher

  1. Anonymous

    Like very much

  2. Anonymous

    Installed perfectly

  3. Anonymous

    Truly the light of humanity

  4. Anonymous

    The installation is quite good

  5. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  6. Anonymous

    Haven’t washed it yet, I’ll comment after using it later

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to use, easy to operate, and saves water and electricity

  8. Anonymous

    There are only 2 to 3 people at home, which is a bit wasteful.

  9. Anonymous

    It's very good and suitable. I haven't started using it yet.

  10. Anonymous

    Installed but not yet used. Overall, the appearance is quite good. Please leave a comment after use.

  11. Anonymous

    The packaging was very good, the delivery was very fast, and the after-sales service was very good. It was a very satisfactory shopping experience.

  12. Anonymous

    Sound volume: good and acceptable. Cleaning capacity: about four or five people. Other features: capable of automatic cleaning.It’s a good thing. It feels like a good thing. It’s not bad. This dishwasher is okay.

  13. Anonymous

    I only added this comment after trying it. When washing the dishes, you must put them correctly so that they can be washed very clean. The residual heat can also be used for drying. The fruit basket is rarely used, but I am still used to peeling it. In short, it is great, lazy person. Welfare

  14. Anonymous

    The appearance is very high, and there is no problem using it. I look forward to using it in the future. According to customer service, it is an upgraded version of the previously popular model. Of course, it is better to buy new than old. Upgraded to first level water efficiency and three-star disinfection for safer and more reassuring use

  15. Anonymous

    I originally wanted to give it to my wife as a gift for Christmas.There was an episode in the middle, so I contacted customer service and they fixed it for me right away.The dishwasher was installed by professionals. The installer was also very responsible and had a good service attitude.Tried it for a few days.The dishes were washed very clean.Finally free my wife’s hands??????

  16. Anonymous

    The dishwasher I have been longing for finally bought home. I carefully selected the Hualing brand under Midea. After placing the order, the installation technician will come to measure the dimensions and install it for free after arrival. The service attitude of the chef is very good and professional. If you buy a dishwasher, The machine replaces the original disinfection cabinet. The size is just right and perfect! It truly frees up your hands.

  17. Anonymous

    The delivery was fast, and the delivery was also fast. I finally bought the dishwasher that I had been longing for. The design looks good, and when I chose the white one, it looked very high-end. Now you can free your hands! No need to argue over who to wash dishes anymore. It is compact and beautiful, with a large capacity and simple operation. It can also be placed freely, which is very convenient. Miss customer service is really patient and gentle.

  18. Anonymous

    My baby has received a five-star review and the experience is good. I really like it at home and recommend it to my friends. The cost-effectiveness is quite high. The logistics master has a good attitude, fast delivery, complete accessories, and strict packaging. Customer service is also quite patient and attentive. The appearance is simple and elegant, with a texture. The after-sales technician is also professional and the service is guaranteed. Big brands are trustworthy and support domestic products

  19. Anonymous

    It’s rare to comment that this is Hualing’s latest model.I think the price-performance ratio is pretty good, but the installation fee is a bit expensive and the original pipes are useless.They asked me to buy a new pipe and said the distance was not enough.Are you not close enough to press closer? Really, marital conflicts need to be solved by a dishwasher. A washing machine for underwear can also solve the problem. Many white cabinets are good with white dishwashers.Although I see many people buying black.Still glad I chose white.I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband, so that I don’t have to worry about him washing dishes every day.If I don’t do anything, at least I’m cooking.Talk to him about washing dishes every day.Then if I make more money, I can buy a dishwasher.I usually use quick wash for 30 minutes and it will be clean anyway..Other washing methods take 2-4 hours.I can’t wait??

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