Gree air conditioning fan, air cooler, air conditioning small machine


[All girls live broadcast rooms] Gree air conditioning fan, air cooler, household small mobile fan, refrigeration machine


[All female live streaming rooms] We recommend Gree air conditioning fan air cooler, a small mobile fan refrigeration machine suitable for home use. This product features a small and lightweight design, making it easy to move and suitable for use in various environments. The air cooler can quickly cool down, providing a cool and comfortable environment, suitable for summer use. At the same time, it also has air conditioning and wind regulation functions, which can be adjusted as needed. In addition, Gree air conditioning fans also have a silent function, which will not disturb family rest. It is a practical and convenient household essential product.

Additional information


3rd gear



working principle


warranty period

12 months

control method



100-240V universal

Energy efficiency rating


Air supply type

Standard style

Additional features

it can move

Refrigeration method

Water cooling

Energy efficiency filing number


Gree air conditioning fan model


Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Air conditioning fan timing function


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Water tank capacity

3L (inclusive) -5L (inclusive)


Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd

Does it support water shortage and power outage protection


3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and two million three hundred and fifty-nine thousand two hundred and eighty-eight

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Black KS-04X60g mechanical version, White+Black KS-04X61Dg Remote Control, White KS-06T60D Tmall Genie Intelligent Control Edition

20 reviews for Gree air conditioning fan, air cooler, air conditioning small machine

  1. Anonymous

    Easy to use

  2. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Very good

  3. Anonymous

    Baby received it, very satisfied!

  4. Anonymous

    The product quality is good and quite user-friendly

  5. Anonymous

    Strong wind, basically silent, affordable, satisfied.

  6. Anonymous

    I love you so much, my dear. I love you so much when I shop online

  7. Anonymous

    The appearance is grand and beautiful, and big brands are trustworthy

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance is beautiful, and the wind is strong enough. Big brands are trustworthy

  9. Anonymous

    The appearance is atmospheric, the wind speed is sufficient, and big brands are trustworthy

  10. Anonymous

    Beautiful appearance, relatively quiet, and sufficient wind speed. Big brands are trustworthy

  11. Anonymous

    The appearance is grand and good-looking, and the wind speed is sufficient. Big brands are trustworthy

  12. Anonymous

    Mute effect: The power of the stick is small, energy-saving, and effective. Cooling and heating effects are fast and effective

  13. Anonymous

    A very good air conditioning fan, this is the second time it has been repurchased. This air conditioning fan is really, really useful

  14. Anonymous

    Cooling and thermal effects: can be achieved. Power size: can be achieved. Silence effect: can be achieved. Appearance material: can be achieved

  15. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Beautiful Silent Effect: Quiet Power Size: Suitable for installation, quick and convenient, clever customer service is very patient!

  16. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The material is quite textured and has a quiet effect. The volume is not large and the wind speed is sufficient. I bought seven units at once, and it is indeed a trustworthy big brand

  17. Anonymous

    The material is relatively high-quality, the appearance is good-looking, it is relatively quiet, and the wind speed is sufficient. The Gree brand is trustworthy.It won’t block the place, and the wind is very comfortable.

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance material: Very good Silent effect: The sound is very small, the power used in the restaurant: The wind speed is very high, very cool Cooling and heating effect: Adding ice cubes is as cool as the air conditioner, which is a good choice

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Space saving Silence Effect: The higher the grade, the louder the sound, but it is acceptable and not too noisy. Cooling and heating effect: The cooling effect is equal to the effect of the fan. An air conditioning fan does not have the same cooling effect as an air conditioner. In reality, it blows just like a fan, but it may have a humidification function.

  20. Anonymous

    In terms of products alone, it is still good, with silent air supply and 3-speed adjustable air volume. Low power consumption, energy-saving and energy-saving. The weather was not hot and the cooling effect was not tested. The logistics were fast, but the delivery person directly left the station without contacting me. They had to climb the stairs and sweat profusely to pick up the goods themselves

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