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Zhanghua Ecological Hair Dyeing Agent Pure Black Plant Care Hair Dyeing Cream Dyes Popular Colors at Home, Authentic on Official Website


N n1 Wash your hair and dry it. N2. Apply hair dye evenly to the hair, ensuring even coverage. N3. Wait for 30-60 minutes before washing off, the effect is long-lasting and keeps the hair healthy. Zhanghua Ecological Hair Dyer is your best choice. It not only allows you to easily dye the trendy colors you want, but also provides comprehensive protection and nourishment for your hair. Try Zhanghua Ecological Hair Dye to experience natural color care and comfortable scalp experience.

Additional information


dye hair


SAVOL/Zhang Hua


China mainland

Product Category

Hair dyeing

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Is it a special purpose cosmetic


Specification type

Normal specifications

Hair dye single product

Baked Oil Hair Dyeing Cream

Cosmetic characteristics

Durable use effect, glossiness, odor

product name

Zhanghua Ecological Baked Oil Hair Dyeing Cream (3/0)

Manufacturer Name

Zhejiang Zhanghua Health and Hair Industry Co., Ltd

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Zhejiang Makeup 20160040

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guozhuang Special Letter G20201006

sort by color

Natural black [1 box], Natural black [2 boxes], Natural Black [3 boxes], Natural Black [5 boxes], Brown black [1 box], Brown black [2 boxes], Brown black [3 boxes], Brown black [5 boxes], Chestnut Brown [1 box], Chestnut brown [2 boxes], Chestnut Brown [3 boxes], Chestnut Brown [5 boxes], Deep coffee [1 box], Deep coffee [2 boxes], Deep coffee [3 boxes], Deep coffee [5 boxes]

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    Easy to use

  3. Anonymous

    Old customers

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  5. Anonymous

    Continuously repurchasing

  6. Anonymous

    N purchases made! not bad

  7. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  8. Anonymous

    It looks good, likes it, and is very natural

  9. Anonymous

    Perennial repurchase, very good, no allergies after use

  10. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Good usage effect: Good packaging quality: Good

  11. Anonymous

    Usage effect: I have been using it continuously and the effect is good.

  12. Anonymous

    Not used yet. I have used this model of hair dye before, it looks the same, so there should be no problem.

  13. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: very good usage effect: very good packaging quality: very good Personal introduction: none

  14. Anonymous

    Always using this brand, it does not contain p-phenylenediamine, making it more cost-effective for promotional activities.

  15. Anonymous

    I bought it together. I didn’t expect the quality to be the same as in a specialty store. I really like it and the price is favorable.

  16. Anonymous

    I have been using this brand and the quality is good. But for the first time, I chose a color other than black. Not used yet. Follow up after using it.

  17. Anonymous

    The displayed ingredient list is inconsistent with the received ingredient list, with chemical components of p-phenylenediamine and resorcinol, making it difficult to give an evaluation

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