Japanese Kanabao Baked Oil Cream Whitening and Staying at Home


Genuine Japanese Genuine Kanabao Hair Dyer Does Not Hurt Hair, Whitening Hair Roots, Coloring Plant Baking Oil Cream, One Comb Black

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Kanebo’s original Japanese hair dye will not damage your hair, cover gray hair, and make it black with one comb.The vegetable baking oil formula can easily replenish color without damaging the hair roots, making your hair naturally healthy.No need to worry about gray hair, it will turn black as soon as you comb it, and you can easily have a youthful luster.Natural plant ingredients, safe and non-irritating, so you can use it with confidence.

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SIMPRO Plant Hair Dyeing Cream for White Hair

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[Jianabao~Full Dye] * [Meiyuan~Hair Repair Roots], 3B (light brown) Jianabao, 4B (Chocolate Brown) Jana Bao, 4N (natural brown) Jianabao, 4A (black brown) Jianabao, 5B (Chocolate Dark Brown) Gana Bao, 5N (dark brown) Jianabao, 5A (Deep Black Tea)~Jianabao, 5P (Deep Rose Brown) Ganabao, 6B (black brown) Janabao, 2 # (light brown)~Women's plant * press type, 3C (caramel brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan, 3RO (chocolate red brown)~Just a comb~Meiyuan, 4 # (chestnut brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan, 4A (natural brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan, 4MP (Maple Brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan, 5P (dark brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan, 6 # (dark black brown)~Just comb your white hair~Meiyuan

19 reviews for Japanese Kanabao Baked Oil Cream Whitening and Staying at Home

  1. Anonymous

    Very good repurchase

  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Useful!

  3. Anonymous

    Mom uses it more effortlessly

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    I bought it for my mom, come and review it after use!

  6. Anonymous

    I have bought it n times, and my mother specified size 6.

  7. Anonymous

    Very good. I have been using it and purchased it many times.

  8. Anonymous

    I hope peach blossoms can bloom and bring in abundant wealth

  9. Anonymous

    The dyed hair has good quality and no taste. I have been using this for several years, and I sincerely recommend it

  10. Anonymous

    Very good and fast delivery speed! The logistics are also very fast, providing a super satisfying shopping experience!

  11. Anonymous

    I feel good. The hair dye will not make my hair stiff and there is no pungent smell. This is the second time I have bought it.

  12. Anonymous

    I have bought it multiple times and have used this hair dye with my colleagues. It is easy to use, odorless, and shipped very quickly.

  13. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: I have used it for several years and made N purchases, and the results are very good. Please rest assured to use it

  14. Anonymous

    Last time I bought it, my mom thought it was good. Before the Chinese New Year, I prepared another shipment and dyed my hair to celebrate the holiday

  15. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: I have been using it for many years and the effect is very good. My family should try it. Only after using it can you know how good it is.

  16. Anonymous

    The color covers the white hair very well, and after dyeing, it has a luster. The elderly use it very well, and they will choose to dye their hair in the future~

  17. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Used multiple times, the effect is very good, the scalp is not sensitive, and it will not fade in the later stage. Choosing a hair color close to oneself would be more natural.

  18. Anonymous

    I have bought it several times. I bought it for my mother to dye her white hair. Every time it grows out, I dye it a little. It is very convenient and does not get everywhere. My mother can do it by herself.

  19. Anonymous

    I have been buying this hair dye in this store for several years and have been using it. This hair dye has a high cost performance ratio, is easy to use, has no taste, is friendly to stay in the store, provides good service, and ships quickly

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