Xiyu Natural Plant Hair Dyer Dyes Hair at Home


Natural Plant Pure Black Tea Hair Dyeing Cream for Home Dyeing, Non irritating and Authentic Brand for Women and Men


Natural plant pure black tea hair dye cream is a high-quality product designed specifically for women and men who dye their hair at home. This non irritating hair dye uses natural plant ingredients to provide a pure black tea colored dyeing effect while maintaining healthy and shiny hair. It is suitable for various hair types, including white hair and damaged hair, and is an ideal home hair dyeing choice. This product is suitable for all brands and types of hair, without the need for professional skills, simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily enjoy professional hair dyeing effects at home. Natural plant pure black tea colored hair dye is the ideal choice for you to dye your hair at home, providing a safe, effective, and comfortable hair dyeing experience for yourself and friends.

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China mainland


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Guangdong Huicai Cosmetics Co., Ltd

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Xiyu Hair Dyeing Cream (01) (Plant Conditioned Type)

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Guo Zhuang Te Zi 20231149

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5/71 Jianmei Brown Coffee (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 2/0 natural black (buy one get one free) plant type, 3/66 Black Purple (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 4.77 black brown (buy one get one free) plant type, 4/0 brown black (buy one get one free) plant type, 5.0 Black Tea (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 5.41 Cocoa Tea (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 5.44 Chestnut Brown (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 6.2 Dark Blue (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 6.3 Linen Brown (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 5/66 Grape Purple (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 6/45 Raspberry Red (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 6.73 Milk Tea Color (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 7.3 Bitter Linen (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 7.45 Wine Red (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 8.3 Light Gold Linen (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 8.33 Sand Gold Linen (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 0/88 Blue Black (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type, 6.0 Cold Brown (Buy One Get One Free) Plant Type

20 reviews for Xiyu Natural Plant Hair Dyer Dyes Hair at Home

  1. Anonymous

    Well enough

  2. Anonymous

    The color is nice and covers gray hair. It won’t fade or cause allergies. I have repurchased it many times. Fast delivery??

  3. Anonymous

    I have been using their hair dye cream for several years. I have never had any allergies or sensitivity. It is very good. I have been using it even though I have gray hair.

  4. Anonymous

    The packaging and contents have been upgraded and look good. I have been buying this hair dye cream for a long time. It is very easy to use. I am looking forward to the results this time.

  5. Anonymous

    Received the goods, this time it is a repurchase, with good quality. Surprisingly, it will continue to be repurchased. Customer service has a good attitude, and I recommend everyone to make a purchase!

  6. Anonymous

    The glossiness is very good! I just dyed it today! I also recommend it to my friend. The experience is to be careful when applying it. This is a product I have actually bought a few times because it is a plant-based hair dye that does not harm the scalp or hands

  7. Anonymous

    Moreover, the use of plants is relatively reassuring! I followed the instructions throughout the entire process and it looked very attractive because it is a plant-based hair dye that does not harm the scalp or hands. The customer service was particularly patient

  8. Anonymous

    This color is simply amazing. I really like the effect after dyeing.It’s a very good thing. I like it very much. I tried the hair dye after I received it. The color is not exaggerated and there is no strong pungent smell. It’s not troublesome to use it by myself. It saves money on going to the barber shop.

  9. Anonymous

    The packaging is very complete, the effect is good, and the hair dye is sufficient. The black color dyed out is very natural and not fake. I originally dyed my yellow hair very deep in 20 minutes, and the effect is good. I have bought it before, but it is not a one-time purchase. It is good quality and affordable, and highly praised!

  10. Anonymous

    The express delivery is super fast. After receiving it, I opened it and felt that the packaging was very tight. The smell of the cream was fragrant and not pungent. The first time I tried dyeing my hair on my own, I felt that I was quite good at it. My experience is to be careful when applying it, and to be patient and even when coloring

  11. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: This color is so pretty, my boyfriend praised it, and I like it too.I couldn’t wait to dye it as soon as I received it. I followed the instructions in the whole process and waited for more than 50 minutes for coloring. The burgundy color in the end turned out really good and true! I don’t think there is any color difference, it is just a nice red color.

  12. Anonymous

    It is genuine and can be purchased with confidence. The color is quite white, and my friends thought I dyed it in the store. The covering effect is also very good! The most important thing is that it is truly a plant-based hair dye. Not pungent, dyed hair evenly, very good. Although I dyed it with yellow skin, it still looks quite white. I am still very satisfied with this color so far

  13. Anonymous

    The smell is not pungent, the color is pretty and pretty, and it won’t hurt your scalp or hurt. It comes with all the items, so you can throw it away after one use. The customer service guidance is very professional and patient. I will come back if I want to repurchase in the future. This is a product I have bought several times. We use this as our home hair dye. It is highly recommended.

  14. Anonymous

    I dyed my hair at home, and with a lot of trepidation, I did a lot of homework, but of course it didn’t go wrong, hahaha.The dye sticks really well, and the price/performance ratio is pretty good. After dyeing, I feel like I’m looking fashionable, and my hair doesn’t feel frizzy. There’s no feeling on my head, and it’s easy to operate.It’s really delicious to dye your hair at home. I will buy it again in the future.

  15. Anonymous

    I used to have a yellow background, and I dyed it beautifully. I was so happy. My friends all said that the color was beautiful and they thought I dyed it at a barber shop. I told them that I dyed it myself, but they didn’t believe it. In fact, it’s really true. It’s pretty good, and the price is also very cheap.The blue-black color is great. It doesn’t fade and can be painted directly. I’m really satisfied with it.

  16. Anonymous

    The work inside is also very comprehensive. The videos, text instructions, and customer service answers are all very detailed. The colors are very attractive, easy to color, and the taste is very good. It is not pungent, and it looks good when dyed. It is even more cost-effective than dyeing this one in the store. Anyway, I think it is quite good. The brown color is very suitable for my skin color, and I think it looks pretty good

  17. Anonymous

    The effect of this product is very good. My mother dyed her hair at home for the first time. She wanted to dye her hair black but didn’t want it to be too dark. My neighbor said it was useful and recommended it to me.The advantage of the product is that it is very convenient, the coloring effect is very good and natural, it completely covers the gray hair, it takes about ten minutes to do it, it has a light smell, and the hair is not dry after dyeing.

  18. Anonymous

    Compared with hair dyeing in the past, it is much more convenient, and the dyeing effect is not bad! Follow the method described by the seller, apply it evenly on the hair and wait for half an hour. The color comes out bright and natural, and the coloring is even and there is no color difference.This one is buy one get one free which is quite affordable. I will buy this again in the future. I really think it is very useful and the smell is not unpleasant.

  19. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very good. Packaging is in good condition. Usage effect: It is very colored and beautiful. Packaging quality: The packaging is exquisite and cost-effective. Personal information introduction: It is used to dye hair. I am very satisfied with it. The shopping volume is large, and there are gloves and various protective measures. The color is also beautiful and easy to use. Beginners will not dye it, but it is very good and cost-effective. I like it very much. It will be repurchased

  20. Anonymous

    My good friends all said it looks good. The key is that it’s cheap. It’s not bad. I love it. I will choose this place to dye my hair in the future. After dyeing, my hair is smoother and the color is right. I was mentally prepared before dyeing it, but I didn’t expect it. This product is really convenient, it goes on very quickly, you can dye it by yourself in front of the mirror, and it smells good and not pungent.It’s also easy to color. I have black hair that was dyed straight, and the color is quite white.

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