Tongrentang Pure Plant Hair Dye Bubble Natural Black


Hair dye plant pure official flagship store authentic brand bubble hair dye natural non-irritating women’s hair dye cream




Natural, non-irritating, plant-based hair dye, an authentic brand from the official flagship store, bubble hair dye allows you to dye your hair easily.This hair dye cream uses natural plant ingredients, is non-irritating, is suitable for all hair types, and brings you a safe and comfortable hair dyeing experience.

The hair dyeing effect is long-lasting and the color is natural, making it easy to dye the color you want.Whether you are trying hair dye for the first time or have long-term hair dye needs, this hair dye cream is your ideal choice.Whether you want to change your hair color or maintain your current hair color, it can meet your needs.

Hurry up and join our natural hair dyeing journey and enjoy a natural, healthy and beautiful hair dyeing experience! Please note, read the instructions carefully before use and follow the instructions.We look forward to your choice!




Additional information




China mainland

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Is it a special purpose cosmetic


Specification type

Normal specifications


Natural black [can cover white hair]

Cosmetic characteristics

Persistence, glossiness

product name

Qiweitang Aromatic Hair Dyeing Cream (Black)


Dye hair, dye hair, fix color, and complement color

Manufacturer name

Guangzhou Qiweitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Yue Makeup 20170607

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guo Zhuang Te Zi 20222239

sort by color

Natural black [official genuine can cover white hair], Black brown [official genuine can cover white hair], Coffee color [official genuine can cover white hair], Chestnut brown [official genuine can cover white hair], Brown black [official genuine can cover white hair], Chestnut color [official genuine can cover white hair], Wine red [official genuine can cover white hair], Grape color [official genuine can cover white hair]

9 reviews for Tongrentang Pure Plant Hair Dye Bubble Natural Black

  1. Anonymous

    Easy to use! Repurchase it! Cheap price!

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, and I will continue to repurchase it. The store is trustworthy

  3. Anonymous

    Hair dye is very useful, with a positive color and no color difference, resulting in a natural color.

  4. Anonymous

    Very useful, the color is just right, very convenient to use, the price is not expensive, and the logistics is fast.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good. It doesn’t have any peculiar smell. I dyed it myself. The color is very true and it goes on quickly.

  6. Anonymous

    There is no odor, and it does not dye the scalp. It is very good. The effect is great. The white hair is covered. The plant formula is safe to use.

  7. Anonymous

    Not irritating, very gentle, well packaged, I really like it. I will come to your house to dye my hair in the future, and the things inside are quite complete. After dyeing, the hair is very smooth, and I am very satisfied with the smell and pleasant smell. Packaging quality: The packaging is good and there is no damage. The effect is really amazing, and the price is very cheap.

  8. Anonymous

    I used to dye my hair in a barber shop and it tasted pungent. This hair dye has a faint grassy fragrance and is purely plant-based, without stimulating the scalp at all. The hair color is even after dyeing. I am truly a conscientious seller. Give the boss a big thumbs up! I completed it by myself, and the coloring is very even. The color is not exaggerated and is very suitable for winter. Moreover, after dyeing, my hair feels much smoother and looks shiny. Great!

  9. Anonymous

    A friend recommended this store with a good reputation, so I bought it. The operation is quite simple. After checking, it is genuine, like a shampoo, squeeze a few times, gently rub it, and wait for more than ten minutes to rinse. The previous color is completely covered, and it does not touch the scalp. When cleaning, the water is not black. The taste of hair dye is also fragrant, not pungent at all, and one bottle can be used for a long time, which is much more cost-effective than going to a hair salon on a regular basis.

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