Abel Violet Plant Hair Dyeing Cream Black


Abel Violet Black Hair Cream for Men and Women, Natural Black Plant Hair Dyeing Cream, Hair Dyeing Agent, Clear Water, Non Scalping


Abel Violet Black Hair Lotion is a natural black plant-based hair dye suitable for both men and women. The product uses natural plant extracts, free of harmful chemicals, safe and non irritating, and can easily dye black hair while maintaining scalp health. Abel Violet Black Hair Lotion has a clear texture that is easy to apply and does not touch the scalp, making the hair dyeing process more relaxed and enjoyable. This product is suitable for all hair types and skin tones, and is a safe, natural, and healthy hair dyeing choice suitable for everyone.

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China mainland


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Basic packaging

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Normal specifications

Manufacturer name

Guangzhou Jiatong Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Cosmetic characteristics

Persistence, effectiveness, glossiness, odor

product name

Abel Aromatic Moisturizing Hair Dyeing Cream (Natural Black)

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Yue Makeup 20160241

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guozhuang Special Letter G20202020

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12 reviews for Abel Violet Plant Hair Dyeing Cream Black

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation. I hope my mother is healthy, long lived, and safe.

  3. Anonymous

    This is my second purchase, the dyeing effect is good, and I will continue to visit you

  4. Anonymous

    After use, the taste is very fragrant and the scalp is not irritating. I feel pretty good.

  5. Anonymous

    The packaging is very strict, with good quality and affordable prices, and a variety of gifts

  6. Anonymous

    Purchase multiple times, use it with peace of mind! Uniform dyeing, natural and bright color, one word is good

  7. Anonymous

    I have been using this hair dye for 5-6 years. It does not stick to my scalp and has no odor. It works really well.

  8. Anonymous

    I have bought it many times to dye my hair. I bought it for my mother. I heard it is very good. I recommend buying it.

  9. Anonymous

    This is my fourth purchase. It’s very good. It has no smell and doesn’t stick to my scalp. It makes my scalp naturally black.

  10. Anonymous

    I just received the goods, haven’t tried it yet, the packaging box is complete, the extras are complete, the delivery is fast, trustworthy

  11. Anonymous

    The goods have been received. Both of the two bottles are 500Ml, and a full set of tools have also been sent. The express delivery is also awesome, which is worth praising!

  12. Anonymous

    I have been using this product for two years and this is the third time I have purchased it.The last one was almost finished, so I quickly bought another box. It is very good, the color is natural, and there is no smell. My hair is not dry and my scalp is not itchy after using it. It is worth buying!

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