Special power box for ultrasonic cleaning machine 25k/28k/40k


Ultrasonic generator power supply 25k28k40k ultrasonic electric box digital display control box dedicated to cleaning machine


This ultrasonic generator power box is designed specifically for cleaning machines, providing multiple ultrasonic frequency options such as 25kHz, 28kHz, 40kHz, etc., suitable for cleaning needs of various materials. The power box is equipped with a digital display control box inside, which can monitor the ultrasonic power in real time, making it convenient for users to adjust and monitor. In addition, it is equipped with a high-quality ultrasonic generator and a high-efficiency power supply to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the cleaning process. This power box is an ideal choice for various ultrasonic cleaning equipment, which can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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2700-3000W Mitsubishi module driver, 1800W-2100W imported module, 2700-3000W imported module driver, 600W tube driven white panel, 2400W imported module, 1500W imported module, 1200W imported module, 900W imported module, 2700W imported module driver, 2100-2400W Mitsubishi module driver, 300W pipe driven white panel, Provide brand OEM+customizable panels


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