Midea heater, household baseboard electric heater


Midea heater, household skirting wire, electric heater, whole house large area heater, winter heating god, electric heater




It is suitable for homes, offices and other places, especially for large rooms and places that need to heat up quickly.

Let your winter no longer be cold, Midea’s whole-house heating artifact – large-area heating electric heater, bring you a comfortable and warm home!



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warranty period

12 months

Net weight (including base)


Power supply mode

Alternating current

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million five hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and twenty-one

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20 reviews for Midea heater, household baseboard electric heater

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The thing is good, heated quickly, and the color is clean and natural

  3. Anonymous

    Simple and elegant appearance, fast heating, and convenient operation

  4. Anonymous

    The product is very good, it heats up quickly, and the room also heats up quickly, which is good.

  5. Anonymous

    The air volume is large, the heating is fast, and there is almost no sound. It is foldable and easy to store.

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, not dry and comfortable. The hot air LCD display screen is more convenient for timing function????

  7. Anonymous

    Received the goods, not bad, the heat was not good at the beginning, but after a while, it was still quite warm

  8. Anonymous

    I feel that folding it will be convenient for storage. When the weather is cold, take it out and use it. I hope it works well! Midea brand

  9. Anonymous

    It looks great, the material is great, it heats up quickly and has a high temperature, which instantly raises the indoor temperature. It is worth having.

  10. Anonymous

    It is very convenient to use, with a fast temperature rise and a beautiful and atmospheric appearance. It can be used to dry clothes after being placed on a hanger.

  11. Anonymous

    The goods have arrived, and they are much better than what you see in the picture! Thank you very much for letting me buy the product I dreamed of. Thank you so much!

  12. Anonymous

    As introduced, it is also very lightweight to hold. After driving it for about 4 seconds, there is hot air coming out, and you can hardly hear the sound of running. It is very quiet, very good!

  13. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast, it arrived in 2 days, and the customer service replied very professionally. It was my second time shopping on this home appliance, and the shopping experience was very good??

  14. Anonymous

    It’s a good product. As a southerner, to be honest, I don’t know if it’s because the air conditioner at home is not good or what, but this one is warmer than the air conditioner at home and has a good price-performance ratio.

  15. Anonymous

    The things are quite good and I am very satisfied with them. I have been driving for a whole night and the temperature inside the house has indeed increased. The side is not too hot, and it is not difficult to drag around. It is very convenient

  16. Anonymous

    He is really a good seller. In the future, if there is a need for this kind of treasure, I will have to come to you! Is this store okay. I have bought it a few times and the service to our loyal customers is very thoughtful. I will come back often in the future!

  17. Anonymous

    Remote control. Very convenient, you can operate it without getting out of bed. It’s my first time buying a foldable one, it really saves space, good news for small apartments, it heats up super fast, it heats up immediately after turning it on. Great, customer service is also very good

  18. Anonymous

    This heater is really good. I can feel the heat in a few seconds after plugging it in. The room is warm in half an hour. It is OK to wear thin clothes. It will not feel dry when the air conditioner is used to dry it. I am using it for a few days to give my evaluation. It is really easy to use.

  19. Anonymous

    The logistics is great. I received it the next day after placing the order and used it immediately. This heater is foldable and does not take up space. The temperature rises quickly. It can be scheduled and adjusted and can be controlled by remote control. It is a very satisfactory shopping experience.

  20. Anonymous

    It was a very good shopping experience. I asked the store to ship it as soon as possible because I needed it urgently. It arrived the next day after I ordered it that day. This model is light in size, heats up quickly, and is silent and odorless (I was worried about these things before). I didn’t expect it to be small in size, but after setting the temperature, the temperature of the whole room quickly rose. It is better than the kind that blows hot air. I chose many big-name heaters at the beginning, and finally decided on “Midea”. It was the right choice. Many electrical appliances in my home are “Midea” brand, mainly because the design of this brand is both avant-garde and practical, and the functions are more user-friendly.

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