Joyful Electric Scooter Adult Mini


HX Joyful Electric Scooter Adult Portable Station Riding Bike Folding Electric Scooter Small Battery Car


HX Huanxi Electric Scooter is a portable electric scooter suitable for adults, with a foldable design for easy storage and portability.It adopts a small battery scooter design to provide a stable riding experience.

The scooter has an electric power-assist function. It can move forward with electric assistance, which greatly improves the convenience of walking and saves physical energy at the same time.For daily commuting, city travel, park play and other scenarios, Huanxi electric scooters are an ideal choice.

Its features also include easy folding and portability, making it convenient for users to use on different occasions.In addition, it is also equipped with a small battery with strong battery life, which can meet the needs of users for short-distance travel.

Huanxi electric scooter is suitable for various road surfaces, whether it is city streets or park trails, it can easily handle it.For those users who pursue convenient travel and want to get rid of the constraints of traditional transportation, Huanxi electric scooters are undoubtedly an ideal choice.




Additional information




two rounds

Is it foldable


For people


Does it support apps



HX (Sports Outdoor)

Is it a smart car

smart car

Load capacity

200kg and above

Does it support Bluetooth


Body weight

10kg (inclusive) -15kg (inclusive)

top speed

25km/h (inclusive) -30km/h (exclusive)

Rim size

8 inches (inclusive) -10 inches (inclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

Pure electric range

35km (inclusive) -45km (exclusive)

sort by color

X8- Classic style- (with a range of about 45km) [Station Ride Edition], X8- Classic style- (Range of about 45km) [Station mounted version+battery lock], X8- Classic style- (Range of about 45km) [Mounted version], X8- Dual battery- (Range of about 90km) [Station Ride Edition], X8- Dual battery- (Range of about 90km) [Mounted version], [HUAWEI HiLink] Authoritative Certification, CCTV Exclusive Interview with Brands, Factory lifetime warranty



20 reviews for Joyful Electric Scooter Adult Mini

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The physical object is very beautiful

  3. Anonymous

    Battery life: acceptable Product quality: beautiful

  4. Anonymous

    Not bad, it fits perfectly in the trunk, and it feels great to ride

  5. Anonymous

    It looks good for now, but I haven’t really used it yet. I’ll post a review after using it!

  6. Anonymous

    Not bad, looking forward to it for a long time. I will have a good experience and it looks pretty good

  7. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Excellent battery life: Still in test drive, convenient installation: Excellent

  8. Anonymous

    The materials are very sturdy, and installation is fast and convenient. Huawei phones are also very convenient for connecting to smart life

  9. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: It can also be installed conveniently. The installation is simple, and the weight of the car is a bit difficult for girls

  10. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: no vibration when riding. Battery life: still good. Battery life does not affect ease of installation: installation is very simple.

  11. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Haikou battery life: really 40-50 kilometers, easy to install: directly fold and store in the trunk. Product quality: super textured

  12. Anonymous

    Battery life: Not bad, there is no false charge, it can run for a long time. The workmanship of the car is quite solid, and its appearance is good. Worth buying

  13. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: OK for me, 10 kilometers to and from get off work Battery life: I used it to recharge one battery on the first day of the day, very satisfied

  14. Anonymous

    Easy to install: basically no installation required, just click on it Product quality: looks very good, starts very smoothly, the battery can be easily removed, the wheels are large enough, and it feels very good

  15. Anonymous

    The battery life and power are very awesome. The dealer also gave a pole bag. The service attitude is good. This car has a good texture and looks very beautiful. The most convenient thing is that the battery can be taken out to charge

  16. Anonymous

    I bought it for transportation. It looks small and exquisite, and has good power. It is just what I want.The store’s service is first-class, very patient and responsible, and every customer service is enthusiastic. It must be highly praised.

  17. Anonymous

    The school is too big and my feet hurt.It is very convenient to buy this mobility device. It is 800 meters from the garage to the teaching building and 800 meters from the classroom to the canteen. I walk three or four times a day. I hope this small car can be used until retirement.

  18. Anonymous

    Due to the condition of the mask, the baby has gone through countless hardships and finally received it. Unable to wait to open and adjust it, the quality is very good, and the power is also sufficient. The baby looks very good, and the conscientious manufacturer is worth recommending, with a five-star rating.

  19. Anonymous

    I have been riding for three days now, and commuting to work is very convenient. Electric scooters are prohibited in Zhuhai. This scooter perfectly meets the needs. It is easy to get started, can change gears, and has a cruise control mode. The battery is detachable, solving the problem of not allowing elevators to enter the tram. Charging is also convenient. I have recommended it to my colleagues. Hehe, I wish the seller a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources. Product quality: the workmanship is relatively neat, the materials are thick, the installation is super simple, and it is easy to put in the trunk in one step.

  20. Anonymous

    It looks good and has a long battery life. I have ridden on the green road for at least ten kilometers, and it still has 4 bars of electricity, which is awesome! Normally, the tram needs to go 2 kilometers per charge, but now it is so convenient to throw it in the trunk! The only drawback is that it is a bit heavy, but You can completely ignore the weight of this battery life. What I am afraid of is that it is heavy and has short battery life. This is something you will not regret buying! It is much better than the motion sensing car! My Ninebot motion sensing car has a range of 3600 meters and stopped after using it a few times. There’s ashes there.

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