Nakabayashi Nakashi Japanese Mini Paper Shredder


Nakabayashi Zhonglin Japanese shredder, low-power electric office shredder, household small file shredder, mini automatic small convenient long strip shredder battery model

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N n1 Please check the status of the shredder before use to ensure its normal operation.

u0002. Do not overload the machine to avoid damage. N3. Do not use the shredder in damp environments. After use, please clean the shredded paper promptly and keep it clean.

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Shredder brand



Zhong Lin

Shredding method


After-sales service


Shredder type

Electric shredder

Crushed cardboard box capacity

Below 50L

Shredding ability

Less than 10 sheets per session

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White (battery version), Black (battery version), White (adapter+battery version), Black (adapter+battery version)

18 reviews for Nakabayashi Nakashi Japanese Mini Paper Shredder

  1. Anonymous

    Easy to use

  2. Anonymous

    Very good indeed

  3. Anonymous

    Frequent paper jams

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    Not taking up space, easy to operate

  6. Anonymous

    The package has been received. Thank you~

  7. Anonymous

    Small, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

  8. Anonymous

    Very useful! More expensive, but valuable!

  9. Anonymous

    If it’s too slow, it’s better to tear it apart by hand.

  10. Anonymous

    Not used, it will only be used in a few days, please add a review later.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use. You need to fold it in half and put it in. No paper jam. Very good.

  12. Anonymous

    The seller has fast shipping speed and fast logistics, and the machine is very user-friendly.

  13. Anonymous

    I discovered this useful product too late. Although I can only use one at a time, it is enough for home use.

  14. Anonymous

    Small, the function is weak, but it takes up less space and does not need to find a separate place to store it

  15. Anonymous

    Small, the actual object is much smaller than imagined, but it is still quite useful. We need to fold the A4 paper, which is not very fine, but it is enough

  16. Anonymous

    The instruction manual is in Japanese. I am worried that the battery model may not have enough power to buy a wiring model. It is easy to use and can meet the small amount of shredded paper requirements for households. not bad

  17. Anonymous

    It feels good. I don’t know if the battery can last for a long time. Although it won’t be broken very finely, at least it saves the manual effort. The manual one I bought before was really laborious. The instructions are in Japanese.

  18. Anonymous

    It’s not as noisy as the big ones. It saves trouble to bring your own bags. It doesn’t have to be used continuously like the label, so it won’t run out of power quickly. It’s good to shred a few sneakily by yourself. Fold the sheet in half, but it is also acceptable to shred the documents that you have processed yourself.

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