Camel Outdoor Camping Inflatable Sofa


Camel outdoor inflatable sofa lazy sofa single person air sofa bag portable camping lounge chair surround camping


The Camel Outdoor Inflatable Sofa is a portable camping lounge chair designed for outdoor activities.Made from high-quality materials, this inflatable sofa is soft and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing break outdoors.It is easy to inflate, portable and suitable for various outdoor activities such as family camping, picnics, and hiking.This inflatable sofa is the perfect complement to Camel’s outdoor camping equipment, adding comfort and comfort to your outdoor adventures.Whether you are walking in the forest or sunbathing on the beach, the Camel outdoor inflatable sofa is your indispensable companion.

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Summer 2023

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four hundred and twenty-eight

Sports and outdoor activities

Picnic BBQ Camping

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Same style in shopping malls (sold both online and offline)

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Walnut and Apricot, 173BJ07117, Ruby Red, 173BJ07117, Lime green, 173BJ07117, Happy Orange, 173BJ07117, [Inflation Pump Package] Walnut Apricot Sofa+Dry Battery Inflation Pump TC1355, [Inflation Pump Package] Ruby Red Sofa+Dry Battery Inflation Pump TC1355, [Inflation Pump Package] Lime Green Sofa+Dry Battery Inflation Pump TC1355, [Inflation Pump Package] Apricot Yellow Sofa+Dry Battery Inflation Pump TC1355, Walnut and Apricot, 173BJ07117A

11 reviews for Camel Outdoor Camping Inflatable Sofa

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is good, I really like it

  3. Anonymous

    It is easy to carry and inflate when stored in a small size.

  4. Anonymous

    The adults are not very comfortable sitting, and the children feel okay

  5. Anonymous

    The electric storage pump is a bit poor, it is not recommended to purchase, the inflatable sofa is very good

  6. Anonymous

    Children like this inflatable sofa so much. It is also very convenient to inflate! The price is so cost-effective!

  7. Anonymous

    The sofa is so soft and comfortable that children won’t want to get up after sitting on it. It is very convenient to store and inflates quickly. It is very good to carry when camping.

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: The seat is covered with velvet, and the quality of the product is quite good. It feels like the air leakage is quite fast, which makes it very troublesome. After verifying with customer service, it will be like this.

  9. Anonymous

    The sofa is large and thick, suitable for both adults and children. It is easy to store and does not take up space. I bought it together with the tent blanket and it is a matching set. It is just right to take with you when you go out to play in autumn.

  10. Anonymous

    Inflatable sofas are so convenient. Inflating is very convenient, easier and faster.The sofa is very soft and the material is relatively thick. My baby and I can sit together and interact with him very steadily.Sitting on a sofa like this outdoors is truly amazing and so comfortable.

  11. Anonymous

    The price is too expensive, the quality and load-bearing capacity are decent, but the bottom is not anti-skid, and the material of the velvet on top is a bit dusty, and it is difficult to clean if it gets dirty. It will definitely get dirty in the later stage and it will not be clean. It is still comfortable to sit on. Overall, give it a good review

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