Rongshida baseboard heater for household living room


Rongshida baseboard heater, household living room electric heater, heater, fast heating device, large area energy-saving and energy-saving

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Beautiful and elegant, perfectly integrated with the home environment. The Rongshida baseboard heater is a practical household must-have, making your winter no longer cold.

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Maximum power


warranty period

1 year



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Net weight (including base)


Power supply mode

Alternating current


Hefei Rongshida Small Home Appliances Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million three hundred and twenty-six thousand five hundred and fifty-four

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0.7 meter mechanical model (1310W power), 0.7 meter remote control model (1310W power), 0.9 meter mechanical model (1600W power), 0.9 meter remote control model (1600W power)

20 reviews for Rongshida baseboard heater for household living room

  1. Anonymous

    Good quality, worth buying

  2. Anonymous

    Very cheap, very warm when opened

  3. Anonymous

    The heating function is quite good

  4. Anonymous

    It’s really useful and warms me up~

  5. Anonymous

    Suitable for use in small rooms. The air is not dry.

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, convenient with a remote control. Recommendation.

  7. Anonymous

    The Rongshida baseboard heater has been received. Satisfied. Positive review!

  8. Anonymous

    The item is very compact and sufficient for a small area, meeting my needs. Overall, I am quite satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    Overall, it is possible to choose based on the square number, whether it is not too hot for cooling or not

  10. Anonymous

    The size is just right, it feels low when you put it under your feet, it’s in the trial period! I hope it’s durable!

  11. Anonymous

    It is very easy to use. I have bought several and will repurchase them. I recommend buying them. They are noiseless and very easy to use.

  12. Anonymous

    Very good, quiet and odorless, suitable for power, also equipped with a clothes drying rack, essential for heating and drying clothes in winter.

  13. Anonymous

    This???? I bought one for my daughter two years ago, and now I bought another one for myself, and put it in the small study room, the effect is awesome

  14. Anonymous

    This is the best product. I don’t know what the lowest setting is. The main feature is the affordable price. It is good to use it for 24 hours. It is used by the elderly.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s very good. I have it in this rainy season and it’s very dry and cool hahahaha. It can also be used as a heater in winter. It’s very cost-effective to have two uses in one thing.

  16. Anonymous

    Very useful. I used this three years ago. Now my family needs one. I bought it and sent it back to my mother without unpacking the box. So I don’t have a new one, so I’m here to buy the old one.

  17. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is very high, and the customer service is also good. It is very suitable for our size, and there is no need to occupy a large space. The temperature is said to be 70, which is not too high, making it suitable for the office

  18. Anonymous

    This is the final choice after selecting many brands. After using it, I feel that the operation is very simple, lightweight, and does not take up space. The startup temperature instantly increases, and my child is very satisfied. I did not make a mistake and would recommend it to friends

  19. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast. I started using it as soon as I received it. It warms up very quickly. It is very comfortable to put my cold feet on it in winter. It heats up very quickly. I just turn it off for a while when they get too hot. Now I am no longer afraid of going to bed with cold feet. Every day after washing my feet, I dry them and put them on it to warm them up for a while, and then I can sleep well.

  20. Anonymous

    It looks good. It works fine. If you want to use it to raise the room temperature from 5° to 15°, forget it. After all, how can this little thing compare with a 1.5-horsepower air conditioner? Unless you are not smart. It can really raise the room temperature by a few degrees. It is really silent. It is a "power hog". On high setting, it consumes about 2 degrees of electricity per hour. On low setting, it consumes about 8 degrees of electricity for about 11 hours overnight.

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