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Midea oil heater for household energy-saving and energy-saving electric heater, bedroom and office heater, divine electric heater

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A must-have for families, energy-saving and power-saving, an office heater artifact

Midea’s oil-filled radiator heater is an efficient, energy-saving and power-saving household heater. Designed for homes, offices and other places, it brings people a comfortable sense of heat. It uses high-efficiency oil-filled radiator heat dissipation technology to dissipate heat through thermal convection, allowing the entire space to instantly heat up.

The heater has excellent thermal conversion performance, which can make full use of electrical energy and reduce waste. Its low power and high efficiency make it an ideal choice for energy saving and power saving. At the same time, due to its large size and wide heat dissipation area, it can provide a uniform and stable sense of heat without causing a burning sensation or discomfort.

In addition, Midea’s oil-filled radiator heater has a stylish design and a simple and atmospheric appearance, suitable for various home styles. Its user-friendly operation panel allows you to easily adjust the temperature to meet different usage needs.

In general, Midea’s oil-filled radiator heater is an energy-saving and power-saving electric heater suitable for home and office use, and it is also a warm and practical heater. Whether it is a cold winter or a transition period of air conditioning and refrigeration, it is your ideal choice. Come and buy one!





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Line length




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1 year

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Power supply mode

Alternating current


220V (inclusive) -240V (inclusive)


Guangdong Midea Environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and ten trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and twenty-six thousand one hundred and thirty-three

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20 reviews for Midea household energy-saving heater drying

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, very useful, very warm, recommended to friends around me

  3. Anonymous

    I received the product, I like it very much, I can’t wait to open it as soon as I received it

  4. Anonymous

    The appearance is grand and upscale, with good heating effect. It comes with a humidification box, which is very thoughtful

  5. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, and the color is also beautiful. It has been applied for a while, and it is very warm. The beautiful product is trustworthy

  6. Anonymous

    The heater was received, it is very good, I like the appearance, the heating effect is good, the temperature rises quickly when placed in the living room

  7. Anonymous

    I need a heater for winter. I bought this heater and was very satisfied with the product. The customer service was good, and it is easy and convenient to use.

  8. Anonymous

    I bought it with a try on attitude, and received the product with amazing results. The quality is super good, and the price is affordable. I really recommend it

  9. Anonymous

    The delivery was fast, and it was delivered to your doorstep the next day. Then the thing is heavy and solid, and it warms up after a while. I recommend buying it.

  10. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, my family and friends said it is very good, if there is a need, I will consider repurchasing it, it is good

  11. Anonymous

    The onlookers are very beautiful, and you can also share things. There is a slight smell in the first few minutes of use, but it disappears afterwards, and there is no sound when using it

  12. Anonymous

    I chose this sheet-shaped electric oil heater, which is mainly used for baking children’s socks, clothes, etc. in winter, which need to be dried quickly. It is very practical and very safe.

  13. Anonymous

    Put it in the bedroom, the room is still very warm after the temperature rises, the color of the oil heater is also very beautiful, it does not take up space in the room and is quite practical.

  14. Anonymous

    I originally intended to use it for the Chinese New Year, but I only received it now. It can still be used for a while as long as it is durable. It will be available for use next year, not bad.

  15. Anonymous

    Not bad, the appearance is also very nice, the whole room is warm, I originally wanted to buy a heater, but it needs to be blown to heat up, finally decided to buy this, I was not disappointed????

  16. Anonymous

    Timely delivery, timely express delivery, and door-to-door delivery. The products have also been produced very well recently, and I am very satisfied. I will choose this one in the future, worth all five stars!

  17. Anonymous

    Midea electric heater heats up very quickly. If the room is large, choose the high-end one, and if the room is small, choose the low-end one. It is suitable for both large and small rooms. It can also be used in the bathroom, which is great!

  18. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast. The package was very tight when I received it. After unpacking it, I found it to be beautiful, elegant and classy! It heats up quickly when plugged in. With this new device, I won’t be cold this winter. The key is that the price is very affordable.

  19. Anonymous

    The overall feeling of this oil heater is quite good. It has 13 pieces, and the total length is shorter than the 11 pieces I bought many years ago, which does not affect the heating. The switch is too small and inconvenient to operate. The clothes drying rack cannot be stuck, and you have to hang two socks on each side, otherwise they will fall off. This needs to be improved. In addition, the express delivery of Zhongtong is not good, and the carton leaked, but fortunately the oil heater inside is fine.

  20. Anonymous

    Very warm. I have a dog at home who is afraid of cold. I can’t keep the fire on when I go out during the day, and the air conditioner can’t stand it. This radiator is very suitable. Some people say it is not warm, but I think it is very good. It is the kind that gently raises the temperature of the whole house. I won’t feel cold when I stay at home. On the first night, I turned on the maximum power in the living room and the air conditioner in the bedroom. I was so hot in the middle of the night that I lifted the quilt, and the dog was so hot that he tore off his clothes??

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