Delonghi Home Integrated American Steamed Coffee Machine


Delonghi/Delong BCO410 Home Coffee Machine Pump Pressure Drip Filter Italian American Coffee Pot Office


The Delong BCO410 Home Coffee Machine is a pump pressure drip filter Italian American coffee pot suitable for office use. This coffee machine adopts an advanced pump pressure system, which can provide a uniform and stable coffee brewing effect, while also extracting rich coffee fats. It also has functions such as simple one click operation and automatic cleaning, making it convenient and fast. In addition, BCO410 is equipped with an 18.9oz water tank, which can produce a large amount of coffee and is suitable for multiple people in the office. In short, the Delong BCO410 home coffee machine is a fully functional, easy to operate, and suitable for office use.

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24 months


Italian semi-automatic

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Dongguan Delong Jianwu Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twelve trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seventeen million five hundred and forty-eight thousand three hundred and fifty-three

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8 reviews for Delonghi Home Integrated American Steamed Coffee Machine

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  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Good

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very good customer service

  5. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The material texture is average, but there is no filter. For this model, you need to add pure water yourself

  6. Anonymous

    The machine is very capable. Customer service is also very good. Later on, there was a customer service representative who was very impatient with me when installing on WeChat,?? Not the right attitude.?

  7. Anonymous

    It is a genuine product that is very useful. The price is much cheaper, and the cost-effectiveness is extremely high. It is really cost-effective, and the packaging is also high-end, atmospheric, and upscale. It is worth buying

  8. Anonymous

    I really like it. The coffee I made myself seems to taste better. Overall evaluation: Very easy to get started with, combined with the grinder provided, it can make a great milk coffee. Temperature control effect: We need to wait a bit, 2 cups at a time is not a problem. Coffee type: For now, only the extraction on the left side has been done, and the homemade coffee is very mellow.

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