Deyi one click fully automatic freshly ground bean Italian coffee machine


Deyi DE-180 One click fully automatic Italian small coffee machine for home use, American style, commercial office, freshly ground beans


The DE-180 one click fully automatic Italian small coffee machine is an American style commercial office coffee grinder designed specifically for small spaces such as homes and offices. This small coffee machine features fully automatic one click operation, making it easy to produce rich and mellow Italian coffee. The machine is compact and exquisite, with a simple design and fashionable appearance, making it an ideal choice for modern home and office environments. In addition, it is also suitable for various coffee beans, whether deeply roasted or lightly roasted, it can be easily handled. The DE-180 one click fully automatic Italian small coffee machine fills your life and workspace with the aroma of coffee.

Additional information






Suzhou City


Fully automatic

Intelligent type


pump pressure



Chinese mainland

Coffee machine brand


warranty period

24 months


Jiangsu Province


111V~240V (inclusive)

Is it packed in a gift box


Applicable places

Household use


Italian fully automatic

Coffee machine capacity

Over 16 cups


Suzhou Dexinyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and sixteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seventeen million eight hundred and sixty-two thousand seven hundred and three

sort by color


package type

Coffee machine+coffee beans, Coffee machine+stainless steel pot+coffee beans

19 reviews for Deyi one click fully automatic freshly ground bean Italian coffee machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: quite good, not bad~

  3. Anonymous

    Bought for a friend.Said it was very good.

  4. Anonymous

    I have already purchased three units, they are very useful! Worth buying!

  5. Anonymous

    Second purchase, not used in the same city, particularly fond of cappuccino?

  6. Anonymous

    Very tall and beautiful, easy to operate, bought for mom, not yet, but it feels good!

  7. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: √ Good temperature control effect: 1. Good coffee variety: 1. Good

  8. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Quality average Temperature control effect: very poor Coffee type: average

  9. Anonymous

    The machine is very good. It was very convenient after trying it out. The coffee beans provided are also super fragrant!

  10. Anonymous

    The third coffee machine purchased by the company is of good quality, and the previous one has been in use for 5 years and still works well.

  11. Anonymous

    The machine arrived the next day after placing the order, with a good overall texture and detailed instructions, making it easy to learn and use.

  12. Anonymous

    I tried it on as soon as I received the goods, and it felt great! Friends who like to drink coffee can rest assured to place orders, easy to operate!

  13. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It’s very useful. I bought one and I think it’s very good. I also bought one and it has many modes. The logistics is also very fast.

  14. Anonymous

    The coffee produced by this coffee machine is really fragrant, with delicate foam and rich coffee fat. Good beans must be paired with this good coffee machine!

  15. Anonymous

    The coffee machine is very good, as expected. Finally abandoning instant coffee at home. The logistics and customer service are both very good. Support domestic products.

  16. Anonymous

    The machine is very user-friendly and is the ideal one among coffee machines I have bought. I tried brewing the coffee beans I received as a gift, and the taste was good.

  17. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The coffee machine arrived quickly, and after reading the manual, it was easy to operate. You can also drink coffee without leaving your home, which is a good helper for entertaining friends.

  18. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: compact and exquisite. Temperature control effect: simple and in place. Coffee type: Blue Mountain Coffee is great. This machine is amazing, easy to operate, and the milk foam is perfect. No milk is needed.

  19. Anonymous

    Best Seller of the Year, no one! The machine is very user-friendly, easy to learn, and the most important thing is that every customer service representative is super good. Over the years, I have made so many online purchases every day, and I have never encountered such a patient and kind person. I have said so much and almost become a child. I truly recommend it.

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