Dnaskate intelligent electric suspension maglev small fish plate


DNASKATE electric remote control skateboard intelligent electric four-wheel vehicle beginner adult suspension magnetic levitation Conan small fish board


DNASKATE electric remote control skateboard is an intelligent electric four-wheel vehicle suitable for beginners and adults. It adopts suspension maglev technology, which has the characteristics of fast start and stable driving. This scooter is made of high-quality materials, with a stylish appearance and simple operation, suitable for various occasions. It is also equipped with advanced intelligent control systems that can automatically adjust speed and direction according to road conditions and user needs, ensuring safe driving. For friends who want to try electric scooters, this product is a good choice. Whether beginners or experienced players, it can provide a pleasant driving experience.

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+Upgrade LED remote control for 60 yuan, M2 (domestic 24V battery with a range of 8km), M2S (36V imported battery with a range of 15km), M2S PRO (36V imported battery with a range of 15km)

18 reviews for Dnaskate intelligent electric suspension maglev small fish plate

  1. Anonymous

    Easier to control than Lu Chong, kids like it very much

  2. Anonymous

    The battery is not used and can only run seven or eight kilometers

  3. Anonymous

    It’s so fun. It’s also very suitable for transportation. I like it very much.

  4. Anonymous

    Overall, it’s pretty good. The only drawback is that the frosted paper on top is warped.

  5. Anonymous

    Appearance: Handsome and explosive. User experience: Fun. Workmanship and quality: Not bad

  6. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  7. Anonymous

    The texture is very good, it’s easy to get started, it’s very good, hurry up and practice it haha

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance: still acceptable. Workmanship quality: still looks perfect. User experience: still acceptable

  9. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, you get started quickly, the battery is full, and the appearance is also very attractive

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance: Handsome. User experience: very fast. Workmanship quality: excellent waterproof and wrapping properties

  11. Anonymous

    The skateboard broke a corner and I hope to strengthen the packaging, so I put the skateboard directly in the cardboard box

  12. Anonymous

    Workmanship quality: The workmanship is pretty good, the power is very strong, very good. I dare not go too fast now. Customer service is very patient

  13. Anonymous

    Appearance: I really like the appearance and can use office elevators. Experience: Powerful and very smooth! If the site can have wear-resistant devices, it would be perfect

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance: Simple appearance, good-looking Workmanship quality: Very good quality User experience: Good battery life, sufficient power Size/model recommendation: If you want to buy one, buy the pro, it’s especially good!

  15. Anonymous

    It’s really easy for newbies to get started, and they don’t have to worry about surfboards that don’t know how to swing.Upgrading the big wheel is very popular. If you have sufficient funds, the cloud wheel is definitely the best choice…

  16. Anonymous

    After receiving the electric skateboard, I immediately compared the experience with a regular skateboard. Compared to regular skateboards, electric skateboards are more friendly to beginners. This one has three gear adjustments, beginners can use low speed, and gradually familiarize themselves with it before changing speed. The all-in-one machine is relatively lighter, and the external light of this one is also great, so it is not obvious that it is an electric skateboard. It is absolutely necessary for lazy people, and it is worth buying!

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance: The appearance is particularly handsome, and it is very convenient to use a place with hands to go out and upstairs. The user experience is strong power, flexible turning, but the original factory wheels are too small, and the passability is not very good. The vibration is still quite strong, and everything else is fine. All aspects of use are very good! I can be considered a semi beginner. I have played skateboarding a few times before and quickly became familiar with it. After running about seven kilometers, I still have two grids of battery life, which is about the same!?????? It is recommended that everyone play in the park and adjust it to be softer. If you are on the road, it is better to make the bridge harder or it may float. Size/model recommendation: It is recommended to go directly to the top of the line and upgrade the wheels, although the power may not be needed, it must be available.?? Workmanship quality: The overall workmanship is quite good, and it looks very textured

  18. Anonymous

    I am a novice skateboarder and mainly want to use it for transportation. I bought a single-drive 24v domestic electric 8km original PU wheel.The overall texture of the material is very good, and the sandpaper is also very thick. The wheels vibrate when sliding on the cement tile floor, but they are not noisy as expected.It can also slide without turning on the trolley. Please watch the video. If the driving wheel of the trolley rotates, the system will automatically turn on.For front speed, there are 4 maximum speed limits to choose from. For beginners, if you use the first level, you will be limited even if you accidentally press the full speed.There are 4 highest braking strengths to choose from. Novices can use level 4 for slow driving.In the original mode, when the scooter is stationary and the brake is pulled, the wheels of the scooter will be locked and “not moving”.Please add the official WeChat to learn more.In addition, customer service replied that the power recovery function will be activated only when the brake button is pressed.In summary, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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