Quick release of new products in stock! DJI Avata2 Traversing Machine


New product launch&SF Express! DJI DJI UAV Avata2 Traversing Aircraft Avatahei Technology Intelligent Aerial Camera Mini Immersive Flight Glasses Remote Control Official Authentic


In outdoor extreme sports, Avata2 allows you to experience unprecedented flying fun. Join the DJI DJI drone aerial photography team and experience an unprecedented immersive flying experience! SF Express, official genuine product, quality guaranteed!

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DJI Avata



Battery life

23 minutes

warranty period

12 months

control method

remote control

Image transmission distance


time to market

August 25th, 2022

maximum flight altitude

Over 120 meters

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Avata 2 Smooth Flight Package (Single Battery Edition), Avata 2 Smooth Flight Package (Three Battery Edition), Avata 2 (Aircraft Only), [Avata 1st Generation] Exploration Package

package type

Official standard configuration (no gifts), [Basic Gift Package 1] Shoulder bag+20W charging head+apron, [Basic Gift Package 2] Shoulder Bag+Card Reader+Flash+Cleaning Set, [Advanced Gift Pack 3] Photography Backpack+20W Charging Head+Apron, [Advanced Gift Pack 4] Single Shoulder Bag+65W Gallium Nitride Charging Head+Card Reader+Flash Lamp, [Ultimate Gift Pack 5] Single shoulder bag+65W gallium nitride charging head+apron+card reader+flashing light+cleaning set

version type

Official standard configuration (without memory card), Standard+64G memory card, Standard configuration+128G memory card, Standard configuration+256G memory card

value-added services

1-on-1 free guidance, 1-on-1 free guidance+1 year free exchange, 1-on-1 free guidance+2 years of free exchange

9 reviews for Quick release of new products in stock! DJI Avata2 Traversing Machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    DJI Drone China Proud of Good Quality

  3. Anonymous

    Received in two days. I plan to have fun during the National Day holiday

  4. Anonymous

    The product is very good and has been activated normally. It has not yet flown well. Please charge it and test it before giving a review

  5. Anonymous

    Reminder for friends who want to buy this time travel device, be sure to buy insurance that can be easily replaced as beginners are more prone to problems

  6. Anonymous

    Is it an ideal product??, the quality is good, the logistics is also very fast, it is worthy of praise! Big brand! Trustworthy! The effect is super good! It’s expensive! It’s a great product!

  7. Anonymous

    This machine is very good for drone novices. For the first time, they find an open space to practice.After comparing various brands and types and the price reduction, I finally decided to buy this one for practice.Tomorrow the 2nd generation is coming and I think it won’t be uncomfortable. That’s a lie. After all, you should buy new electronic products instead of old ones. But buy early and enjoy discounts if you buy late. Are new products expensive??

  8. Anonymous

    Not long after entering the pit of the drone, the DJI Avata 2 arrived. From the technological coolness I saw when opening the box to the initial experience, the feeling that the DJI Avata 2 gave me was that it was the most thrilling and immersive drone I have ever experienced, and it is also very friendly to newcomers. It has a good tactile control speed, and can even complete the flower flying action that I thought was only possible for a master with just one click! As a beginner, I can actually get started with flying very well in just one day.

  9. Anonymous

    The DJI Avata 2 flight is very easy to get started with. The handheld traversal joystick has a good grip and precise feedback, making it easy to grasp the operating force. Turning the wrist or swinging the head left and right can complete the tactile operation! This time, the one click flower fly function has been upgraded, eliminating the need to memorize complex operating procedures. Pushing the small joystick up and down, left and right, can achieve side somersaults or drifting movements, both of which are very smooth, giving a feeling of human-machine integration.

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