Midea’s popular air conditioner fan cooler for home use


Midea air conditioning fan, cooling fan, household air conditioning refrigeration machine, quiet and gentle, small mobile bedroom water-cooled air conditioning fan


The bedroom provides cool and comfortable air. N * Office, reduce indoor temperature and improve work efficiency. Outdoor activities such as picnics or camping provide portable cooling. Overall, the Midea air conditioning fan is a practical household refrigeration device suitable for various environments and scenarios.

Additional information




3rd gear





Power mode


maximum noise


warranty period

1 year

working principle

Negative ions

Refrigeration method

Water cooling

Does it support sleep mode


control method

Intelligent App Control

Intelligent type

Connected to Tmall Genie

Midea air conditioning fan model


Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Air conditioning fan timing function

2-7.5 hours

Water tank capacity

3L (inclusive) -5L (inclusive)

Energy efficiency rating

No energy efficiency level

Air supply type

Natural Wind Sleep Wind Standard Wind Baby Wind

Does it support water shortage and power outage protection


Additional features

Mobile negative ion dust removal for air purification


Guangdong Midea Environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and fourteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and two million seven hundred and forty-one thousand five hundred and five

sort by color

Tower style [ivory white style] High cost performance, Tower style [obsidian black] button style, Tower style [smart black] mobile app+remote control version, Cabinet style [white] button style

20 reviews for Midea’s popular air conditioner fan cooler for home use

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    With this shape, this design, this texture, and this price, it’s worth owning

  3. Anonymous

    High end, atmospheric and upscale. A very satisfying shopping experience, Midea brand, trustworthy.

  4. Anonymous

    This color combination is very innovative and beautiful. The cold air effect is very good and very quiet

  5. Anonymous

    As always supported, the appearance material is sturdy and durable. I bought one last year, and this year I am definitely buying one.

  6. Anonymous

    Solid materials are used. Large air output, equipped with a water tank and a wet curtain, fast cooling speed, and comfortable body feel,

  7. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the air conditioning fan. The size is just right, and the cooling effect is excellent. The power is very powerful

  8. Anonymous

    Absolutely great value for money product with obvious cooling effect.It’s easy to move around.Gentle wind and cool breeze can satisfy you.

  9. Anonymous

    I have received the Midea air conditioning fan and I am very satisfied with it. It has a beautiful and upscale appearance and many functions

  10. Anonymous

    I've been in love with this baby for a long time. It's really a good deal to buy it during the event. If you like it, don't hesitate.

  11. Anonymous

    The air conditioning fan is small and exquisite, very beautiful. The quality looks good, and the workmanship is also good. Overall, I am satisfied

  12. Anonymous

    Overall, it's pretty good. The wind is blowing very hard, and ice crystals are added to make the wind very cool. The experience is pretty good.

  13. Anonymous

    The weather is getting hot, so I bought some to put in the kitchen so that my mother won’t be too hot in the summer. I looked at many brands and finally chose Midea.

  14. Anonymous

    The design is fashionable, simple, and elegant, with excellent ice cooling effect. As described by customer service, it looks high-end. Friends who want to buy can recommend it

  15. Anonymous

    The weather is getting hotter and hotter. I thought it would be cheaper to buy an air conditioner fan now. I bought it really well and the effect is very good. A conscientious seller.

  16. Anonymous

    I didn't want to install an air conditioner in the living room. It's really hot now, so I bought it and tried this cooling fan. After using it, I found that I bought it too late and it was very annoying.

  17. Anonymous

    This Midea air conditioning fan is really good. The white color is clean and good-looking. It makes no noise when used. The price is not expensive and the cooling effect is very good.It’s consistent with the seller’s description and I’m very satisfied.

  18. Anonymous

    The quality of Midea's small appliances is as good as ever. The electric pressure cooker, electric fan, air fryer, and water heater at home are all made by Midea. This cooling fan has strong winds and is very comfortable to blow in summer. I am not afraid of the heat this summer.

  19. Anonymous

    When I received it, the packaging was intact. When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised that the baby was even better than I had imagined! I have to give it a thumbs up. I will come back again when I need it next time. Could you please give me a discount, shopkeeper! Comfortable wind and humidification effect, great

  20. Anonymous

    The delivery speed is fast, usually received the next day, and the express delivery is relatively well preserved. The main reason is that the price is much cheaper than in the store, and the quality is also guaranteed. I hope to organize more activities and repurchase in the future. It is truly a trustworthy big brand, energy-saving and energy-saving, and I am no longer afraid of expensive electricity bills

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