Midea’s high-end flagship dual-purpose ironing machine for both garment and flat ironing


Midea Steam Iron Hanging Ironing Machine New Home and Commercial Clothing Store Ironing Clothes 2024 Fully Automatic Ironing Machine


Midea steam iron hanging ironing machine is a brand new, fully automatic household and commercial clothing store ironing equipment. This device adopts advanced steam technology and can provide powerful steam output, making clothes quickly restore flatness and freshness. Its unique hanging and ironing function can easily handle clothes made of various materials, whether they are cotton, linen, wool, silk or blended, and can receive effective care. In addition, the fully automatic ironing mode makes the operation more convenient, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional ironer, you can easily get started. This Midea steam iron hanging ironing machine is a powerful assistant for your clothing care, bringing great convenience to home or commercial clothing care.

Additional information







Water tank capacity


warranty period

12 months

With or without brackets



1001W (inclusive) -1500W (inclusive)

Temperature control gear

5th gear and above

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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Elegant White [Hot selling] Flat Iron Hanging Iron Integrated Machine, White [high-end household] Flat/Hanging/Oblique Ironing, White flagship best-selling model with a 365 day warranty for replacement and repair, Gray [Flagship Upgrade] Flat Iron Hanging Iron One, Obsidian Black [Professional Performance] Household/Commercial

18 reviews for Midea’s high-end flagship dual-purpose ironing machine for both garment and flat ironing

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The spray is very big, and the quality is excellent

  3. Anonymous

    I bought it on the first day and received it on the second day. I tried it on the sky today. Haha, it didn’t disappoint me. Is it really good????

  4. Anonymous

    I filled a box of water and ironed five jackets. The overall experience was pretty good, with a lot of steam and much better than the ones at home before!

  5. Anonymous

    I feel that the thread is too short and the steam is still quite high during use. The ironing of the cotton shirt is not very smooth, and other effects are still good

  6. Anonymous

    This is quite useful. There was a misunderstanding at the beginning, but the customer service patiently answered and quickly resolved the problem. I am very satisfied

  7. Anonymous

    The steam output is quite large and fast. It can be flattened and ironed, making it very convenient to use, hahaha! The customer service of the small car is also very good

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance material: It is genuine, trust the merchant, the baby has good texture, the price is moderate, unlimited repurchase! Qingti customers are great???? Appearance material

  9. Anonymous

    Is there a lot of steam?? Is this the best hanging ironing machine I have ever bought, and is there a ironing plate that can iron more smoothly?? You can rest assured that your purchase will not disappoint you

  10. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use. It only releases steam when you hold it in your hand. It’s great to have this sensor function. It doesn’t waste water. It stops automatically when you release it. The response is very fast.

  11. Anonymous

    I have received the hanging ironing machine, and the model is beautiful and also the color I like. I immediately tried ironing, and the ironing effect was very good, and the assembly was simple and easy to operate. very

  12. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble, foldable design, convenient to use and store, fast heating, significant ironing effect, simple to use, even steam, stable temperature control, odor during first heating, unstable shelf, gentle operation

  13. Anonymous

    Both hanging ironing and flat ironing are very convenient, the steam is sufficient, the texture is good, it doesn’t take up much space, the color is elegant, the delivery is timely, and the customer service attitude is also very good??

  14. Anonymous

    The iron pipeline is a bit short and there is no silk option available. It is recommended to do spring protection at the bottom of the pipeline, and thicken or add some sponge to the cushion cloth. The overall price is a bit high, but everything else is fine!

  15. Anonymous

    The bracket is stable, produces steam quickly, and after ironing, it is flat and neat. The entire process is very fast, and all gears have been tried. The customer service car explained it well, and the explanation will be understood in seconds. Very good product

  16. Anonymous

    I like this garment steamer very much, it is easier to use than the previous brand.This type of iron has a flat head, and with the addition of an ironing board, clothes can be ironed quickly.There is no residual water in the main case, which is much more convenient!

  17. Anonymous

    I used two garment steamers in the past, but the steam was not very good and it was not very easy to use. This time I bought a Midea garment steamer during Double 11, which worked very well. The steam is very strong, easy to operate, and the appearance is very beautiful and exquisite! The design is very reasonable!

  18. Anonymous

    The ironing effect is very good, it is very smooth, and I have not found it to be too inconvenient or difficult to use. It is easy to store, the effect is quite good, and it is very convenient to use.Just iron the clothes and they will be smooth.awesome.So convenient.The product is great, and it works great after using it. You get what you pay for with a celebration rose. It’s from a big brand, very cost-effective, and a trustworthy brand.Huahai customer service is good??

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