Romance 20000 mAh Super Fast Charging Portable


Romance 20000 milliampere super fast charging power bank, compact and portable, with a large capacity of 20000 for outdoor mobile power supply


N n1 Portable and compact, easy to carry; N2000 ultra large capacity, meeting the charging needs of various devices; N3. Fast charging technology, supporting multiple device charging; N4. Supports multiple charging methods, including wired, wireless, etc; N5. Environmentally friendly materials, safe and reliable.

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Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Rated Capacity


Maximum output power


Charging protocol


Battery Type

lithium polymer battery


Equipped with screen display


Shenzhen Huazhongke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd./Jiangmen Romance Technology Co., Ltd

battery capacity


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[10.5W standard charge black] Three in two out √ LED digital display √ Phone sized, [10.5W standard charge white] Three in two out √ LED digital display √ Phone sized, [22.5W Super Charging] Three in and three out √ LED Digital Display √ Phone sized

20 reviews for Romance 20000 mAh Super Fast Charging Portable

  1. Anonymous

    Capacity size: 20000. His house is very useful! Buy it

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, the Romance brand is trustworthy and has a large capacity, but it is easy to carry

  3. Anonymous

    This power bank has a high appearance value, fast charging speed, and is affordable in price and quality

  4. Anonymous

    Is the power bank the right size with two USB ports? The Type-C port can adapt to multiple devices, and the price of less than 100 is indeed good

  5. Anonymous

    The picture is consistent with the actual product, with a large capacity, durability, and the ability to charge the phone several times when fully charged

  6. Anonymous

    The size in your hand is very suitable. 20000 milliamps can be charged several times, and you can carry it with you without pressing your hand. Highly praised

  7. Anonymous

    Three in three out, comes with a short data cable, durable, but the disadvantage is that the charging time is also long, and the cost-effectiveness is acceptable

  8. Anonymous

    The items are very good and useful. This is not the first time I have bought it. I have bought several. I have used this brand very well. I will buy many more next time.

  9. Anonymous

    Size: The size is very suitable. Capacity: It has a large capacity and can be repurchased multiple times. This power bank is very convenient and useful, making it worth buying

  10. Anonymous

    Size: Moderate Capacity: 20000 mAh Product Weight: Negligible in backpack case Weight Charging Speed: Xiaomi 14 Sometimes there may be a bug that prevents fast charging Simply reconnect

  11. Anonymous

    Capacity size: There is no charging port at hand for work, which has a large capacity and is very practical. The color is also very resistant to dirt and the charging speed is very fast.

  12. Anonymous

    Size: Charging Baoli is not very big for the same capacity. It feels good in the hand and has a matte texture. Capacity: It can be charged for a long time with a friend’s. Charging speed: quite fast.

  13. Anonymous

    Size: The size is very suitable and convenient to hold. Capacity: It can be charged four times, which is not bad. Charging speed: It will take about four to five hours, much faster than the one I bought before.

  14. Anonymous

    The size is just right, neither big nor small, very practical. There is no problem with airplane security checks. The Apple 12 has dropped less than 20 batteries after charging three times, and the charging is also very fast and good

  15. Anonymous

    I only reviewed it after using it for a few days. My phone was charged from 10 degrees to full using 19 degrees of electricity. It is very durable and the weight is medium. I can put it in my bag when I go out every day. The power bank of Roma is really worth it.

  16. Anonymous

    The thickness is so light and thin, and the size is about the same as the shared power bank outside. The charging efficiency is also quite good, with two output interfaces of 2a and 1a, and three different input interfaces, without the need for an additional charging head.

  17. Anonymous

    Size: medium size, a little fatter (compared to the previous one) Capacity: 22.5w, which is really big. Product weight: This college student feels it is okay. Charging speed: I haven’t used it yet. Before reviewing, I also used ROMSS. It has been used for four years and is ready to be updated.

  18. Anonymous

    Size: about the same size as a mobile phone. Capacity: can be charged about four times. I bought the Roma Shi 3w in high school and I still use it until now.Because I couldn’t take the 3W one on the high-speed train, I bought a 2W one.Decisive and bought the Romans power bank which is durable!!!

  19. Anonymous

    The size is just right, not too big, not too small, very practical, no problem with airplane security, the iPhone 12 has been charged three times, and less than 20 batteries have been dropped. It also charges quickly and is very good. The quality is very good??, a relatively cost-effective product??, I like it. You can start directly without hesitation??

  20. Anonymous

    I bought it for this brand. I accidentally dropped another brand I bought at home. I bought this and it feels pretty good. I recommend asking customer service for first time use and use it according to the regulations. The customer service attitude is very good and a little slow in answering questions (probably it is a double one). It was quite busy during the National Day period.) Some minor issues were resolved (the charging port has an old-fashioned hole, which I don’t particularly like, but the rest of the place is good). I recommend buying it with 4 stars. There is some room for improvement??

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