Durable ROMOS/ROMOS for mobile power supply


Romance 40000mAh Power Bank 22.5W Fast Charging Super Capacity Bidirectional Fast Charging Outdoor Portable Mobile Power Official Flagship Store Authentic Suitable for Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple Phones


Romance 40000 mAh 22.5W fast charging mobile power supply, super large capacity, bidirectional fast charging, suitable for Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple phones. Outdoor portability, official flagship store genuine product, quality assurance. An ultra convenient charging option that provides the power you need for your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

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Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Rated Capacity


Maximum output power



Bidirectional fast charging

Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Charging protocol

Pd2.0 PD3.0 QC2.0 QC3.0 FCP AFC PE2.0 DCP sfcp BC1.2


Shenzhen Huazhongke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd./Jiangmen Romance Technology Co., Ltd

battery capacity


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[22.5W fast charging] Charge 60% in 30 minutes √ Charge once for ten days, [Set A] 22.5W fast charging power bank+PD fast charging cable, [Package B] 22.5W fast charging power bank+Type-C fast charging cable, [Set C] 22.5W fast charging power bank+three in one data cable

20 reviews for Durable ROMOS/ROMOS for mobile power supply

  1. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Very good!

  2. Anonymous

    Got it for the second time! Not bad

  3. Anonymous

    Charging speed: Fast to buy for students, easy to use

  4. Anonymous

    I made a second purchase and the quality is very good

  5. Anonymous

    Capacity size: sufficient for use Product weight: a bit heavy

  6. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, convenient and practical, worth purchasing.

  7. Anonymous

    Solid workmanship, excellent packaging, and 79% surplus electricity.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s really filling. I haven’t finished it after using it for three days. I hope I can stick to it.

  9. Anonymous

    Capacity size: With sufficient capacity and convenient charging, there are three interfaces available.

  10. Anonymous

    Good quality and durability, size is not a problem, the power bank is heavy, charging speed is fast, and durable,

  11. Anonymous

    The power bank has a very high-quality appearance and is a must-have for high-end travel. It is safe to have in hand.

  12. Anonymous

    Durable, suitable for use in cars, with a large capacity. Full of charging the phone once a day and only once a week.

  13. Anonymous

    I have bought it many times and it is very useful. I gave it to a friend as a gift. Weight: very good. Charging speed: very fast

  14. Anonymous

    It has a large capacity and is compact and lightweight. It can be fully charged with a 14 promax battery, which is about 15 watts

  15. Anonymous

    Size: The size is too large. Capacity: The capacity is good and sufficient. Product weight: A bit heavy. Charging speed: very fast

  16. Anonymous

    I tried it out and the effect was good. The electric baby lost 1% of its battery, and the 30 Pro phone increased by 13%. I am satisfied and satisfied

  17. Anonymous

    Size: It is very large and cannot fit in a regular storage bag. I specially bought a large storage bag. Capacity: Large Product Weight: Very solid Charging speed: Fast

  18. Anonymous

    I have been using Roma for many years. I bought a power bank three years ago. This year it got better and I bought a new one. It is durable. The picture is of the old power bank.

  19. Anonymous

    Size: Suitable Capacity: 400000 Product Weight: Unweighed Charging Speed: Very fast, very satisfied, super good-looking, customer service is very polite, very polite, conscientious merchant, support!

  20. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Large capacity Product weight: A large capacity power bank may be more important than a smaller one. I have chosen it carefully for a long time, but after seeing many things, I still choose this one

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