Industrial chiller JZ3000 chiller excitation


Industrial chiller, small chiller JZ3000 laser marking and engraving chiller, circulating water tank


N n1 Improve the accuracy and speed of laser marking and engraving. N2. Extend the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs. N3. Improve production efficiency to meet the growing manufacturing demand. Our industrial small chiller JZ3000 laser marking and engraving chiller circulating water tank, with its high efficiency, stability, and easy operation, will become an indispensable and important equipment on your production line. Please contact us for more product information and sample trials.

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Chiller, 1,1HP-10HP, JZ-5200, jz300

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JZ-3000AG (10MM tower joint), JZ-3000AG (8MM quick connector), JZ-3000AK (lift 70 meters), JZ-5000AG (8MM quick connector), JZ-5000AG (10MM tower joint), JZ-5200AH (10MM tower joint), JZ-5200AH (8MM quick connector), JZ-5202AH (dual in and dual out), JZ-5200AI, JZ-5600AH, JZ-5604AH (4 in and 4 out), JZ-5600AI, JZ-5600AN, JZ-6000AP, JZ-6000AI, JZ-6100AP, JZ-6100AI, JZ-6100AN, JZ-6200AP, JZ-6200AI, JZ-6200AN, JZ-6300AN

4 reviews for Industrial chiller JZ3000 chiller excitation

  1. Anonymous

    Stable operation upon startup

  2. Anonymous

    The size is just right, and the cooling effect is very good

  3. Anonymous

    The size is very suitable for operation, the sound is small, and the cooling speed is fast??

  4. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, and the machine size is the same as described by customer service

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