Haier’s 24th new ultra-thin automatic front-loading washing machine


Haier ultra-thin drum washing machine 40cm slim small unit household 8/9/10kg fully automatic drying integrated


Haier ultra-thin drum washing machine, with a 40cm slim design, suitable for small household use. Provide multiple capacity options of 8/9/10 kilograms to meet different laundry needs. Fully automatic operation, simple and convenient. Integrated drying function, quickly drying clothes, saving time and effort. Efficiently clean and care for the clothes of the whole family. Adopting high-quality motors and frequency conversion technology, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, stable operation. Haier brand, quality assurance, trustworthy.

Additional information







net weight




Washing power



Fully automatic

Washing kilograms


Dehydration power


Maximum speed

1200 rpm


Chinese mainland

Drying method

No drying

Dehydrated kilograms


Way of working

Belt drive

warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Washing machine brand


Display type

digital display

time to market

February 2020

Drying kilogram quantity


Drainage method

Upper drainage

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

product type

drum washing machine

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Haier washing machine model


Inner bucket material

Stainless steel

Motor type

BLDC variable frequency motor

Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Cabinet material

Zinc infiltrated steel plate


Qingdao Haier Drum Washing Machine Co., Ltd

Additional features

Automatic power-off and high-temperature washing

Laundry program

, single dehydration, commonly used quick wash drum self-cleaning

3C certificate number

two thousand and fifteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and five million seven hundred and fifty-five thousand six hundred and eighty-five

sort by color

Silver gray 8kg new product, Ultra thin upgraded version without drying, Yumo Silver 8kg old model, ultra-thin large cylinder diameter without drying, Yumo Silver · Xingyun Silver 9kg, Ultra thin intelligent casting without drying, Xingyun Silver 9kg, Ultra thin intelligent casting washing and baking, Jade Ink Silver High end Star Yun Silver 10kg, Ultra Thin Smart Investment Non drying, Champagne Gold Star Silver 10 kg, Ultra thin Smart Throw Wash and Bake, white, champagne gold, Haier White, White

20 reviews for Haier’s 24th new ultra-thin automatic front-loading washing machine

  1. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, delivered to home without any defects, satisfied

  2. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I finally found this ultra-thin washing machine and I am very satisfied.

  3. Anonymous

    The washing machine rinses very powerfully, and the washed clothes are clean and white, with no noise, which is good

  4. Anonymous

    The shipment arrived in almost two days, the clothes were washed clean, the sound was not loud, and the appearance was also good.

  5. Anonymous

    It looks great. For small apartments, this thin slimming model is really needed. It can still wash 10 kilograms, which is really great! The texture is really good~

  6. Anonymous

    Haier washing machines have good quality, thoughtful after-sales service, fast installation, and fast delivery from the store. In short, one word is good. Trustworthy.

  7. Anonymous

    The logistics are quite fast and the delivery is on time. The washing effect is still very good when used, it is very clean, and the noise is low and energy-saving. It is very useful, recommended.

  8. Anonymous

    The logistics and installation of the washing machine are very fast, and it was delivered and installed one day after placing the order. The quality of the washing machine is very good, and I am very satisfied.

  9. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been received. The master installed it quickly and tried it twice. The clothes were washed relatively clean, and the customer service attitude was also very good. They answered questions promptly.

  10. Anonymous

    This was a very satisfying shopping experience. The baby was so beautiful, and the logistics were fast. The installation and delivery were done by a master, who installed it in 20 minutes and helped me test the machine. The master patiently explained the usage of the washing machine. In the afternoon, I washed the clothes, and I felt that the washing machine made very little noise when washing.

  11. Anonymous

    Since the space was a bit small when renovating the house, customer service stepped in and helped find this 9kg washing machine. It was installed perfectly. The customer service attitude was very good and the logistics was fast. I haven’t done any laundry yet, so I don’t know about the noise. I used it. Let’s review again. All in all, I’m very satisfied with my online shopping. The Haier brand is the best.

  12. Anonymous

    Ultra-thin washing machine.It’s just the right size for my cabinet.Before it arrived, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t fit in, but it turned out to be the perfect size.I am very grateful to the customer service for their enthusiastic recommendation. The installer had a very good attitude and gave a lot of tips on how to use it.Very careful, this washing machine is much softer and quieter than the one I used before. You no longer have to worry about washing clothes at night and disturbing the baby to sleep.very satisfied.

  13. Anonymous

    The washing machine was received quickly.The logistics master’s service is very good.I made an appointment in advance, but because there was no one at home to receive the goods, I changed the time. The installer’s service was very good, and he answered all questions throughout the process. He explained the use of the washing machine very carefully. This ultra-thin one fits my cabinet very well. Thank you to the customer service Recommended. I tried it and there was really no sound. My mother liked it very much and praised it well.

  14. Anonymous

    The washing machine is installed on the balcony and is just the right size.After placing an order for a long time, I found this ultra-thin model. My family likes the color and style. It is very quiet especially when washing clothes. The sound is very soft and you can’t hear the sound. It is much lighter than the previous pulsator we had.The installer’s service was very attentive. He explained the usage methods and techniques for a long time, especially what can be washed and what cannot be washed. It is very good. I must give it a thumbs up.

  15. Anonymous

    The logistics of the washing machine was very fast. I received it 2 days after placing the order. The ultra-thin model and the reserved size are just right. After choosing it for a few days, I still chose the Haier model.Thank you to the customer service for your patient recommendation. The installer was very sincere and patiently explained the instructions for using the washing machine. I tried it several times and found that it is silent and the dehydration effect is very good and very dry. The washed clothes are not knotted and the clothes are very smooth.

  16. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been received and I have been worried about not being able to fit it properly. The size is just right, and I have been looking for this ultra-thin model for a long time. I am very satisfied with it, and I really like it for home use. The service of a large brand is guaranteed, and I contacted the after-sales service half an hour after receiving it. The master is very considerate and explained many ways to use the washing machine. The customer service of the store is also very patient and patiently answering my questions. I have used it twice and it is really silent,

  17. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been received. The size and depth are just right. Thanks to the customer service for the recommendation. I just bought an imported G model before, but it couldn’t be installed due to size issues. I chose this ultra-thin model. The after-sales installation speed is very fast. It’s better to make an appointment. It took only 1 hour to arrive at the door. I am very grateful on a hot day. The service of a big brand is guaranteed. I had to rush several times before I came to the door.After trying it out, the sound was really soft and could not be heard at all. I was very satisfied.

  18. Anonymous

    I like this washing machine very much. It’s ultra-thin. It’s from the 618***** brand. The size was too big and I couldn’t put it in. I returned it and replaced it with this ultra-thin one from Haier.The size is just right, very good, and the logistics is also very fast. It was delivered to your home within 2 days of placing the order. The customer service and after-sales technicians were very patient, and the installation was completed in less than an hour after the installation appointment was made.After using it twice, the sound is mute, there is no sound at all. My family is very satisfied. I must give it a thumbs up.

  19. Anonymous

    The logistics is very good. I will inform you of the delivery in advance when the goods arrive. The installation is also very fast. The customer service Yaya is very good and patient. She helps explain the things I don’t understand! I used it after the installation. The sound is not loud and the laundry is very clean because The drain pipe is far away from the floor drain, so I don’t plug it directly into the floor drain. When I was washing clothes, I put the water into a bucket and found that it was very water-saving! A very satisfying online purchase! Thanks to everyone for your help, I can feel that the service quality is very good? ?!The washing machine works well??!

  20. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been installed. My wife really likes this color and it matches well with the color of my cabinet. And the size is just right. Thank you for the online customer service recommendation. Previously, the old house had been using a roller, but when we moved to a new house, the customer service recommended a roller. After using it a few times, the sound was really light, almost no sound, and the installation technician was also very skilled. The installation was done quickly, and it was completed in less than half an hour after making an appointment. They also mentioned many usage and cleaning techniques that must be liked. The refrigerator was still purchased from Haier, and the big brand is guaranteed

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