French cream style makeup table mini bay window design


French cream style bay window dressing table, bedroom, light luxury small unit, dressing table, simple and high-end feeling window sill dressing table


French cream style bay window dressing table, bedroom light luxury small unit dressing table, is a practical furniture designed specifically for exquisite living. Its exterior design is full of French romance and elegance, with a bay window style makeup table design that is beautiful and practical, providing ample lighting and a spacious view, making it easy to store your cosmetics and personal items. In addition, the countertop is made of environmentally friendly and durable materials, providing you with a healthy and comfortable user experience. The minimalist and atmospheric style is suitable for various small bedroom units, effortlessly creating a sense of luxury. This dressing table is not only a great helper for your makeup and skincare, but also a beautiful scenery in your bedroom.

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19 reviews for French cream style makeup table mini bay window design

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s quite heavy and there will be bumps, small bumps and small scars.

  3. Anonymous

    Not bad~The upper two layers of grids are a bit shorter, used for storing accessories~

  4. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: There are many small bumps! Not very good at handling the details

  5. Anonymous

    Lack of accessories, either it has been broken for a long time and will not be shipped, nor will it be reminded

  6. Anonymous

    Overall, it’s pretty good. The installer’s attitude is also good. I feel like it would be better if the table legs could be shorter.

  7. Anonymous

    Yingying’s service is good. The baby is very satisfied. The quality of the goods is really good, the service attitude is good, and she is very patient.

  8. Anonymous

    Intuitive feeling: It’s the simple style that I like. It’s right. It’s just sturdy when placed in the bedroom. Stability: Very stable. Yingying’s service is good. It feels good to use it so far.

  9. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: The appearance can be sturdy and stable. The things are very stable, and the installation technician is very good. Customer service Han Han is also very cooperative in handling problems

  10. Anonymous

    Overall, the goods are very good, but it would be better if the logistics were slower and replaced with another one. However, the goods are in good condition and the quality is very good. You can take a look at it yourself

  11. Anonymous

    The product quality is good, and each section is very sturdy. The key is good appearance, and the after-sales service is enthusiastic and always answers any questions. The installation technician has good installation skills and is fast

  12. Anonymous

    Very good, the master came to the door very quickly, and the quality of the cabinet was also very good, without any smell. Customer service Xiaojun is also very good, basically responding to messages in seconds and patiently answering questions.

  13. Anonymous

    Real wood, very heavy, very high-end, well-measured size, just right on the bay window, saving space, very good-looking, very practical, my wife likes it very much, Xiaojing’s service is very good, very patient, and very responsive Timely, like!

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Not bad, very stable and of good quality. The customer service representative Yingying is particularly meticulous, and the installation technician is also good. Overall, everything is very good and worth buying! The size is just right

  15. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Beautiful and advanced, sturdy and stable. It is very heavy and cannot be moved by one person, so it is very stable. Intuitive feeling: It can be charged! I feel like the room level has suddenly improved~By the way, I would like to praise customer service representative Xiao Cheng…

  16. Anonymous

    Craftsmanship level: very good, sturdy and stable. Appearance material: very beautiful. Intuitive feeling: value for money, the boards are very thick, without any odor. The installation technicians all say that the goods in Guangdong are very good. Although two boards were missing when they were shipped, they were quickly replenished, and the service attitude was also very good. Positive review!

  17. Anonymous

    What the hell, the shipment was short of several boards, and it will take seven to eight days for reissue. Is this an unqualified product? A fake and shoddy product? Can fewer boards be installed? After the reissue is completed, it can be produced immediately. , what the hell is this? A set of things is being produced less, don’t you know? Is there no quality inspection? If there is no quality inspection, isn’t it an inferior product?

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance material: See the actual product for appearance.The material is particle board, which is relatively poor in environmental protection. The environmental protection grade is E1, and the backboard is density board.The overall quality should be okay, quite heavy.Strong and stable: Stability is the biggest disadvantage of this dressing cabinet. Since the legs of the table are very long and the top is heavy, the center of gravity is very unstable and it is easy to shake. This needs to be improved.Intuitive feeling: It is quite beautiful and quite heavy, but it is not very stable.Craftsmanship: Generally OK, not great.This price, this charity, is still too expensive.

  19. Anonymous

    The overall appearance of the dressing table is grand and has a good texture. When I bought it, I felt that the milky white color needed to be paired with the interior of the house. I chose the milky white color, which is the Changhong glass shown in the picture, not the completely transparent one. It is more high-end than transparent glass, and the mirror is thick and heavy. The shop arranged for a master to come and install it, which is very worry free. The cabinet also has no odor. The key is that it can accommodate all of my cosmetics and can cover up the dust. When I bought it, I focused on this point. The jewelry can be placed in the drawer, which is also enough to store. The selected size is just right, placed in the bay window, which is very suitable. The shop service is particularly good, very satisfied. Specially came to give a positive review. If you like it, you can rest assured to place an order. Wishing the store a prosperous business!

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