[Return 100 yuan red envelope] Ecovacs T30PRO


[New product launched] Ecovacs T30PRO sweeping robot sweeping and dragging integrated fully automatic constant stick edge anti winding

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[Kovacs T30PRO Sweeping Robot] – Newly launched, specifically designed for modern home environments. This fully automatic sweeping and mopping robot integrates sweeping, mopping, and automatic cleaning, completely freeing your hands. T30PRO adopts advanced anti entanglement technology, effectively avoiding entanglement of wires, pet hair, etc., ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of the machine. Fully automatic path planning, accurately covering every inch of the ground, ensuring cleanliness and no dead corners. The Ecovacs T30PRO sweeping robot is your home cleaning assistant, bringing you a comfortable and tidy living environment.

Additional information



maximum height




maximum noise


Dust box capacity


battery capacity


Battery life

290 minutes

warranty period

24 months

Ecovacs model

DDX series set

Do you have a remote control


Cleaning mode

Rolling brush type

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Is there a virtual wall available


Mopping method

Rotating pressure mopping

Navigation type

LDS intelligent navigation


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Sweeping and mopping self-cleaning

Is there a scheduled appointment function available


Additional features

APP controlled area cleaning and mopping style

Crash protection

Mechanical and electronic double-layer protection

Obstacle avoidance methods

LDS laser navigation obstacle avoidance

Electrical base station functions

Automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging, cleaning cloth, dust collection in one, automatic water supply and drainage

sort by color

T30 PRO Haoyue Silver [Return 100 Red Envelope], T30 PRO Snow Mountain Red Salt, T30 MAX Haoyue Silver

package type

Water tank version, Automatic water supply and drainage version

15 reviews for [Return 100 yuan red envelope] Ecovacs T30PRO

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Not solving the problem of hair entanglement

  3. Anonymous

    Beyond my expectations, worth looking forward to, freeing up my hands

  4. Anonymous

    As good as always, this is the fourth Ecovacs, a trustworthy brand, and I will support it in the future!

  5. Anonymous

    Delivery is super fast, sweeping and mopping the floor are very clean, and the hair is not tangled. The function is very strong

  6. Anonymous

    The overall cleaning effect is still very good, freeing up labor. Every day when I go home, the ground is clean and refreshing, and my mood improves.

  7. Anonymous

    I personally feel that the cost-effectiveness is relatively high, with strong suction. Circuit planning: standard intelligence level: good operation. Sound: quiet

  8. Anonymous

    If you receive the product and use it, you will regret it. After the machine is finished, you can drag it again afterwards. Thousands of things. Think for yourself, okay

  9. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I finally chose Ecovacs. The T30 feels good when I first started using it, freeing my hands and returning to the base is also very smooth

  10. Anonymous

    A loyal fan of Ecovacs, I have bought T20, T30, and window cleaning robots. T30 has added many functions, cleaning in more detail, and operating more intelligently. The after-sales service is also very thoughtful.

  11. Anonymous

    The sweeping and mopping function of T30PRO is really good. I no longer have to worry about not being able to clean the corners when cleaning. I especially love its rollover function. I actually know that the one with the gas pedal is so smart and cute. In short, this is what I want. Effect!

  12. Anonymous

    As said in the live broadcast room, good appearance, high quality, you get what you pay for. The material appearance and quality are very high-end at first glance. I like it very much.It’s very clean and every corner is taken care of, which is great.Drawing is fast and smart, freeing your hands.

  13. Anonymous

    Before buying a sweeping robot, I compared many brands and finally decided to buy the T30 because it is a new product, newly launched, and the original functions have been upgraded.After receiving the goods, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. The operating sound varies depending on how much suction you set. I chose the T30P voice version, which is quite intelligent. Once you set the area, you can Just call it and it will clean. The cleaning route is well planned and the cleaning speed is very fast! It is a good helper for cleaning at home!

  14. Anonymous

    Cleaning power: The sweeping effect is not bad, and ordinary hair and dust can be swept cleanly.Route planning: On the whole, it’s okay. However, when encountering a relatively narrow place that the robot can pass through, the route planning is missed. The robot will not enter even if it’s dead or alive, and I don’t know how to add this area.The app needs to be optimized.Mopping the floor: It doesn’t feel particularly easy.After wiping, there was water on the floor.Operation sound: The robot’s operation sound is not loud, but the sound will be loud only when collecting dust.Overall, the effect of freeing your hands is still very good.

  15. Anonymous

    This is the second time I have repurchased this brand.I bought T10 for the first time because it is particularly convenient for the elderly to use voice and can operate without a mobile phone.The function of t10 is already very good. After cleaning, the floor tiles are shiny and there is no dust at all! This time I bought the upgraded t30 for my sister. The feedback is very good. The functions have been added. Because it comes with a discount, it doesn’t feel too expensive. , within the acceptable range! The floor tiles are very clean in the sun.A house of 150 square meters, this time I can completely free my hands! It’s great and worth the money! The host of the live broadcast is also very patient, and the customer service is also very good! Good reviews!

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