Firestone RS20Pro Sweeping Robot Automatic Dust Collection


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[Add purchase, grab free order] The RS20Pro, a powerful intelligent home sweeping robot, integrates sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, providing you with a clean and comfortable home environment. This sweeping robot adopts automatic water supply and drainage technology, eliminating the need for frequent replacement of water tanks, saving the trouble of frequent water addition, and also avoiding the problem of damp ground caused by traditional water tanks. It can automatically identify the ground material and select the appropriate suction for cleaning, ensuring the cleaning effect. In addition, the RS20Pro is equipped with various intelligent sensors and algorithms, which can accurately identify obstacles and automatically detour to avoid collisions and damage. It also has a scheduled appointment function, where you can set the cleaning time according to your needs, allowing the robot to provide 24-hour uninterrupted cleaning services for your home. Most importantly, this sweeping robot is also equipped with a powerful suction system, which can easily deal with various stubborn stains. At the same time, it also has an automatic recharge function. When the battery level drops below a certain level, the robot will automatically return to the charging dock to charge, without the need for manual charging. If you are looking for an efficient and intelligent sweeping robot to improve the quality of your home life, then the RS20Pro, a fluorite automatic water and water sweeping, mopping, and vacuum cleaning integrated household sweeping robot, is definitely a good choice. Come and grab it! There is also a free single player meeting when making a purchase!

Additional information



maximum height




Dust box capacity


Battery life

3 hours



maximum noise


battery capacity


warranty period

24 months

Cleaning mode

Rolling brush type

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Mopping method

Rotating pressure mopping


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Integrated sweeping and mopping

Navigation type

Laser navigation visual navigation

Obstacle avoidance methods

LDS laser navigation obstacle avoidance

Electrical base station functions

Automatic mop changing, automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging, cleaning cloth, dust collection in one, automatic water supply and drainage

Additional features

APP controls area cleaning carpet recognition, fixed-point cleaning, extended edge cleaning, power outage, continuous scanning, LCD display, automatic cleaning, remote control, appointment drying, floor mopping, anti hair entanglement, sterilization, real-time video interactive carpet cleaning plan

sort by color

RS20Pro standalone, RS20Pro+pet feeder+pet water dispenser, RS20Pro+high-speed hair dryer, RS20Pro+dual camera intelligent doorbell

package type

Official standard configuration, Official standard configuration+upstream and downstream versions

20 reviews for Firestone RS20Pro Sweeping Robot Automatic Dust Collection

  1. Anonymous

    Sure, keeping pets is also quite good, and it can also be used as a surveillance camera to monitor them

  2. Anonymous

    Very suitable for daily cleaning, freeing up hands and bidding farewell to the days of cat hair flying all over the sky.

  3. Anonymous

    The product that I have been using fluorite for a long time has finally received good results after use, completely freeing my hands

  4. Anonymous

    The logistics are very fast, and the fluorite products are really good. The appearance is atmospheric and high-end, so it is recommended to purchase

  5. Anonymous

    I have been using equipment made of fluorite, including several cameras, door locks, and clothes hangers. The quality of fluorite is very good. Worth recommending!

  6. Anonymous

    Intelligence level: Automatic route planning: Automatic planning, fast. A convenient app for monitoring with fluorite. Can climb slopes, continue to follow in the future.

  7. Anonymous

    This sweeper is really good. The quality is very good. It is very high-end and high-end. The logistics is also fast. I bought it for an event in the live broadcast room. It is very suitable.

  8. Anonymous

    I bought it for the second time. Because I was satisfied with it, I chose it again. It is very convenient to use the same app with the entire EZVIZ smart home.It would be even better if there were more gifts.

  9. Anonymous

    I changed the bathroom drain and spent 1000 yuan. The master came to install it very quickly, and we need to buy a separate floor drain (the old one cannot be used after installation). Please add a comment when using it.

  10. Anonymous

    Fluorite is a listed brand that mainly produces smart devices. The RS2 floor sweeper is very intelligent, and the key is good quality. The after-sales service is also quite good. We already have a bunch of fluorite cameras and switch sockets at home.

  11. Anonymous

    I finally bought a sweeping robot, which frees my hands. I love it so much.I have always used EZVIZ cameras, but I didn’t expect that there would be a sweeping robot.This latest sweeping robot is smarter than the old model, so you won’t hesitate to use it.

  12. Anonymous

    I have been wanting to buy it for a long time and finally made the decision. In terms of functionality, I will use it for a while and then comment on it!!! There is nothing to say about the appearance of the product. Hikvision Fluorite’s products are trustworthy!!!

  13. Anonymous

    The first time using this machine, it meets expectations and is quite intelligent, with acceptable noise. The app allows for remote booking and room planning, and has multiple functions. It can automatically load, wash, and dry mops, which saves water and basically does not require any management. Satisfied??

  14. Anonymous

    I have been watching this floor sweeping robot for a long time, but I have decided to buy it. It is convenient and simple to use, with high sensitivity and strong suction. It can be controlled by a mobile phone, with the ability to set up circuits and watch videos to free up hands. I am very satisfied with it

  15. Anonymous

    After using it for a few days to evaluate, the fluorite robot is really good. It automatically unloads the mop tray on the carpet, and uses high pressure suction to clean the carpet. It also saves time and effort in automatic water supply and drainage. The route planning is scientific, and the cleaning can be handed over to the robot without any need to worry. I am very satisfied!

  16. Anonymous

    First of all, I would like to praise my appearance. It is indeed quite exquisite. I have cleaned it twice and overall it is still good. I need to clean the corners myself, and it is very useful to avoid obstacles. It would be perfect if the battery life could be further improved. Overall, it is quite recommended. The customer service attitude is very good, and the response is timely and patient

  17. Anonymous

    At the beginning, modeling was quite laborious, and intelligent learning was used several times to complete the entire house construction; Subsequently, it showed super strong and fast sweeping and dragging ability, and the automatic tail flicking and corner cleaning were also clean enough; Sufficient dust accumulation and return water capacity; The function and detail design are indeed very suitable for multi cat households. The automatic capture design of the cat catalog is warm every day when flipping back??

  18. Anonymous

    This is my first time to buy a sweeper, so I don’t have any comparison. This one has very complete functions. Because there is usually a lot of hair loss on the floor at home and there is pet hair, so I was attracted by the hair cutting function of this product.I have bought six or seven EZVIZ cameras. I believe that the products of this brand are all good. The sweeping machine APP also uses EZVIZ Cloud Video, so there is no need to download more APPs.The room mapping is also very fast, and if there are corners that have not been built in the initial mapping, they will be completed during the cleaning process.The summary is that it has too many functions! I may consider buying another one in the future!

  19. Anonymous

    EZVIZ is my go-to brand for buying all kinds of smart devices, and this sweeping robot has a performance worthy of $5,000 or $6,000.In this price range, it has everything you need.The anti-tangle function of the hair is really great. It does not tangle at all and the hair is cut cleanly and safely. The other brands of sweepers I used before had to cut the tangled hair by hand every few days, which was really laborious.This one is so fragrant.The navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities are very strong, the table corners and stools can also be passed smoothly, and the route planning is very accurate.The suction power is also quite strong, and it can absorb melon seed shells and cat litter.Strong Amway~

  20. Anonymous

    I have been using EZVIZ cameras for a long time. I am worthy of being a big manufacturer. The quality and service are really good. I ordered the RS20 from the pre-sale event. I have been waiting for a long time. I thought I was about to be let go and I was planning to complain, but I was surprised. Received the goods.Sure enough, it was very wise to order the automatic water supply and drainage version. I set up an appointment for cleaning. From now on, I no longer have to worry about the sweeper. The cleaning effect is pretty good. The floor of the ten-year-old house was polished after being mopped.Originally, it was okay to use the Mi Mi, but the problem of hair tangles was too painful, and it often caused tangles and called the police. In addition, when I bought the Mo Mi, the water tank had to be emptied once every two days. It was still troublesome, and I planned to put it in the seafood market. .The Fluorite hair cutter is really good. No hair is left after cutting. It is very clean. This is why I placed an order as soon as I saw this function.An unexpected bonus is also a hidden function. EZVIZ’s RS20 can actually be linked to the feeding and watering of their pets. There is no publicity. Hahaha, it is very therapeutic to watch the furry children eat remotely. Anyway, I open it every day and watch it. look.

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