P10Spro series stone sweeper


[New product launched] Stone self-cleaning sweeping robot P10S Pro series fully automatic sweeping and mopping

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Durable and long-lasting clean.P10S Pro is made of high-quality materials for durability and long service life.Powerful battery life ensures long-term stable operation.

Stone Technology P10S Pro series sweeping and mopping-in-one fully automatic sweeping robot is an essential artifact for your ideal home life.Come and experience a new smart cleaning life!


Additional information




P10S Pro



maximum noise


maximum height


Battery life

2.5 hours

Dust box capacity


battery capacity


Application area

0-500 ㎡

warranty period

24 months

Do you have a remote control


Cleaning the route

Planning based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Is there a virtual wall available


Mopping method

Rotating pressure mopping

Navigation type

LDS intelligent navigation


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Cleaning mode

Suction port+rolling brush type

Sweeper type

Sweeping and mopping self-cleaning


Beijing Stone Century Technology Co., Ltd

Is there a scheduled appointment function available


Obstacle avoidance methods

Other obstacle avoidance methods

Crash protection

Mechanical and electronic double-layer protection

Electrical base station functions

Automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging, cleaning cloth, dust collection 2-in-1

Additional features

APP controls area cleaning carpet recognition, fixed-point cleaning, extended edge cleaning, power outage, continuous cleaning, automatic cleaning, remote control, appointment drying, floor mopping, anti hair entanglement, real-time video interaction, carpet cleaning solution, voice control

sort by color


package type

Official standard water tank version, Official standard configuration+upstream and downstream versions

16 reviews for P10Spro series stone sweeper

  1. Anonymous

    This robot really frees up your hands. It has an extended arm and can clean every corner. The self-washing rag is very convenient. It also comes with a rag for high-temperature cleaning and drying. It’s very clean. Thumbs up to Stone!

  2. Anonymous

    The new sweeping robot is very easy to use, sweeps the floor very clean, and has a video function. It is very friendly to pets.The map was created very quickly when I first received it! I recommend Stone, and by the way, I support Xiao Zhan’s endorsement??

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is very good. It is exactly as described by the seller. I really like it. It completely exceeded my expectations. The logistics company has a very good service attitude. I am very satisfied with my purchase! The quality is very good. I hope more friends will trust me.

  4. Anonymous

    I received the new product soon. The machine is quite large and many functions are still being explored. The language even has Sichuan dialect, which is quite interesting. The sound of sweeping the floor is not loud, and the sound of dust collection is very loud, which startled the cat. Overall, I am very satisfied

  5. Anonymous

    It is really suitable for families with hair loss and pets. Let the robot clean it after work every day. When you get home from work, it will be clean. It frees your hands and is great. You can set the suction power. The size and the amount of water used to mop the floor are really convenient, and the sound is pretty good, not as noisy as a vacuum cleaner. The water tank version is also very convenient to change water.

  6. Anonymous

    Operation sound: The sound is relatively light and not noisy. Intelligence level: It can be awakened by voice, with agile response speed. Route planning: It can choose the place to clean according to the route of the house, which is very convenient. This is my second stone sweeping robot, and I still like it as always. It is very useful, and I can also video one click pet search. I really like it, and the cleaning is also very clean

  7. Anonymous

    Finally, my hands are basically free. The previous T7SPLUS needed to be washed with 4 to 5 mops, and even after using it for two or three years, the battery was not enough and charging was slow. I personally feel that the noise of this machine during cleaning is lower than before, and the base station is much larger than before, and its appearance is also higher. Although there were many more washings of mops during the cleaning process, the whole house cleaning time was not much longer than before, and I am currently quite satisfied.

  8. Anonymous

    Looking forward to it for a long time. It only requires installation by a novice in water supply and drainage. It takes three minutes to complete, and voice control is very worry free. High appearance, long-lasting battery life, intelligent route planning, basically covering all the functions I want, my wife will never let me sweep the floor again in the future. The only small regret is that the protrusion on the top of the head is a bit high, and some relatively short areas cannot be penetrated. However, considering functionality, the flaws do not hide the beauty

  9. Anonymous

    Easy to install, the entire process is done by the child themselves. It also has a high appearance value and has been used continuously for several days to evaluate. It is very intelligent, modeling quickly and accurately. When cleaning in dark areas, it will turn on its own lights, recognize what obstacles are, bypass the stool legs, and there is no watermark on the floor after mopping. It will also return to the base station to clean the mop midway. The child can chat with it and answer math questions. The child said that in the future, doing homework will rely on stones.

  10. Anonymous

    After waiting for a long time, I finally received the payment. Every day, I checked the delivery time and received the goods. I saw that the packaging of the Wohao large box was good and undamaged, and the main body was a water tank version, so it was also quite good. I cleaned the floor while sweeping, and it was really good to use. The floor was also very clean. Before that, the kitchen floor was very dirty with oil and water stains. I mopped it back and forth a few times, and it was very clean. I could still find cats. I can accept the noise and the overall experience is worth it

  11. Anonymous

    I did my homework before and originally wanted to buy a PP. However, I saw that the new model was available for pre-sale and the price difference was not significant. So I decided to buy the new model. After paying the final payment, I received the goods about a week ago, which I had not used before. After reading the instructions and installing them, I tested them for a few days. First of all, the drawings were built quickly, and there was basically no sound when mopping the floor. The standard sweeping mode made a slight noise, and the obstacle avoidance ability was also good. In short, it freed up my hands

  12. Anonymous

    The first time I used a sweeping robot, the effect was really amazing. After using it, I couldn’t help but feel how powerful the advancement of technology is.I bought this as a gift for my mother. I wanted her to free her hands. After a month of waiting, it was well worth it! It can quickly create pictures and charge the battery, which is such a thoughtful feature.The most important thing is that the sound of sweeping the floor is okay, not as noisy as expected, and it can be used even if you have a baby at home.Mopping the floor makes almost no sound.Now I don’t need to reach the bottom of the bed or coffee table to mop it. I love it! It’s not a loss if you invest in it~

  13. Anonymous

    Good battery life, finally able to sweep and mop the entire house in one go. The intelligent settings of the mini program are more detailed than the previous 5000+science * *, and can be set separately for scanning and mopping, which can meet my daily vacuum cleaning and floor mopping settings every three days. There is no water stains after mopping, and the water usage is low. I am very satisfied with not having to replace the dirty water tank every time, nor do I have to remove the rolling brush and cut my hair every time I sweep and mop. When I touch the carpet, I will recognize and lift the mop myself. When I enter a dark room, I will even turn on the light by myself. Overall, I am very satisfied

  14. Anonymous

    The sweeping ability is good, much more careful than manual cleaning. It does have a foot extension function. For the first time since moving into the house, I cleaned the bottom of the bed with the previous cat hair. After cleaning it, I manually cleaned the dust box. Running sound: It can be tolerated, there must be some noise. Intelligence level: It can achieve full automation. Route planning: during composition. Not intelligent enough, the composition is completed, and the route planning is much better after manual zoning. The types of map editing options are not diverse enough. There is actually no long coffee table in the living room, and item recognition cannot recognize trash cans or potted plants. Of course, none of these will affect its use.

  15. Anonymous

    I got the Roborock P10s pro sweeping robot. I waited for a month from paying the deposit to the final payment. Finally, I got the newest Roborock P10s pro sweeping robot with water and drainage version. My happiness has been greatly improved!!! I finally replaced the old antique stone at home, haha.The sweeping robot is really good news for lazy people. It is so happy to not have to sweep and mop the floor by myself. I have been working for a week. The dust collection sound is slightly loud, but you get used to it. The working time is longer because it is set to mop every 10 minutes. Haha, mop. In fact, the wash was not particularly clean, but there were no water marks after dragging it out. In short, no major problems have been found so far, and it has been used very well~

  16. Anonymous

    I bought the water tank version. First of all, I must praise the logistics speed. I paid the balance on March 19th and it was delivered to my home at 11 am on March 20th. The logistics delivery speed is good.The p10spro is directly upgraded to 11000Pa super suction power, and the dynamic mechanical arm side brush is upgraded, which can be brushed and mopped against the wall, sweeping the corners of the floor with extreme coverage; the two soft full gel main brushes are completely hair-free and do not tangle hair. , long hair will be automatically cut, and even if I have a pet at home, it will be fine. It will automatically collect dust. The dust bag will be replaced every 65 days. It will dynamically mop and wash the mop. If it detects areas with heavy stains, it will mop the floor once and return to the base station to clean the mop. , after washing, mop again until it is clean, and the mop will be automatically recognized; use 60-degree hot water and high-temperature sterilization to wash the mop, which is not too fragrant. The mop base station has double drying, which is a one-stop solution.Intelligent functions such as quick mapping, real-time video calling, and two-way voice free your hands and make cleaning a breeze.

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