Xiaomi Mi Home Sweeping Robot 2Pro


Xiaomi Mi Home Sweeping Robot 2Pro Intelligent Home Fully Automatic Sweeping and Dragging Integrated Machine, Floor Cleaning and Vacuum Cleaning Three in One


The Xiaomi Mi Home Sweeping Robot 2Pro is an intelligent household fully automatic sweeping and mopping machine that integrates sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. This robot has an efficient sweeping function and can thoroughly clean various types of garbage, including small particles and fine dust. It can easily handle various home environments, including hardwood flooring, tiles, carpets, and other floor materials. At the same time, the Mi Home sweeping robot 2Pro is also equipped with a mopping function, which can automatically spray water and wipe the ground, keeping the home environment always clean. In addition, its three in one design is also convenient for users to use, and all functions can be activated with just one click. The Mi Home Sweeping Robot 2Pro is your ideal assistant, making your home life easier and more convenient.

Additional information



maximum height


Battery life

3 hours

maximum noise


Dust box capacity


battery capacity


warranty period

12 months

Mopping method

Ordinary mopping

Navigation type

laser navigation

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Electrical base station functions



Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Integrated sweeping and mopping

Cleaning mode

Suction port+rolling brush type


Mi Home Sweeping and Dragging Robot 2Pro


Shenzhen Shanchuan Robotics Co., Ltd

Obstacle avoidance methods

3DTOF obstacle avoidance

Additional features

APP control, area cleaning, power-off continuous scanning

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and eight million three hundred and seventy-two thousand one hundred and forty-one

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Mi Home Sweeping and Dragging Robot 2Pro [SF Express]

2 reviews for Xiaomi Mi Home Sweeping Robot 2Pro

  1. Anonymous

    Great value for money, not bad, not bad. Five star review

  2. Anonymous

    I bought it based on the introduction, and all the functions were beautified to perfection. When I tried it, I couldn’t even sweep the floor, let alone mop the floor. It was no different from hundreds of sweepers. When I contacted the customer service and wanted to return it, the customer service said It means you can't return it after it's been opened. I wonder who would just return it without trying it after buying it home. That's really nothing to do. I never like people who give bad reviews. I couldn't help it this time, and the bad review is bad. Bad review!!!

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