X1 Home Sweeping Robot Ecovacs


Ecovacs Digimon X1 Sweeping Robot Intelligent Navigation Home Automatic Vacuum Cleaning, Cleaning, and mopping Integrated Machine N8 Upgrade

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The Ecovacs Treasure X1 sweeping robot is an intelligent home cleaning device that integrates automatic navigation, vacuum cleaning, and floor cleaning. It adopts the latest technology and has excellent navigation performance, making it easy to plan a clean route and efficiently complete ground cleaning work. The N8 upgraded version has added many practical functions on the original basis, such as intelligent recognition of ground materials, automatic adjustment of suction, and flexible mop cleaning function, making the cleaning effect even higher. The Ecovacs Treasure X1 sweeping robot is undoubtedly your ideal home assistant, making your life easier and cleaner.

Additional information



maximum height




maximum noise


Battery life

2.5 hours

Dust box capacity


Ecovacs model

DLX series

battery capacity


warranty period

24 months

Battery Type

lithium battery

Navigation type

DToF navigation

Charging mode

Automatic recharge

Cleaning mode

Rolling brush type

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Virtual wall type

Palm virtual wall

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Is there a virtual wall available


Electrical base station functions


Intelligent type

Connected to Tmall Genie


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Integrated sweeping and mopping

Mopping method

High frequency vibration mopping

Is there a scheduled appointment function available


Obstacle avoidance methods

Other obstacle avoidance methods

Additional features

Automatic cleaning appointment APP control

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and eight million three hundred and fifty-five thousand five hundred and seventy-nine

sort by color

White Treasure N8 [Consultation on Price Reduction and Saving], White+Colorful Pink Gold Treasure X1 [Consultation on Price Reduction and Saving]

19 reviews for X1 Home Sweeping Robot Ecovacs

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The sweeping and mopping are very clean, very intelligent

  3. Anonymous

    A very useful sweeping robot that cleans very thoroughly.

  4. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, the composition is fast, and the floor is clean

  5. Anonymous

    The N8 robot is very good, it sweeps the floor very clean, and I really like it

  6. Anonymous

    Cleaner than N8, the mop vibrates back and forth, I hope it can be used for a long time

  7. Anonymous

    The second one, I bought it for the second time. If it works well, I will buy another one.

  8. Anonymous

    Much better than the one I bought last time, good suction and mopping, long battery life, good reviews

  9. Anonymous

    Sweeped very clean and intelligent. This is the second one I bought and I will recommend it to my friends!

  10. Anonymous

    The vacuum cleaner is very good and it works very well. It frees up my hands in daily life, and I also bought one for my friend

  11. Anonymous

    I have used it several times before reviewing it. I bought one from this store before and came back again. The seller’s service is good.

  12. Anonymous

    Operation sound: Not very intelligent level: Intelligent control is very good Route planning: Planning is very good, mopping the floor is very clean

  13. Anonymous

    Specially waited for a few days to receive the goods, which were used by the elderly at home. Wrong, the sound is not loud and the suction is sufficient.

  14. Anonymous

    I bought a very useful one three years ago, but now I have a new product and bought a T19 one. This one is affordable and convenient, freeing up both hands and time.

  15. Anonymous

    The wiring is well planned. My previous T8 couldn't afford the planning, so I replaced it with this one. It's smarter than T8, so far it's good??, I hope it lasts!

  16. Anonymous

    This store is very good, and all customer service questions are promptly answered. Thank you to Qiqi Xiaohui and Xiaojuan for their professional service. The machines are clean and there is really no need to worry. I am very satisfied

  17. Anonymous

    The one I chose this time is really useful. It has voice prompts, rigorous composition, and good scanning and dragging. It can also change the amount of water, which is not bad. The packaging is also very delicate. Running sound: The volume can be adjusted in the app, which is very convenient.

  18. Anonymous

    I opened the package and looked at it. The packaging was okay, but I didn’t understand it. I’m old and I don’t know how to understand it. I didn’t take it out to look at it carefully. I just looked at the outside of the box, covered it and put it away. , I won’t use it for the time being. When I need it one day, I’ll ask someone to install it and teach me.

  19. Anonymous

    I have used x1 from t8 and t9 at home. The biggest advantage of this machine is that the map can be built quickly in two or three minutes. I have used it for two or three times now. One problem is that the battery life is not as good as the previous generations. The battery will not be enough. I am worried about the battery capacity in the future. If it goes down, it won’t be enough for the whole house.

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