Philips Home Sterilization and Hot Pressing Machine STE1050


Philips Steam Iron Hanging Machine Household Small Iron Machine 6-speed Sterilization, Mite Removal, Wrinkle Removal Vertical STE1050


This Philips steam ironing machine is a powerful small household ironing machine. It has a 6-speed adjustment function, which can select the appropriate temperature and humidity according to different fabrics, ensuring the best ironing effect. This hanging ironing machine adopts a large steam design, which can quickly penetrate clothes and easily remove wrinkles. In addition, it also has functions such as sterilization, mite removal, and wrinkle removal, which can take care of the health of the whole family and keep clothes clean and neat at all times. The vertical design makes operation more convenient and can easily handle clothes of various sizes. Whether for daily household use or travel, it is the ideal companion for your clothing. The Philips brand has always been guided by excellent quality and user needs, and this hanging ironing machine is no exception. It not only has a stylish appearance, but also stable performance, making it a powerful assistant in your home life.

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24 months

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Temperature control gear

More than five levels

Water tank capacity

1.4L (inclusive) -1.8L (inclusive)

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Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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20 reviews for Philips Home Sterilization and Hot Pressing Machine STE1050

  1. Anonymous

    I received the machine quite well. When I opened the packaging, it felt very tall and upscale. After power on, it was very fast and ironed well. I was very satisfied. like

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble, with 6 ironing modes and three gear adjustments. I used a Philips ironing machine before, but the pole was damaged when hanging heavy clothes. Can I purchase it again??

  3. Anonymous

    The Philips ironing machine is very good, and many of my things are ironed by Philips. It is a trustworthy brand that can be quickly ironed. It must have a five-star rating and a thumbs up

  4. Anonymous

    This one is not easy to handle, and the tube is too short and not very convenient. Everything else is okay, and the appearance is also good. However, holding the tube is not very convenient

  5. Anonymous

    Good customer service, fast delivery and awesome logistics, very good packaging, simple installation, good heating effect, ironing board is worthy of recommendation, continue to visit our store next time.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s great. It’s much more convenient to iron clothes. It has various settings. It’s smooth to use. It’s easy to change the water. It’s not heavy to pick up and easy to move. It’s really good. It’s cost-effective.

  7. Anonymous

    The heating effect is fast and the gas output is uniform. Different ironing methods can also be adjusted, and the ironing board can be adjusted from multiple angles. The key ironing effect is good, very recommended!

  8. Anonymous

    I choose Philips for several home appliances. I also bought a shaver that hasn’t arrived yet. The garment ironing machine is very good-looking and doesn’t take up much space. I tried it and the ironing effect is good.

  9. Anonymous

    Hanging ironing machine delivered quickly, and the logistics was also very awesome. Generally speaking, Hanging ironing machine was quite satisfactory, and the price was also OK. Come back next time if necessary, ha ha.

  10. Anonymous

    The first time I bought a hanging ironing machine, I felt it was much more convenient than a handheld one. I ironed a few clothes and felt very good. I mainly wanted to use it for ironing curtains, and overall I was very satisfied

  11. Anonymous

    The steam hanging ironing machine has a beautiful appearance, a reasonable structure, convenient use, fast steam output speed, large air volume, high temperature, neat ironing of clothes, and six adjustable levels. High cost performance ratio.

  12. Anonymous

    The previous ironing machine was Philips, which was very convenient to use. However, this time the new home still chose Philips, and I am still satisfied as always. It is better and cheaper than the previous one, with faster ventilation and easy ironing.

  13. Anonymous

    The hanging and ironing machine has been outsourced and assembled according to the drawings, making it convenient to use. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful. Thank you to the merchant for giving it as a gift. Once the clothes are ready to be hung, they will be recommended to friends

  14. Anonymous

    Undoubtedly a big brand, it is really easy to use. The steam is fast and the ironing is smooth. I have ironed several shirts in one breath, and I feel that oblique ironing is the most convenient and the conversion is fast. Even hanging ironing and flat ironing are fine. I am so satisfied with this shopping.

  15. Anonymous

    I am a long-time customer of Philips. This garment steamer has a very good heating effect and even steam. The old model I used before has been retired. This upgraded model has an ironing board, which is very practical.I like the iron head very much, it is very easy to push and pull at various angles.The appearance design is also very exquisite, a trustworthy old brand!

  16. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: The entire appearance is made of frosted material, including metal rods and plastic water tanks. Features: It supports many ironing modes and preheats quickly. Basically, there is enough steam in half a minute. It is very convenient to iron clothes before going to work. Buying a brand mainly means considering after-sales service, as Philips is also a big brand.

  17. Anonymous

    I bought it for my mother, but the old one at home is broken. After choosing it for a while, I still decided to buy Philips, an old brand. After being powered on, it produces steam in about a minute, with a large amount of steam and simple operation. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to use. Mom really likes appearance. Material: fashionable and atmospheric. Features: easy to operate

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The appearance looks quite sturdy, with the alloy support rod and buckle in the middle tightly fitted. It is easy to install, clean, and easy to use. Following the steps in the manual, it is basically a buckle type and can be assembled in a short time. It is also easy to use: there are two buttons, the on/off button and the function switch button. You can easily find a shirt and iron it, and the effect is good

  19. Anonymous

    After using it for a while, the steam size seems to be okay, the appearance is relatively simple and elegant, and the water tank is sufficient. There are several modes to choose from, which is quite considerate. It comes with a few hangers, which are very practical and supportive. The poles are a bit swaying.The customer service said that there will be a little bit. I don’t know if it can hold up when ironing large clothes in winter. It’s ok so far. I’ll see if I can add more after using it.

  20. Anonymous

    Received goods, only evaluated after use. The double-layer packaging transportation will not damage the hanging ironing machine. The hanging ironing machine has high appearance, simple operation, easy to use, fast and large air output. It has 6 ironing modes and is suitable for ironing clothes of various materials. The hanging ironing board has three adjustable levels, making it easy to iron. The water tank is large, and 9 clothes can be ironed at once. It is a very satisfactory shopping experience!

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