AUX Home Small Instant Electric Water Heater


AUX instant heating electric water heater for household small quick heating shower and shower machine instant heating bathroom constant temperature


The AUX instant hot electric water heater is a small, fast heating shower and shower machine that uses advanced instant heating technology to quickly heat up hot water without waiting. Suitable for use in home bathrooms, with a constant temperature function to ensure a comfortable bathing experience. This water heater uses safe and durable materials and undergoes strict quality control to ensure user safety. The AUX instant electric water heater has become an ideal choice for home showers due to its convenience, comfort, and safety.

Additional information






Zhongshan City

heating power


Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months


Guangdong Province

Energy efficiency rating


control method

Microcomputer based

net weight

4.2kg 4.3kg 2.7kg 3.7kg

gross weight

5.6kg 5.7kg 4.1kg 4.8kg

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Package Size

470x140x420mm 530x115x430mm

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


DSK-85K809 DSK-85C20 DSK-85B18A DSK-85A3

Limit of stacking layers

4 floors and 3 floors


400x260x52mm 470x280x55mm 250x82x410mm 410x250x62mm

time to market

May 2019, April 2023, August 2023, May 2020


Guangdong Shimaisi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

After-sales service

On site installation of national joint insurance

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

6 square millimeters

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million one hundred and ninety-one thousand three hundred and fifty

sort by color

DSK-85B18A 8500W blue, DSK-85C20 8500W black, DSK-85C20 8500W white, DSK-85A3 8500W black, DSK-85K809 8500W Phantom Blue

19 reviews for AUX Home Small Instant Electric Water Heater

  1. Anonymous

    Everything is good, feel free to buy it

  2. Anonymous

    Fast heating, good effect, and excellent installation skills

  3. Anonymous

    Not bad, boiling water is fast, the temperature is just right

  4. Anonymous

    This is the second one, bought for my parents in my hometown, very good

  5. Anonymous

    This instant water heater is very useful, please continue to place your order now

  6. Anonymous

    The electrician is on vacation and has not yet installed it. Looking forward to it

  7. Anonymous

    Boiling water is fast, the temperature is constant, and bathing is comfortable! Satisfied!

  8. Anonymous

    The quality is good, the water flows quickly, the appearance is beautiful, and it is worth buying,

  9. Anonymous

    The product is very good, the master comes to the door very quickly, and the service is very up to standard.

  10. Anonymous

    A great purchase, the hot water burns quickly, the shower temperature is just right, and the delivery is on time:

  11. Anonymous

    The water heater was shipped quickly and the after-sales service was also very good. This is a repurchase, as always good

  12. Anonymous

    After choosing this ultra-thin and beautiful water heater for a long time, the customer is patient, enthusiastic, and satisfied

  13. Anonymous

    This instant water heater is very user-friendly. I bought one on Double Eleven and now I have bought one for installation and use

  14. Anonymous

    The water heater is very user-friendly, and the delivery speed is fast. The after-sales service is also very fast, and the service is very good

  15. Anonymous

    The heating speed of the water heater is fast and stable, and it is cost-effective. You no longer have to worry about running out of hot water!

  16. Anonymous

    It’s been a few days since the goods arrived, but they haven’t been fully decorated yet. They haven’t been installed yet, and it looks pretty good

  17. Anonymous

    Received the goods, customer service immediately arranged for the installation technician to install them, and the effect was quite good. I really like it?? Delivery on time: Yes, is there any leakage? No

  18. Anonymous

    The water heater is very good. The old house is still using this one, and the water outlet effect is quite good. This time, the new house has decided to use this one again, but the boss said it is a new model, which looks better than the previous one. I recommend everyone to purchase it and conduct a real evaluation

  19. Anonymous

    I had a great shopping experience. As soon as the water heater arrived, I contacted customer service to arrange for a technician to come and install it. The installation process went smoothly and the service was also good. After installation, the water flows quickly and you can take a hot shower anytime in winter. Recommended!

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