[Hot selling 150000+units] Haier hanging ironing machine for household use


Haier steam hanging ironing machine for household handheld ironing clothes ironing machine for commercial vertical small clothing stores


The Haier Garment Steamer is an excellent home-use ironing machine for clothes used in small clothing stores.This product adopts a high-efficiency steam design, which can easily smooth out the wrinkles of clothing and easily complete daily clothing sorting tasks.The handheld design makes it more convenient to use, no need to worry about being difficult to control or not flexible enough during the ironing process.In addition, this ironing machine also has a powerful ironing function and is suitable for clothing of various materials, whether it is cotton, linen or silk.

In addition, Haier garment steamer is also compact and lightweight, making it suitable for use at home or in small clothing stores.The vertical design makes the ironing process more convenient, without bending down.At the same time, commercial-grade performance ensures ironing results, allowing you to enjoy a professional ironing experience at home.This garment steamer is made of high-quality materials, has a long service life, is simple and easy to operate, and is a must-have ironing tool for your home or clothing store.Whether as a gift or for personal use, Haier garment steamer is your ideal choice.


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warranty period

12 months

With or without brackets


Water tank capacity

Over 2.3L

Applicable scenarios

Household use

Temperature control gear

5th gear and above

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical hanging ironing machine


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20 reviews for [Hot selling 150000+units] Haier hanging ironing machine for household use

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s super easy to use. Sisters can place orders. It looks high-end and feels so high-end.

  3. Anonymous

    Received the goods today, the ironing effect was very good, the operation was simple, and I am very satisfied??

  4. Anonymous

    Quickly exhaling, I really like the champagne color. I have used the knob style before, and I hope this one can also last a little longer

  5. Anonymous

    This is the second time I have bought it. It is very easy to use. The appearance and material are very good. I recommend everyone to buy with confidence.

  6. Anonymous

    It is really very, very useful, truly a domestic brand. I poured a small pot of water and ironed more than ten sets of clothes, which were fast and flat.

  7. Anonymous

    The seller’s service attitude is good, the ironing force is strong enough, and the ironing is easy to use. Appearance material: the color is also good-looking

  8. Anonymous

    I have always trusted Haier. I chose this ironing machine without having to choose much. I think it is pretty good and does not leak. The effect is very good.

  9. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to install it after receiving the goods. I ironed the wrinkled cotton clothes. The steam was strong and the ironing was smooth. It was a very satisfying purchase.

  10. Anonymous

    This hanging ironing machine is quite useful, cheap and of good quality. I use it in a clothing store, so feel free to buy it. Appearance: Material: Beautiful Features: Fast heating

  11. Anonymous

    Generally speaking, it is very good. The steam comes out very quickly. I tried two pairs of pants and they were pressed very smoothly. It is the most cost-effective among the brands that sell guides.

  12. Anonymous

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the machine. The heating is very fast, and I used the 9th gear directly. The heat is also very fast, and the ironing speed is also perfect. Finally, I can easily iron the clothes flat

  13. Anonymous

    As soon as the machine is received, it is installed immediately, which is very convenient and only takes a few minutes to complete. This hanging ironing machine also has a high appearance value, produces steam quickly, and the ironing effect is excellent. I like it

  14. Anonymous

    I really put a lot of effort into buying a useful garment steamer. The first two times I bought it didn’t work well and I returned them. This time I bought this one which is really easy to use. The key is that it has a pulley underneath. It is very convenient to use. The steam jet is quite large and powerful. It is very good for ironing clothes.

  15. Anonymous

    The appearance is beautiful, atmospheric, and of high grade. The installation is simple and easy to operate. The heating effect is very good, and it can release air in a few seconds. The clothes are ironed smoothly, and the effect is very good. The customer service personnel are enthusiastic and conscientiously answer every question raised. Haier is truly a brand that I trust.

  16. Anonymous

    I have been looking for this hanging ironing machine for a long time and immediately used it upon receiving the goods. Heating is very fast, and it takes less than a minute to produce a large amount of steam when turned on. The ironing effect is good, and the height is also suitable. The rose gold color has a high aesthetic value. Details as shown in the picture, with a five-star rating.

  17. Anonymous

    The clothes are wrinkled when the seasons change in spring, so I came up with the idea of ??buying a garment steamer. I couldn’t wait to open it today. The color is great and it’s lighter than I expected. I installed it myself. It’s quite simple. As a handicapped person, I used it according to the instructions. I got up and ironed my clothes. The fog came out very quickly and very loudly. I accidentally burned my hand.

  18. Anonymous

    As the seasons change in spring, my clothes are all wrinkled, so I came up with the idea of ??buying a garment steamer. I couldn’t wait to open it today. The color is great and lighter than I expected. I installed it myself. It’s quite simple. As a handicapped person, I used it according to the instructions. When I got up, the clothes were ironed. The fogging was very fast. The ironing effect was very good. It is easy to operate. I am very satisfied with the machine. Overall, I am very satisfied.

  19. Anonymous

    After I bought it, I still didn’t know how to use it, so I quickly asked the customer service, who answered all my questions and was very patient and helped me answer them one by one.The machine warms up very quickly, and it only takes about ten seconds to turn on the ninth gear. The ironing is very smooth and does not take much effort. Even if you go out temporarily, you can iron it in two or three minutes.This ironing machine is really good, the quality is good from a big brand, and the price is not expensive. I am very satisfied!

  20. Anonymous

    It’s been a few days since I received the garment steam iron. I’m too busy to leave a review. I like the movable rollers, which are easy to move. I tried it yesterday and the ironed clothes were very smooth and the steam was great. , it was also very fast and easy to install. I installed the trouser seam clip easily, but when I wanted to remove it later, I didn’t even know how to remove it. The customer service patiently told me how to remove it, and I knew how to do it.I hope the baby can be used for a few more years and it will be even better. Thank you to the store for a prosperous business!??

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