Daewoo small round box hanging ironing machine is easy to store and does not take up space


Daewoo Hanging Ironing Machine 2024 New Home Small Round Box Handheld Ironing Machine Steam Iron Commercial Clothing Store


Daewoo Hanging Ironing Machine is a brand new small household steam ironing machine designed specifically for home and personal clothing care. This new product, with its compact design and lightweight handheld features, is very suitable for use in homes and clothing stores. This ironing machine features a small round box design, which is easy to grip and move, making it easy to iron clothes quickly and effectively. This Daewoo hanging ironing machine adopts advanced steam technology, which can provide strong steam output, allowing for the rapid removal of clothing wrinkles during the ironing process. The steam temperature it generates is sufficient to cope with various materials of clothing, whether it is cotton, linen, wool or blended clothing, which can be effectively sorted. In addition, this hanging ironing machine is also equipped with a small round box, which is very suitable for carrying around, and can easily respond to sudden small ironing needs anytime and anywhere. In addition, its commercial level performance also makes it an ideal business partner for clothing stores, which can quickly and effectively organize large amounts of clothing and improve work efficiency. Overall, the Daewoo ironing machine is a powerful, easy-to-use, and suitable new steam ironing machine for both household and commercial use. It is the ideal clothing care tool for both personal and commercial use.

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warranty period

12 months

Water tank capacity

Below 0.8L

Temperature control gear

5th gear and above

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Guangdong Guoye Technology Co., Ltd

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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Milk sugar white, Hanging ironing machine+ironing board package, Hanging ironing machine+drying box package (cream yellow), Hanging ironing machine+drying box package (Yangguang orange)

20 reviews for Daewoo small round box hanging ironing machine is easy to store and does not take up space

  1. Anonymous

    I really like ironing, it’s easy to store, it doesn’t take up much space, and it looks good.

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is quite good, with a large steam output and convenient storage. The customer service provided by Xiaoqin is good

  3. Anonymous

    I bought it and used it directly. The item is very good, with a wide range of functions for home use, high cost performance, and worth having

  4. Anonymous

    The baby is a suitable size and does not take up space.Just received the goods, haven’t tried it yet, it looks good, and the logistics is fast.Truly trustworthy!

  5. Anonymous

    Just received the goods, the packaging is very good, the machine is very beautiful and looks good, I haven’t used it yet, I hope it will work well.Xiaoqin has good customer service

  6. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine produces steam quite quickly and has a large amount of steam. When you receive it, you use it. The ironing effect is very good and it is worth recommending.

  7. Anonymous

    The garment steamer is of the right size and looks great. I have bought many things from Daewoo. The logistics speed is super fast!!! The customer service Xiaoqin has a great service attitude.

  8. Anonymous

    I finally bought a good ironing machine, which worked very well after using it. I ironed clothes quickly and was very satisfied. The service attitude of Shanshan customer service was also very good!

  9. Anonymous

    I was attracted by the appearance of Daewoo at first sight. It is very compact and easy to store, takes up no space at all, and steams out super fast, smoothing clothes instantly! Xiaoqin’s customer service is great!

  10. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I finally chose the Daewoo brand. The appearance of the ironing machine is very beautiful, the feel is great, the operation is simple, and storage is convenient without taking up space.

  11. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude of Shanshan is very good. The packaging of the hanging ironing machine is exquisite, and there are many practical gifts. It took me a long time to feel that placing an order did not disappoint me! Very useful!

  12. Anonymous

    This ironing machine is of an acceptable size, does not take up space, and has a good trial effect. It has a large amount of foggy air, and there is no problem ironing coats in winter. The water tank is large enough, and it is highly praised

  13. Anonymous

    The packaging is very in place, there will be no scratches, and the appearance is not bad. Moreover, it does not take up space when stored, and the effect is indeed good. The white shirt was just ironed casually and it is already very smooth

  14. Anonymous

    I have received it for a while now. I bought it for its small size, space saving, convenient storage, and high appearance. I can handle all the clothes that need ironing at home, which is quite good and saves space compared to traditional hanging ironing machines.

  15. Anonymous

    After searching for a long time, I found this garment steamer that doesn’t take up much space and has a large water tank and powerful steam. It’s perfect to use with an electric clothes drying rack at home. It can easily iron a coat. Plus, it has a beautiful appearance. This design deserves full marks

  16. Anonymous

    It’s been a while since I received it and I haven’t used it since I haven’t moved yet. I opened it and tried it today and it’s pretty good. I think it works better than the more than 1,000 garment steamers at home.It is worth recommending, I hope the quality will last.Customer service Long Jian is very good??

  17. Anonymous

    Storage is very convenient. The detachable water tank is particularly easy to clean. I love the grid on the back end that allows for cable collection, so I no longer have to worry about seeing messy cables. Customer service representatives Long Jian and Lu Lu have a particularly good attitude, patiently answering any questions they have.

  18. Anonymous

    A great shopping experience with strong steam and low noise. When ironing clothes, you can place the machine on a flat ironing board, which quickly irons the clothes smoothly. The key is to directly iron black clothes without making the surface of the black clothes shiny. It is very good. You can use the existing ironing board at home and hang it for ironing. It does not take up much space and is worth buying. You can refer to it.

  19. Anonymous

    First of all, I was attracted by this Daewoo iron at first sight! It completely met my standards. It is compact and easy to store and can save a lot of space. So I placed the order without hesitation and was pleasantly surprised when I received the goods! It is simple and convenient to operate! Love it so much??! I also want to thank Long Jian’s customer service for their patient answers! I personally tested it and it works great??

  20. Anonymous

    First of all, I was attracted by the appearance of this small round box garment steamer at first sight. After I received it, it was exactly the same as the picture. It looks very good and will not look out of place wherever I put it.And the small one is easy to store. It doesn’t take up any space in the closet and can be used anytime.After trying it, the steam is very strong, the heating is fast, the water tank capacity is sufficient, and the wrinkled clothes are ironed in just two strokes.A very good shopping experience

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