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Midea’s new steam garment ironing machine iron household clothing store small ironing clothes 2024 fully automatic ironing machine




Midea’s new garment steamer can easily solve the problem of ironing clothes! It is suitable for homes, shops and clothing stores. It is compact and lightweight, and can iron clothes of various materials easily.The new garment steamer adopts a high-efficiency steam design, which can quickly penetrate clothes and make wrinkles smooth and stylish.Simple operation, one-button start, automatic power-off protection, safe and reliable.Midea’s new garment steamer will give your clothes a new look!


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Water tank capacity


warranty period

12 months

With or without brackets


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Temperature control gear

More than five levels

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical hanging ironing machine

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Light apricot color 10 level fine ironing+70cm large ironing board, Violet 10 grade precision ironing+70cm antibacterial ironing board

19 reviews for Midea steam hot stamping machine ranked first in sales

  1. Anonymous

    Very easy to install~This is just right~I really love it~Hahaha~Super love~This is great~

  2. Anonymous

    Recommended for purchase, a conscientious seller, with good express packaging and excellent ironing

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, and the shipment is also fast. The usage process is quite good! Customer service responded promptly and continuously! recommendation

  4. Anonymous

    I just received the goods and couldn’t wait to try it. It’s not bad. The ironed clothes are relatively smooth. The customer service of the trolley is great.

  5. Anonymous

    Upon receiving the goods, they were assembled. The shop owner has a very good attitude and wishes them a prosperous business and abundant financial resources

  6. Anonymous

    Specially good, steam comes quickly and easily to get started. Features: Steam comes quickly and irons well. Appearance: Material: Beautiful and easy to operate

  7. Anonymous

    Baby received it. The installation is convenient and simple, the heating speed is fast, and the ironing is also very smooth. If you want to buy it, you can buy it. The brand goods are trustworthy~

  8. Anonymous

    Old customer, the one I bought before was pretty good to use. This time, I decisively bought another one here and tried it out. It was ironed very smoothly and the effect was very good. I am satisfied!

  9. Anonymous

    I took a picture of the baby yesterday morning and received it tonight. I quickly opened it and took a look. The quality is really good. After using it, the steam was also very strong, and I am truly satisfied.

  10. Anonymous

    The baby has been received, with good quality and fast heating speed. I really like it. If you want to buy it, you can buy it. The brand goods are trustworthy. Mian Mian customer service is great! Appearance Material: Fine workmanship

  11. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, quickly open and try them out. The appearance is beautiful, and the color is deep purple with high aesthetic value. The heating speed is fast, and the clothes are ironed smoothly. Family members say it looks good and useful.

  12. Anonymous

    Midea’s home appliances are really easy to use. All the home appliances in my home are Midea’s hand-held garment steamers. You have to keep adding water. I just need to iron them lightly and they will be smooth. They are really easy to use and I recommend them.

  13. Anonymous

    I bought a Midea hot stamping machine for the second time. The first time was ten years ago, and now it has been upgraded and more practical. Old brand buyers can rest assured. Special features: Double hanging rack. Appearance and material: Western and fashionable

  14. Anonymous

    The ironing effect is very good and the clothes come out very neat.After turning on the preheating, you can immediately see the steam coming out, and many wrinkled clothes can be ironed very smoothly. The price is beautiful, it is a good purchase, and Qingti’s customer service is great.

  15. Anonymous

    Recommended by a friend, the one he used to use at home was Midea. After using it for many years and it broke down, he replaced it with this one. After receiving it, he tried it out and it heated quickly. The ironing effect was good. Looking forward to the effect of ironing thick clothes in the future,

  16. Anonymous

    The store is good, the delivery is fast, and customer service always answers any questions about the Flower Sea. This steam hanging ironing machine looks good, and it is firmly installed and fixed. After using it for ironing, it quickly flattens out, and you no longer need an old-fashioned iron. Good review!

  17. Anonymous

    It was a very good shopping trip. I looked at many models and finally chose the old Midea brand. It is trustworthy. The clothes are ironed very smoothly. The appearance design is very good. The color is very beautiful. I am very satisfied with the appearance. Material: The texture is very good. Features: Can iron many different fabrics with different gears

  18. Anonymous

    I received the ironing machine. The overall design is grand and comfortable. The oversized ironing board is my first choice.I tried ironing it and found that it heats up quickly and irons smoothly. There are ten levels to choose from for ironing clothes made of different materials.The store has a good attitude, especially the customer service Xiaojiu who is enthusiastic and patient in explaining.It is indeed a brand product with first-class quality and service.like!??

  19. Anonymous

    Baby received it, very surprised. The color looks very high-end, very satisfied with a shopping experience. I received the goods today and had my husband install them. It was very easy to install. After installation, I took a wrinkled short sleeved shirt and ironed it. There were many gears, and I turned the switch to one of them depending on the fabric of your clothes. The heating was also very fast, and the ironed clothes were also very smooth. I have been observing for a long time, and I chose a big brand of Midea. The store is trustworthy

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